Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here I am!!

We are currently in week 2 of Hubster working nights

(edit...make that week 4 now)

Have I ever mentioned that I don't like the night shift?

Because it's true

I've played that game before and I'm not a fan that we have to play it again

And we didn't even have a fighting chance this time around

The manager of the night shift is the same manager of the night shift at his last job in Utah

And that's where Hubster last worked nights

And the manager was so impressed with him that he wouldn't let any of the other managers even think about having him

He was his and his alone

It is good that he has such a good work ethic and is good at his job...and it's good that the uppity ups like him

But...I don't approve

Especially when you consider the fact that it's getting to be our busy time of year at the nursery and I will be working more

We're never going to see each other!!

But he did tell me something that helps me be more patient

The other night a couple of the guys that work the same shift as Hubby were complaining about how hard the weekends were since they still had families and responsibilities but they had to maintain a similar sleeping schedule

The manager informed all of them that he knew it was hard for those with families and responsibilities and it was his goal to have all of those people change shifts and only people that really wanted to work nights would stay there

He's just waiting for them to hire more employees


Plus, they're just opening up a support site in Ireland, so their goal is to be able to do away with the night shift completely

I can handle it as long as I know it's not a "forever, permanent, the manager wants you and you're never going to escape his grasp" type thing

That's a relief

And it's not all horrible, him working the night shift

He gets paid more working at night, sharing our car is a lot easier since we work at different times of the day, he has a job, that job is located in Utah, he loves his job, it's a good job with great benefits, I'm able to help at the family business again, we're right by our family and friends, and did I mention we're back in Utah? :)

So really I don't have too much to complain about

One day we'll be back on the same schedule and we'll see each other more, until then I just keep counting my blessings


I can think of a few things that I still have to count and they most definitely aren't blessings


Ugh, I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the evilness of spiders

They will always be my worst enemy

Always and forever

The most recent story?

I was siting on our couch, minding my own, very innocent, business, when I nudged the blanket I was using and out of the corner of my eye I saw a spider


Across the top of my blanket

Less than a foot away from me

Now, the smart thing would have been to move the blanket slowly so that I could kill the spider and have peace of mind

But this spider was right next to me and that sends all common and practical sense out the window

So, obviously, I flung the blanket as far away from me as possible and ran to the other side of the room

After "yelling" at Aaron (Aaron = Hubby) for not being home to take care of the spider I ran upstairs to hang out with my sister and bro-in-law

They were watching Blue Bloods, which has become my new favorite show, so I stayed up there and watched a couple of episodes with them

I finally decided I needed to do something, I mean, I was working on homework on my computer when I saw the spider and didn't want the evil spider to get in the way of homework, so I had to figure out something

That something equals stripping all of the blankets off the couch (we each have a pile of blankets to sit on so we can reach our desks from the couch), clear everything away from the desks, and vacuum everything!! Even under the couch cushions...every nook and cranny around where I saw the spider

And by this point it was way past my bed time so I ignored it until the next day when I went to work and brought home my hero when Aaron isn't home, spider killer spray, and sprayed it all around the couch and the doors...everywhere

Well, I thought everywhere

It obviously wasn't because a few days later I was making breakfast and saw what I thought was a water droplet on the bottom edge of the counter

I looked away and looked back and it morphed into a spider that was headed straight for my breakfast

I told him to stay away, that he didn't want my breakfast, but he wouldn't listen

So I hurried and moved it and then I grabbed my secondary hero, cause Hubby was asleep, and went to town

I don't think I've seen one since, so hopefully they've learned their lesson

Our temporary home (we've decided to stay here until next year...it gives us longer to save and my sister and bro-in-law told us to take our time...and we know if we move elsewhere rent will be ridiculous [at least compared to what we pay now] and it will take us longer to save to get a place/another car....having one car is working since he works at night, but that's not going to be forever and I don't want to keep inconveniencing my family when I need a car when he works during the day...so, we're staying until next year) is currently under construction

They're adding more storage so that we can move our stuff out of our storage unit and because the previous homeowners didn't do a great job as far as insulation is concerned, so the entryway and the spare bedroom were freezing cold and not really worth using

It's going to be fabulouso because the other bedroom can become our office and we won't need to keep our computers in the living room, which will be nice because as of now it's feeling a little cramped with our desks and computers out here

Plus the couch is so low it's not terribly comfortable to work on our computers

ANYWAY, the point of the construction conversation was to say that as soon as it's done that should help with spiders, and as soon as it's done I am really going to town with the hero spray

And that will be a fabulous day

And before I close, I just thought of one more perk to Aaron working at nights

He's deliriously hilarious in the morning when he comes home and gets ready for bed

Seriously hilarious

And since I'm not a morning person it's nice to start out my morning laughing


Dazee Dreamer said...

Spiders. If my hubby is around I'm scared to death of them. But if he's not, the brave face goes on and I will smother the life out of them.

Sara & Co said...

I'm not even kidding you, as I was just blogging from my phone in the dark, holding my baby RIGHT before I read your post a DANG SPIDER CRAWLED ACROSS into the light of my phone (cuz it's dark). Luckily I stayed calm enough not to fling my child across the room in a panic and killed the beast. I'm glad I'm not alone with this anxiety.

Laura Darling said...

Ah him working nights sounds so tough! I would have freaked out with that spider! Glad you are able to start your mornings with a laugh though! :)

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

That's awesome about Aaron's night shifts. Laughter makes for a great start to the day. I work some overnights, and I actually liked it. It made me more productive with my time, and wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

Happy April, BabySis.

Julie said...

Spiders aren't my favorite but I can handle them. My mama calls me when she finds them though cuz she's very afraid of them.
I use to be the one that worked nights and Jim was days but we managed though sometimes really hard.
You have some solid plans, good luck.
Take care and have an awesome evening.

Joann Mannix said...

Spiders? No problem. I grew up with too many brothers who spent their life teasing me with various creepy crawlies, including spiders and snakes. I learned not to react and therefore learned not to be afraid. I am the eradicator in this home!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I have a spider tattoo. I guess we can't be best buds. Why haven't you posted in two months? I thought I would be reading recent posts since you commented on my last 5 posts.

Pat Tillett said...

I've been gone for so long, that I didn't know you've been gone also.
I'm pretty much okay with spiders, but I hate walking into spider webs. Gives me the creeps. Oh yeah, just because I'm "pretty much okay with spiders," doesn't mean I don't pulverize everyone I see, because I do...

Hope all is well with you.

Pat Tillett said...

Just checking in madame...

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

It's been a while! I hope all's well with you and yours. I miss ya. Thanks for dropping by.

Julie said...

Hey you. What you doing?

Pat Tillett said...

Yoo Hoo....
Hope all is well!