Friday, February 10, 2012

Random ridiculousness...I guess that's what I get after such a long break

Hey, look!!

I have a blog!!

And look!! 

I still have followers!!

It's been awhile, my friends

Bu I am mostly caught up in school

I took my first test on Tuesday, so now I can start over with the next portion and stay caught up

That's the goal anyway

We'll see what happens :)

I've also been staying busy at work

My spring is beginning now

We've already started planting things and getting everything all ready to go for the real spring

My spring starts the end of January and goes until about May or June

My summer starts as soon as my spring ends and goes until August - October, depending on the year

My fall is about the same as the normal fall

But my winter is only mid-December through mid-January

One month

That is so not long enough

And this time I didn't even get a real winter

Which in a couple of ways I'm grateful, but mostly very upset and not happy about it

So this coming winter I better get lots of snow

Otherwise I might have some issues

I slipped on ice the other day at work and I am so amazingly talented that I hyperextended my arm back behind my body as I fell

Reaching out to catch yourself with your hand on ice isn't very smart

Unless you have some sort of magic grip power on your skin or something

I felt like such a gimp for the next couple of days

As you can tell I don't have much to say

And my head is ridiculously full of random everything

Hmm...I bought these shoes the other day

I have the purple pair of these and really liked the blue ones

I wasn't sure if I was going to keep them, but after all of the rousing support I got on Facebook yesterday, I think I just might

Mama Smurf will give me loads of ridicule, but I love them too much to care :)

They also have black, red, and pink...and I think I just might get them all

I would just have to figure out what I can wear the pink with :)

Boyfriend and I went out to dinner on Wednesday night to a restaurant called The Roof up in Salt Lake

It was our "Valentine's Day" dinner, so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds

I heard it was expensive, but I didn't necessarily realize just how expensive

It was really good though

It's just a good thing that Boyfriend loves me

And he got me a dozen red roses

He's cute :)

Next week we'll probably just stay home and make spaghetti or something

But I DO want to go see The Vow that is coming out in theaters next week

I'm high maintenance I think

It's a really good thing he loves me

I only have one idea to give him for V-day...

And after that I am out

I haven't really taken the time to prepare and come up with ideas like I normally do

So I'll have to do some last minute preparing...

I don't really have anything else to say

Nothing of importance

Nothing that matters

Maybe I'll have more to say later

Sorry this is so random and probably very, very dull

But that is my life right now apparently

Okay, I must be off

I hope you're all doing well

I'll catch up soon on blogs :)

After I get over the heartache that is the number 200+ when I log in...

Kind of scary, really

If I don't surface again in a week, I might be squished under that 200+ number

Or my textbook

One of the two

*make that 300+...oy!!*


Dazee Dreamer said...

oh your poor arm. I hope you went and saw the doctor. Falling on ice is not a good thing. Just ask my back how it felt after back surgery because of it. Yeah.

Oh how sweet that you got to go to The Roof. And a dozen roses. That man must really like you or something.

Venassa said...

I would actually be okay with as little winter as possible. We're not so lucky though. Your fall sounds painful. I did something similar last year except landing awkwardly on my leg.
I'm glad you guys had a good pre-Valentine's day.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

I hope your arm is feeling better-ouch! There was a little sprinkle of snow on Sunday-I am still wishing more for you!

Pat Tillett said...

OUCH! No worry about ice of anykind where I live. Well, except in my margarita...