Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The real unveiling

Okay, I'm back :) 

Sorry about that...but I had to sleep to be able to function at work :)

And now, for the pictures!!

Are you so excited?? 

It's an exciting thing, so if you need to get comfortable, grab a drink of ______, a blanket, whatever you need, I'll allow you to. I can wait 

la la la

So, first things first, the chair:

Soooooooohohohohohooho much better than a folding chair

The tower holder:

I've been wanting that bookshelf for I don't know how long...and I finally got it :)

And, for the grand finale, the desk:

*sigh* Isn't it beautiful??

We got it all at Ikea (my new vice) and my goal was to not pay more than $200

I had a little bit of tax returns left over after paying off a loan and used that to pay for it

(don't tell Papa Smurf...he might kill me if he found out)

I was really proud because with all 3 of those things, plus a little whisk I bought my mom and a dustpan and broom for me at work, my total came to $198.40 (give or take on the cents)

I love when that happens!!

And for a good look at how all of them look together:

It was like going from living in a rat infested sewer to living in a beautiful, immaculate mansion...that's how amazing it is

Seriously, I could never go back to this

It makes me shudder just to think about it

It took a little bit of effort to get all the parts together

But, with Boyfriend's help, we got it all put together by midnight which was very happy indeed :)

I was going to do this in Dear.... letters, and I just realized I didn't...hopefully Ms. Dazee will forgive me :)

Anywho, I hope you had a fabulous day and have an amazing night...I must go get ready for bed :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

The unveiling

Don't you just love some good ol' vanilla ice cream with chocolate goodies?


Anyway, I was going to post a video last week for V-Day, but then the whole Despicable Me thing happened and I didn't have time

So today I was looking on YouTube to see if I could find something

After lotsa searching and finding this

And this

And this

I decided I wasn't going to find what I was looking for, so I changed my mind

Instead, I will share photos with you of the project that Boyfriend and I were working on last week

My computer sits downstairs in the cool part of the house in a room where...there really isn't that much room

So I had my computer placed on my mom's old sewing table which worked really well...for about a month

After that I really didn't like it... Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful to have it and it worked for what I needed, it was just very uncomfortable

Here, I show you an example

There really wasn't a place to put my legs

Yes, I could have opened the doors, but that would just have been really annoying to do every time and then close them every time

I'm all about being lazy ;)

With it like that, I would have to turn my chair at an angle to really be comfortable and Boyfriend and I tend to watch TV/movies/play games while I blog and by the time we do whatever we're doing for about 20 minutes my neck/legs/body/toes get really tired of sitting in the position they are

The other problemo was the chair

It looka lika this

Not that folding chairs are bad things per say, but they certainly are not very comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time

The other problemo...let me see if I have a picture for this

Not a lot of room for the all of the appendages...the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, monitor, tower, speakers, ps3 controller...

And any of my stuff that I used I had just to just pile on there and it drove me batty when it got messy

I always pictured a nice desk with a couple of drawers and a big open space for my legs and a nice, comfy chair to sit in 

The only thing was, the sewing table belonged to Mama Smurf and I didn't know if it was special to her or not, so I didn't even want to ask

However, one day I was complaining talking to Mama Smurf about it and she told me that if I ever wanted to buy a desk I could and we could get rid of the sewing table cause she didn't use it anymore

I almost did back flips and cartwheels I was so excited!!

And on that note, the rest of the story will have to be...


(sorry, but it's late and I have to go to sleep...my body is demanding it...night!!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Monday Night

So, the continuation of Valentine's Day celebrations

Are you ready for this?


Well, we couldn't do anything on Saturday because we had other obligations to fulfill

So we knew that we had to make Monday special, but we also didn't want to go out because we knew it would be crazy

So instead, we stayed home and cooked and watched Despicable Me :)

Boyfriend made the red sauce...and it was divine

I also made an executive decision this year that will be carried on every year from now on

Chocolate covered strawberries

That is right

I got a dozen of them

And friends?

We ate them. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

I promise I was not trying to look seductive...

We honestly just finished them tonight

And they were still just as amazing as they were Monday night 

And we bought this

We didn't try it until today, but it's really good!! We also got the chocolate variety because we couldn't choose...so yeah...nummy :)

To end, some pictures that make my heart happy

Sami, the famous Trouble from Peach's blog...is awesome

mini reeses peanut butter cup...how awesome is that?!?! Perfect!!

I just love that girl

I don't care who you are, that means it's too cold to work outside

Well friends, it's late and Boyfriend has been crying for about two hours for me to sit by him

So I should go and give him a little love

I hope you all had a great day!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is so incredibly dull I hope you don't fall asleep...

Boy howdy has it been a long week!!

Boyfriend and I have been busy since last Thursday...let me rephrase that, every day since Thursday we have hit the ground running as soon as we got home from work

Are you excited?? 

So we decided that we didn't want to go out to eat on the weekend or on Monday because we were sure it would be ridiculously crowded and we had something else we wanted to do as well

So, we decided that we should go out to eat on Thursday...avoiding the crowds

Little did we know...

We went to:

image found here
I had only been there once, and it was while I was in Texas meeting Boyfriend's family

His sisters took me...one of them didn't eat, she just drank some alcoholic drink. The other three ate very little, which meant I ate very, very little. And I didn't get a steak, because they were paying and I felt bad

So Boyfriend and I went so that I could have a real experience of it

And let me say, it was amazing!! We ended up waiting about 40 minutes, but it was well worth it!!

Their rolls are to die for...oh wow they're so divine!!

We got an onion blossom and fried pickles as appetizers 

The blossom was great, but the fried pickles...one or two are okay, but the whole basket was way too much

The steaks were amazingly wonderful though. I had no complaints, and even Boyfriend didn't really complain (which is big for him...he's way picky)

Anyway, it was a good night and we came home stuffed with nummy food

If you haven't been there, I suggest you go as soon as you get an opportunity to

Boyfriend decided that since we were starting to celebrate V-Day early, we should give our gifts early as well

So from Boyfriend I got:

(he didn't get me two bouquets...I just didn't want to deal with the camera and lighting not liking each other)


He's a traditionalist this one :)

I ended up giving him:

I made him these at Color Me Mine (an amazing, wonderful place that I love) with a friends help

Fortunately he loved them...not like he really had a choice, I couldn't return them....

I also got him a box of chocolates, some sweetarts, and a gift card to Best Buy

It was nice :)

Friday night we went to see the Cinderella ballet at BYU (a local university)

I'm sorry to say that I was so enthralled I completely forgot to sneak some pictures until the very end

I really liked it...it's the first ballet I've been to (don't kill me) and I approve :)

And with that I must depart...it's late and I need to go to sleep :)

No worries, the rest of the weekend and more stories to come!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter time

Dear Friends,

I won't be blogging tonight either (this one doesn't count)

Boyfriend and I are working on something very exciting and it requires both of us

I will share pictures with you when it is finalized :)

I hope you had a great day and have a great night!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Okay, okay...

I lied

But I didn't mean to

Cross my heart and hope to die

(what kind of saying is that anyway?)

When I said I'd be back Monday I forgot that Boyfriend and I had plans tonight as well

And even though we weren't going out, I knew that he would not be cool with me blogging while having a special night watching Despicable Me

So I figured I'd be nice and sit by him instead :)

Tomorrow, friends...tomorrow

I hope you all had a great Monday!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm not dead

Even though it kind of feels like it :)

Boyfriend and I started celebrating V-day on Thursday, and had plans every night up until the day of...so my weekendish was going to be busy...and then last night when we got home, I tried to get on the internet and couldn't connect. After diagnosticing, (yes, a word it is) Boyfriend and I decided that the modem had died *sigh* 

So I haven't had internet since last night...which was annoying because I catch up on blogs in the morning and I couldn't do that

Anyway, I'll be back on Monday with loads of V-day fun :)

Hope ya'll have had a great week!! 


p.s is it weird that i lost a follower...and have no idea who it is? I mean, I only have 61...I should know who they are...

p.p.s never mind...i figured it out :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pineapple and Bears...Oh My!!

What do you find when you come home from work?

Well I will show you what I find when two of my nieces, Sami and Ruthy who are both almost  4, have been playing at my house, right outside my bedroom door

Well they had gone shopping, of course!! They must have been playing house/housewives

Shopping in Grandma's pantry anyway, which can be the best store ever if one looks for the right stuff

And obviously these two girls have struck gold, I mean who doesn't want pineapple in their white cake????

Of course, you can't just leave off of with that

What doesn't go with white pineapple cake but...more pineapple? I personally would totally go for it. It sounds like the best dinner. Pineapple with pineapple cake for dessert. Awesome!!

But of course, not everyone would go for that...so you gotta have back up

I personally love all of these three things, especially water chestnuts (I just now noticed what those were...I might have to have a snack tomorrow)...I just don't know how I feel about them combined. But then again, it's not me that is making dinner, it's Sami and Ruthy and I guess one of them must like that combination

Of course, a good housewife has to have...

A purse with a pen (purple, my kind of girls)

And on the inside?

That's where it gets fun :)

Every woman needs a snuggly teddy bear...you never know when you need to have a good cry with a soft(ish) bear

Of course you've gotta have your checks...(mine by the way) How else are you going to buy necessary items? (pineapple and white cake anyone?)

But you can't have a checkbook without 

A register(mine as well). I personally don't use one of these(it comes with the box anyway...waste of paper in my case), but Sammy and Ruthy are probably a lot better off than I am

And of course, in case you get bored, a little video game guide...I didn't know they played this game, I'll have to see how they're coming along with it

Now what lady doesn't leave the house with these essentials? In my line of work, the aspercreme is definitely a must so I think they're just thinking of everyone else

Of course you need a fresh pair of socks, you never know when you're going to need them (mine...again...)

Now what fun is running errands if you don't make a fun stop every now and then...that would just be boring

But remember....it's not what's on the outside, but the inside that counts:

More grocery bags!! Cause what doesn't a girl need more than grocery bags?

Now, lest we get bored and hungry....

Oatmeal cereal and Alice in Wonderland!! My two favorite things!! And of course they're in a grocery bag as well

The "sister" of the girls obviously wasn't feeling terribly well and passed out on the couch in misery 

After having

Taken the phone off the hook, so as to not have been disturbed

And last, but not least, what would a  good housewife be without having a secret hiding place for...

The chocolate goodness!! And what an even better place to put the keys!! That way, whenever you need to go anywhere, you can have a bit of goodness!!

I think I prefer my house over any other house to come home to...everything is set!! :)