Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What happens when...

Your nieces take over your camera?

Well, it just so happens I have a really great example of that:

I think these girls are ready for their debuts in the modeling world!!

Oh yeah, me too

Friday, October 19, 2012


When you were little did any of you ever play that game with apples where you would twist the stem and each twist counted as a letter of the alphabet and the letter that you landed on meant you were going to marry someone with a name that started with that letter?

I used to cheat on that game all of the time...as I'm sure a lot of people did

I would manipulate the stem to break on a particular letter that just happened to coincide with the name of whatever boy I happened to have a crush on at that point

Sometimes I didn't, sometimes it was just the luck of the draw, but mostly there was a lot of cheating involved

Call me silly, but I still play this game whenever I eat an apple

Mostly I think because I always wanted it to land on Fiance's letter

Which is hard, by the way, when you have a name that falls at the beginning of the alphabet

Sometimes I cheat, sometimes I just let the chips fall where they may and come up with random names for the letters that it falls on and make up stories that somehow always end up with Fiance becoming jealous and enraged and going all Chuck Norris on the poor, unsuspecting random person....

And why am I telling you this?

Well, because I'm random

Also maybe because yesterday I was eating an apple and the stem came off on the right letter!!

And I didn't even force it

It was almost a miracle

Only almost because I think it's a little petty to be a true and complete miracle

Anyway, the apple stem has spoken

There can be no more doubt about Fiance and I

If the apple stem says it is meant to be, then meant to be it is

(just for the record? Today I twisted the stem and it landed on a C...poor Conner...)

In other, more important stories I'm sure, I went to the wedding of one of my best friends last weekend

Which was a lot of fun

One of my favorite parts of the wedding?

Those are the shoes the bride wore

Very her, very casual, and since orange is her favorite color and therefore one of her wedding colors, very appropriate

Anyway, Fiance and I went to the store the day before to get the presents for the wedding and when we pulled up we sat in the car finishing a conversation we had started 

As we were talking Fiance noticed a lady walking into the store and said "Oh, that poor lady"

So I turned to look and noticed that the back of her dress was caught up in her pantyhose

Poor lady indeed!!

It was too late to really do anything about it, but we decided if we saw her we would say something

When we got in the store she had disappeared, so we went about our shopping

After a few minutes I saw her walking down the aisle and noticed that the problem was still a problem

There was a cart in between me and the lady so I wouldn't be able to reach her in time, but I didn't want her to have to walk around like that for much longer

So I asked Fiance if he felt comfortable enough to go and tell her, since he was closer

So he went up to her and told her the problem very quietly, for which she was soooo appreciative

I'm sure pretty embarrassed, but very grateful

Grateful enough to call him honey and dear and gush over him for a few minutes

And it left me feeling grateful for Fiance and for the good person he is

I'm sure there are other men out there that wouldn't have a problem helping someone out with that kind of a problem, but I'm sure there are also some that would find that too awkward

Annnnnnddddd 3 days later......

It has taken me forever to finish this post

I think I should probably just publish it before next week gets here

A story for you, and then I'll be off

The other day my niece asked one of my sisters if she could go to her house

Said sister had a lot of things to do and said she could come next time

So she asked if she could go to one of my other sister's house, to which she was told my sister would be here (aka work) until about 7:00 or 7:30, so that really wouldn't work

So my sister told her to ask me if she could come to Grandma's house with me after work

"No, her and Fiance will be busy"

"Doing what?"

And then she proceeded to make kissing noises repeatedly

Oh I laughed so hard

One more?

The other day my bro-in-law stayed home with sick kids while my sister came to work

She put their only non-sick kid in charge of keeping her dad on track

(they have a lot of projects at home that need finishing)

So my niece picked up a tennis ball and asked her mom if she could hit her dad with it every time he got distracted

She was given permission, and so that is exactly what she did

I'm not sure why my bro-in-law didn't just take away the ball

But I'm pretty sure he never wants to see a tennis ball ever again

Fiance and I got our engagement pictures taken last Saturday

I think they turned out really well!!

And now?

Now I just have to be patient and wait....

I really want them back


2 seconds after we finished taking the pictures

But of course that's not possible


As soon as I get them back I'll share

I haven't been posting a lot of wedding stuff because I don't want to overwhelm you with weddingness


To give you a little bit of info

Those are the colors

Yes, yes I know

The yellow is not winter at all

Trust me, I've heard it from everyone in my family

But like I tell them

There is yellow in the winter

Pansies are blooming, and they can be yellow

The sun is shining and it's yellow

So it's totally a winter color

They just forgot

As more plans are finalized, I will share

Just one more picture

If I can find it

That is something that Fiance and I are making to decorate our reception with

They're turning out super cute!!

So, this post has officially almost taken me a month to finish

I think I best post it before it takes another month

And don't forget

The apple stem is the new Magic 8 Ball