Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 legs are enough for me...

I had a very very traumatizing night last night

I think it tops the list of traumatizing nights

It kind of tied in with the long day I had though...

Boyfriend and I went to Ikea to get me a new bed frame to fit the queen mattresses Mama Smurf bequeathed me (only she hasn't died so it wasn't in her will...although that makes me wonder what will be in her will...)

It was supposed to be an easy process...but there ended up being BIG GINORMOUS BOULDERS that we had to climb over in order to get to the easy part

(the BIG GINORMOUS BOULDERS will be affectionately known from this point on as BGB)

BGB #1: Driving to my sister's house to get a check from her only to find out she was at work...not at home. Silly me, I should have known

Drive to work, find said sister, open my mouth to talk only to be interrupted by a customer

Wait till she's done only to find out her checkbook was at my brother's house...

BGB b. Remember my car that I sold? It used to be the family truck that I would use to transport big stuff...

Boyfriend's car doesn't even come close to comparing

Ask Mama Smurf if we can take her car, but she had to be somewhere at 1:00

Come back to Peach's office to see if we can use her car, only to find out Peach isn't in her office

Walk back up to the store to find her there, hiding from me (not really, but it sounds better) in another sister's office

She requests that I ask if I can take the truck first

Go find my brother, he tells me I can as long as I'm sure it will fit in the truck

Go use other brother's computer to look up dimensions of the box 

Find out it can fit in the truck, take Boyfriend's car back to the office where the truck is, get the key and we're off

(you might think the difficulties end here....don't let your optimism mislead you) 

BGB numero 3 - Get to Ikea and can't find a cart anywhere 

(Boyfriend has a hard time walking around for a long period of time without having something to lean on...hence the importance of the cart)

Look, look, cart

Take off anyway because we were in a bit of a hurry

BGB letter D:

Find the frame, love the frame, write down the numbers, carry on our merry way (I was trying to hurry, because as much as Boyfriend says he doesn't care and he's fine, I try to take care of him)

Keep walking, walk past the section of slated bed bases and skid to a stop

Tell Boyfriend I think I need one of those

Walk back to the frames to be sure, find out I do, and make our way back to write down the number of the thing

BGB number 5 =

Get down to the bottom, find the carts, get me a couple of pillows (mine hurt me), and head off to the section where you find the stuff

Load it all up on to the cart, make our way to the checkout stand only to realize (Boyfriend chose this moment to say he had already realized...whatever) that the boxes won't fit through

Have it slide off the cart about 20 times (that may or may not be an exaggeration) before we finally get it all re-situated and ready to go 

BGB f - 

Walk up to the scanner (which is probably my favorite part of Ikea) only to have it not want to scan one of the boxes

A dude came over, helped out, and I greedily thankfully took back the hand scanner thingy

Only to have another box not scan because some plastic wrap whatever was covering the bar code...

Cue Mr. Dude again, who just finished scanning the rest of it

(I'm glad he couldn't see me glaring at him behind his back...)

The rest of the trip went without incident until we were unloading it from the back of the truck (which would be BGB 7) where one of the boxes snagged on some screws and I had to get up and lift it up while Boyfriend dragged it out

By that point I was so tired of the day that I just put them in the garage and there they sit today

The rest of the day passed without incident...

Boyfriend played a game while I downloaded new Photoshop brushes (which is my new favorite thing to do)

And then the evening came

Things always happen when Boyfriend leaves to go home

Like finding spiders and such

You see, me and spiders? We're not friends

I'm kinda like Ron Weasely from Harry Potter in that aspect

Although I like to think I stay a little more calm about it than he does...

But then again, I've never come across spiders as big as he I guess I wouldn't know...

Last night, unfortunately, was no different

I was getting ready for bed and was fixing the blankets on my bed when I accidentally lifted a corner of the bottom one only to find a spider on my mattress

After the squealing session, I went and got some TP to nab evaded the nabbing on the first try, but I prevailed

Only problem was, I couldn't go to bed after that

I decided to wait a few minutes and give the spiders some time to clear out

I was out looking for some more brushes when I noticed a little bulge under my shirt on my stomach

I looked to see what it was, expecting to see crumbs or something

But no

Something much much worse

(this is the traumatizing part of the story)

There was a spider there

That I had unknowingly squished and killed

On my stomach

Just chilling like it belonged there

Suffice it to say, there was a little bit of a freak out session

I even almost showered

And I would have if I didn't have a fresh layer of lotion on my legs

I did take everything off and throw it in the dirty clothes 

I then proceeded to check every inch of my body to make sure he didn't have any friends hanging out

It took me probably 20 minutes to calm down enough that I convinced myself to go to bed

But that's not without shaking my blankets about 5 times...

And praying really hard that I could remain spider free for the evening

And every evening after that

*shudder* It still grosses me out

I'll tell you one thing, it makes me want to go set up my bed frame now so that I can get out of the room where my mattresses are and spray every inch of every room so that I don't have any more spiders...


And if you have made it to the end of this post, I will be incredibly impressed

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go kill every 8-legged creature in site...

Oh, and the easy part after the BGB annoyances? Closing the garage door...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waterworks time!!

You might possibly know you're a bit of a crier if...

You watch the movie "A League of Their Own" and cry your little heart out through the whole last part of the movie

You have a Harry Potter marathon before going to see the last one and you cry through every. single. one.

Especially the last one

Probably about four or five separate times

You watch the movie "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and cry about four different times

You cry at church when you sing this song that I shared with you a year ago

We sang it again this year

I only made it through 1 1/2 verses...

You cry when you watch any sort of commercial on the family

You cry when you read blog posts

You cry when you read facebook statusi (the plural of status...I just made it up :)

There were more, but I don't remember anymore

It gets worse the older I get

It's a good thing Boyfriend thinks it's cute

I always roll my eyes when he says that

Speaking of Boyfriend, this is the text I got from him yesterday morning:

"Good morn unto you my beloved. I hast spent my eve in slumber amidst the joyous thought of thee."

Seriously? How could that not make me melt like butter on a hot frying pan?

Oh, it does :)

And how could I not love him??

Oh, I do :)

Now I'm off in search of a movie that won't make me cry

Some type of action movie

Maybe....Iron Man?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Band-Aid anyone??

I'm really talented

It's true, I am

I always trip over imaginary things, make walls move so that I bump into them

I swear I could cut myself on the safest thing imaginable

Pillow? Blanket? Balloon?

Take your pick

They would probably make me bleed so bad I would start hemorrhaging

I have a scar on my finger from when I sliced it with the lid of a tuna can

(I would share a picture, but I'm currently without internet connection)

I have another scar on my lip from when I somehow crashed my bike (on one of those imaginary gremlins) and slammed my lip into my handlebar

I have another scar (kinda looks like a crater) from when I was walking the the stairs and tripped on my third foot and rammed my leg into the gold plated trimming we had lining the top of the stairs

Stairs, it turns out, are more dangerous than mountain climbing

I should probably stop scars could go on for pages

The point of this is this

The other day Boyfriend and I were watching one of the Harry Potter movies to prepare ourselves for the grand finale (which, was amazing) and while we were watching it we were making a red sauce for dinner on Sunday. I was in charge of cutting the veggies up, and I had just bought a new slicer which I was stoked to use...

I bet you can see where this is going

I had my head turned watching HP for like two seconds and during those two seconds...I caused a whole lot of pain for myself


The story of my life...

In other news, I participated in a guest post where I pretended to be a squirrel over here

Go ahead and check it out if you would like

I shall return soon...I have many scintillating stories to share

Until then, I must go find a hose to slice my hand with.... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things just doesn't belong...

Raspberry frozen yogurt with mini reeses peanut butter cups mixed in?

Don't mind if I do thanks

(I heart the camera+ app on my iPod...)

Monday, July 11, 2011

And she's once, twice...

Three times a lady

And I loooooooveeeee you

Anyone know that song?

By Kenny Rogers/Lionel Richie/The Commodores??

I was at work on Saturday, doing what I do best which is standing behind the register helping the customers whilst others were off doing other things

(Mama Smurf was off taking a nap [much to my matter how many times I told her she couldn't, she didn't listen to me. It really wasn't fair because I was just as tired as she was...], and my sister Becca was off doing other things [probably eating chocolate in her office {just teasing, Bec ;) }])

I glanced over when a couple walked in the store and my first thought was "Dang, they probably have a ton of plants outside and I'll have to go write it all down..."

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind going outside usually...but I was tired on Saturday and didn't want to deal with it and was feeling particularly lazy at that moment

Anyway, they walked up and said "We have a couple of carts outside that need to be written up"

I looked at him (him being the husband of the couple), decided he wouldn't take offense at some teasing, and said "I was afraid you were going to say that."

After laughing really hard for about a minute he said "We don't want to go out there either, you know"

I said "Well, I have to work out there very often, so when I get to be inside I revel in it"

And as we were walking out the chorus of the aforementioned song came on and the customer started singing

"And she's once, twice, three times a lady...who doesn't want to go outside...once, twice, three times a lady and she doesn't want to go outsiiiiideeee"

Good gravy I haven't laughed that hard in a long time

I also met someone very exciting on Saturday

My friend, Ms Dazee, who found me through my sister Peach, decided that she wanted to come meet Peach and I

So she dragged her hubby kicking and screaming to our nursery to meet us (she hooked him with the fact that we sell playground chips)

It was kind of surreal to meet her for the first time, seeing as how I feel like I know her so well anyway

But it was fun, and she was as cute, if not more, than I expected :)

Did you know that Boyfriend loves me?

It's true

No, he did not give me a ring

He loves me in simple ways

Like when I lift up my water bottle that is empty and tell him I cannot possibly make it to the drinking fountain to fill it up (which, by the way, is only about 10 steps away...), he does it for me

Or when I tell him I want a hot dog for dinner, he tells me he'll cook it at the same time he cooks his hamburger

Or when I'm sitting on the couch too lazy tired to get up and turn off the lights because they're hurting my eyes, he does it for me

Or when I don't want to get up to find the clip to close the chips bag, he searches everywhere he can think because I can't remember where I put it, only to find out he was searching for the wrong kind of clip the whole time and he knew where it was all along, he doesn't get mad

He just picks it up and folds down the bag

I need to learn a lesson from him

I guess he thinks I'm three times a lady or something :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raindrops on roses

I was in big need of a good thunderstorm the other day

And I got it

Mother Nature and I are back to being friends

Boyfriend said that's the first "real" thunderstorm he's experienced since he moved to Utah...which made me think that's probably why I needed a good one because he has been up here for quite a while and that is far too long to go without in my oh so humble opinion

In other news, my car sold!! Woot!! :)

I posted it Sunday night, got a response from a guy, contacted him on Monday, and it was gone by Tuesday!! Just proves to me that prayers are answered

The nicest thing about it? I didn't get it for the asking price, but it was only $400 less and it was enough to finish paying it off and have a little bit left over to start saving for the next one

It was really sad to see it leave the parking lot, but I was too excited to be completely debt free to mourn too much 

So now I have to figure out a way to celebrate

Boyfriend and I are going to get steak soon, but I need something else...

Maybe some shoe shopping...

In other other news, Happy Late 4th of July!!

In church on Sunday we were singing "America the Beautiful" and for some reason the words really hit me this year...I had a really hard time getting through the song

I don't think I've ever been emotional over this holiday before...don't get me wrong, I love my country and am very grateful for it, but it's never reduced me to tears

I also decided this year I was going to celebrate in a....different, new, fun, insert chosen word here, way

So I made these:

(please excuse the fuzziness...I didn't want to go all the way downstairs to get my real camera)

:D I saw a similar idea on another blog and thought "Self, why not take it a step further??"

My dad and sister thought I was crazy, but I had fun :)

And then I did this:

Even more people thought I was crazy with this

And even though it took a big chunk of my day to do, it was still fun

Go me for being patriotic!! ;)

Anyway, I must go back to work

I chose to write a post today instead of read posts, I figured it was time for another one :)

Now I must go in search of some rain...maybe it will help wake me up after my body refused to have a restful sleep last night

And maybe if I'm lucky, I'll find a pretty picture to take 

Maybe of raindrops on roses :)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!!