Saturday, June 15, 2013

I bashed my skull in and all I got was a stupid little dinky mark

(2 weeks later...these stories are old, but seeing as how I actually have it written...I'm going to post it anyway...)

It's been a rough week for this Baby Sister

And it's only Thursday

I am so ready for Saturday night when I'm done with work and I know I don't have to go back the next day

On Monday I was helping a customer load some planters in her car

They weren't very heavy, so it really wasn't that big of a deal, but I was the only one at the register, so I was in a bit of a hurry

The first one went in without any incident

The second one?

I misjudged the distance between my head and the hatchback door of her car

I pretty much flattened my skull when I smacked it

Or at least that's what it felt like

She kept asking if I was okay, which I was very grateful for, but really all I wanted to do was tell her to go away so I could go inside and cry

And that is exactly what I did

And this is what I saw

annoyingly, that's all it ever was...if it's going to hurt like the dickens, I should at least get a cool bruise or something of the sort

"My brother went to mexico and all I got was this stupid shirt "I bashed my skull in and all I got...." well, you get the idea

As soon as I was able to stop, I left the bathroom, and then found Mama Smurf

And the waterworks commenced yet again....

Just goes to show I'm not very good at math and the whole measuring between point a and point b thing

Fast forward to Wednesday

I was carrying a large, awkward box at work, not really paying attention to where I was walking, because, well, I'm in that parking lot every day

I know it like the back of my hand

Apparently not

Apparently I thought I was in a different part of the parking lot

Or something

I really think that this thing jumped up and tripped me

I tripped, the box fell out of my hands, and I rolled along the ground, landing on my hand and knee

And now that I'm thinking back, I fractured the wrist on that same hand when I was living in Spain

that's a whole different story...

Apparently my left hand really likes to try and protect me

My toes also got smashed by something super heavy later that day

I don't remember what it was

Obviously that was the last straw and it became too traumatic for me and I blocked out the memories


One of the main things that made the week even remotely better is what was in the box

*cue to a line from one of my favorite movies, UHF:

"I'll take the box"

"The box! She wants the box! Let's see what's in the box!!"


"Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!! You so stupid!!"*

Except there was something AWESOME in my box

My birthday present from Hubby came :)

We had a gift card from our wedding we hadn't used yet, and we had a 20% off coupon, so we were able to afford the nice one that I wanted

It was very much a welcome sight after such a long week

To celebrate, I did any normal thing that anyone would do

I made chocolate chip squares, of course!!

And they turned out perfectly

Probably one of the best batches ever

And I owe it all to this beautiful piece of machinery

I was going to make cookies last night to wind down after a long week (which is actually a week later than the one I just finished telling you about) but the dough on both recipes required chilling, and I was WAY too tired and impatient for that

I was in the mood of a quick cookie/cookie dough fix

None of this 30 minute/2 hour chill dough stuff


Hubby and I went on a little road trip to Idaho this weekend for his cousin's wedding

We come back home tomorrow, and I'm kind of dreading going back to our very warm apartment

The basement here is like the basement in Mama Smurf's house

Very nice and cool

It's been a nice "welcome home" for us

And a nice mini-cation

But we are both excited to go back home to our bed and little home

I'm just going to miss the slightly cooler weather of Idaho...

It'll be hard to go back to the heat of Utah

Which is really humorous (to me, anyway) because Utah is really cool compared to a lot of other places at the moment

I was going to post about a couple of awards I got, but this post is already old enough, cause I seem to be really talented at that as of late, so it's just going to have to wait

Plus I didn't sleep very well last night and I have to drive back home tomorrow, so off I jet

Assuming I can drag Hubby into bed with me...

May none of you bash your heads and trip and fall with a brand KitchenAid in your hands

I would send you good vibes, but I'm thinking that would only bring you bad luck...