Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'll take staying inside playing the guitar any day, thank you

I have come to a very important conclusion

If I were a smoker and I lived in a city like this that's super duper cold in the winter time and I had to go outside to smoke?

It would kick me of the habit right away

Seriously, every time I see people outside smoking I feel so bad for them and I want to tell them to just go inside and put out the cigarette

I can't help but think of their fingers, and hands...their faces, all of their body parts just freezing outside while they're smoking

Don't get me wrong, I get smoking is an addiction and that addictions are hard to beat and maybe they think smoking is awesome and it's their favorite hobby in life

But it's definitely not worth standing outside in -24°

In my own so humble opinion

Speaking of smoking...

Totos, we're not in Kansas anymore

In Utah (at least around where I lived) it's not as common to see alcohol and smoking everywhere

It's around, obviously, but not like it is in other places

Iowa, for instance

They also don't believe in hot chocolate very much around here

Lots of coffee and lots of tea

But certainly not a lot of hot chocolate

And definitely not the good stuff (Stephen's)

At least not that I've found yet

In Utah the amount of hot chocolate is massive compared to what I've found here

And that includes 3 stores that I've looked through

It was just a little shock to the system the first few times I went shopping here

Especially to see a section of the store set aside specifically for alcohol

It certainly is a different world than what this Mormon girl from Utah is used to

Not that it's a bad world, mind you

Just different


Our first Christmas away from home was good...hard, but good

I missed my family

I cried a little

But we had a good day

I got Hubby the new Wii U and a couple of games plus this

It's a dog from a cartoon that he LOVES

And I think he LOVES the beanie just as much, if not more

Hubby gave me a BEAUTIFUL gift

(this is me swooning)

Papa Smurf bought me guitar lessons one year for my birthday when I was in High School and I loved it

My teacher was a little weird, and the lessons didn't last too long because life got busy and I didn't have time

(and the teacher being weird thing didn't hurt)

I've always wanted to continue that education but I didn't have a guitar (I used Papa Smurf's for the lessons)

Needless to say I've been hinting to the Hubster for awhile that I wanted one

He finally got the hint and got me this beauty for Christmas

I love it!!

He wins definitely

Guitar > Wii U


When Hubby and I got married, I decided that I needed new, special jewelry for the special occasion

I looked everywhere for what I wanted and couldn't find just the right thing

The night before the wedding (I think) I decided I would have to give in and go to Wallie World


After looking around, I was shocked that I actually found something

It still wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was pretty

(and purple)

So I bought the set

That's the necklace, the earrings look the same

Anyway, with the move I was afraid that I had lost one of the earrings

I was sure that it had fallen in some random box while I was packing and got thrown away

I kept the one in my jewelry box...just in case...cause you just never know

I gave up trying to find the lost earring until the other day when, in a moment of desperation, I asked my sister that I lived with to keep her eyes open for them

And then this morning I was looking for one of my cookbooks and found this silly little random box nestled amongst my many packages of special Oreo's

And guess what I just happened to find in the box??

I now have both safely tucked away in my possession :)

Thank heavens for every day miracles

Off I go to study more medical terms


Away from the cold

Not outside freezing my bum off

**i have nothing against those who smoke and/or drink as long as they do so responsibly and this post was not intended to imply anything of the sort**