Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm linking up with Dazee this week for her Dear letters...

Dear Mother Nature, 

When I get a major blizzard warning, I don't want to see this when I wake up:

This is preferable:

However, I will accept this:

Dear lady at the shoe store, 

When I tell you that one shoe is messed up and won't fit on my foot, I mean that one shoe is messed up and won't fit on my foot. It is not code for me saying that one of my feet is bigger than the other and I am embarrassed to say it. I would not be embarrassed of that. Nor am I trying to cheat you out of shoes by lying to you. I like these boots, I really do. I just want a slightly bigger size/different ones because these don't work. Oh, and how are they supposed to "eventually stretch" when I can't even get my foot in it all the way to help it stretch? And then when I try on another pair, and it's the exact opposite boot that has the same problem, that REALLY means it's not my fault!! The next time you have a customer tell you that one of your boots won't go on her foot, please be slightly more courteous and don't try to tell them that one of their feet must be bigger than the other.  And please don't try to make it their fault by saying "well, fine, we'll replace them, but just so you know they will stretch out over time"...bah humbug. I know how these boots worked, and one of them was Not. Made. Right. Got it? Good.

Dear dust at work, 

Do you think you could just magically disappear tonight so I don't have to keep cleaning tomorrow? Thanks.

Dear lungs,

I'm sorry I stuffed you with dirt and dust today...will your forgive me and stop making me sound like I smoke? I already have a deeper voice...I don't want it to be worse...and please don't give out on me and die...

Dear nose,
I'm sorry that you keep smelling the dirt and dust from today. I promise you'll recover....after about 5 million more times of blowing my nose...

Dear hands, 

I'm sorry to you too...please forgive me and stop hurting...

Dear Peach, 

If I die from dirt/dust inhalation will you make sure I have a nice funeral please?

Dear Mr. Boss Man, 

The next time you go on a mouse killing rampage with your new nifty mouse traps, could you please look for the mice that die so that months ahead I don't have to find it while I'm cleaning? Thanks.

Dear work, 

Could I please just get one break? Please??

Dear body, 

I love the cold. You're just going to have to accept that and get over your hatred for it!!

Dear Mother Nature, 

More snow please!! :D

Dear 2010, 

Since you've sped along so quickly this year, could you just make the next couple of weeks FLY by? Like...speed of light fast? Pretty pretty please??

Dear friends, 

I hope you had a great day!!



Dazee Dreamer said...

Thank you so much for linking up. Ummm, do you know that my hands were killing me yesterday (tueday). Enough that I was almost in tears. I was reading yours and thought, wow, something else we have in common.

And the boots. I hear ya. big instep on this girls foot.

I hope you get feeling better.

hehehe, and I just had to tell you that the word verification was so tied to your post. it was SALESPER. HAHAHAHAH said...

Dear Amanda,
Have a good night, and may you get all the pretty snow you want as soon as possible.

Cheeseboy said...

Your snow wishes are messed up. But that's okay. Hope those hands start feeling better.

Baby Sister said...

@ Robyn - Thanks!! Maybe if more people band together, I can get lots and lots of snow!! Mother Nature can't avoid me forever!!!!

Bossy Betty said...

I loved your letters! Hope you get the snow you are dreaming of. Maybe for a Christmas present?

Meghan said...

I love all of your letters!

Noelle said...

Dear Baby Sister,

I agree with Cheeseboy. Your snow wishes are all messed up.

BUT - if you die from the dust I promise you will have a beautiful funeral - we will ask Dazee to sing a solo.

Anonymous said...

You are entertaining! :) :)

One MAJOR doubt- If the weeks fly by, my exam will fly nearer, faster. Uncool. You still want to be my friend, don't you?

Shoe lady---- you know you wouldn't want to take that pair of shoes home with you, don't you? Silly goose!

jayayceeblog said...

Great letters ... the lady at the shoe store sounds really annoying and you were way nicer than I would have been! We spent last weekend in snow in northern Arizona and I remembered very quickly why I live in Phoenix. Brrrrrrrr!

Venassa said...

Those sound like some messed up shoes.. and quite the rude lady.
Hope all the dust gives you a break soon.
PS.. I'm glad it's you finding mice and not me.

Julie said...

You made me laugh, like usual. You and snow. We got plenty of it this week. Drove 286 miles in it. Ice and all. It's not bad anymore. Once winter gets here I don't complain, it's just getting use to it.
So now does it mean you have two boots that fit and you can wear them now? I sure do hope so.
Dear work, please don't be so hard on baby sister, please!! :o)
Take care and God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I just re-read this post. Do you know how nice you are? When I'm angry, I'm a meanie.