Monday, October 31, 2011

Missing: Holiday spirit - if found, please send it my direction

For some reason, it doesn't feel like Halloween

Maybe it's cause Boyfriend and I don't have costumes

We usually dress up, but we just didn't have the time to execute what we wanted this year

So all I have is hair dye (not the permanent kind...I've always loved my hair color how it is)

I was going to do that this morning, but it turns out that sleeping is more important than dying your hair

So I'll do that tonight

Boyfriend and I also went to the store on Saturday night to buy ingredients to make nummy goodies to take to our annual Halloween party, but I just found out today that we're not doing anything

So now I'll have to figure out something else to do with the goodies that I will probably make still

Let's see...

27 bottles of IBC Creme Soda...

4 large bags of powdered sugar

4 cans of pumpkin puree

18 eggs

2 bags of flour

2 bags of sugar

This could be fun :)

I really don't have anything else to say, I don't really have the writing muse with me today

So instead of babbling on in utter nonsense, I took a personality quiz that has been floating around on a lot of my friend's blogs and I figured I would post the results for your reading pleasure...or misery, however you choose to think

If you would like to take the quiz, the link is right here


You have a genuine interest in other people. You're a natural host, and are always thinking about how you can increase the happiness of those around you. When friends have problems or are in trouble, you're usually the first person they turn to for aid and comfort. Scoring high on the "warm" trait suggests that you are among those who enjoy domestic activities — doing things around the house — and are enthusiastic about charitable work, helping others, and making the world a better place.
You don't always say exactly what you're thinking; you don't like the idea of causing anyone pain because of your criticism.


You are willing to take the time to find out what's going on with other people, especially if they're in distress. You're a good listener, you don't criticize, and you offer unbiased, respectful, honest advice when it's requested. With a high score on the "understanding" trait, it is likely that you are enthusiastic about charitable work, helping others, and making the world a better place.
You don't feel the need to impose your standards on others or say things that, even though true, cause pain.


You are an honest, fair person. You don't lie or cheat to get ahead. You treat others with respect and hope for the same in return.
You do not feel that you are above the rules that everyone else follows; you are definitely not willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.


You enjoy being around others and others enjoy being around you. You have a "live and let live" attitude; because you know that no one's perfect, you are forgiving and happy to give the benefit of the doubt.
You don't feel the need to be controversial or express contrary opinions all the time. You see no reason to go around rubbing people the wrong way.


You are in touch with your own feelings, which helps put you in touch with the feelings of others.
You don't buy the logic that your happiness comes ahead of everyone else's because unless you're happy you're incapable of making anyone else happy.


You fulfill your obligations and responsibilities, are true to your word, and generally obey the rules. While the majority of those who have a high score on the "responsible" trait enjoy traveling, they are usually very happy to return home — and don’t mind staying put for a while.
You're opposed to making hasty decisions, you don't insist that you're above the rules, nor do you feel compelled to color outside the lines.


You feel it's important to work according to a plan and finish every task, to do things correctly and thoroughly.
You are not the kind of person who abandons a project before finishing it, or slacks off when you've lost interest.


You are a "glass half-full" kind of person, always on the lookout for the silver lining. Your happiness is contagious, which is why others like to be around you.
You do not feel that the world is an intrinsically depressing place; you are not the kind of "realist" who thinks that only fools find joy in life.


You rarely become irritated, generally accept people as they are, take things as they come, and feel relaxed in most situations.
You do not let a minor annoyance escalate to a confrontation. You don't regularly snap at those around you or fly off the handle with little provocation.


You like your own company; you're a very interesting person. Tracking your own mental processes, knowing what you're thinking and why you do what you do, is important to you. Often, what's going on in your mind is more compelling than what's going on outside. For the most part, those with a high score on the "introspective" trait enjoy reading, taking long walks, learning new things, and other solitary activities.
You are not someone who is constantly looking to be among a group of friends; you never feel bored when you are by yourself.
Kind of a fun little experiment
For some reason, I've always been really big into these personality test
Alright, I'm off to go find my holiday spirit
If any of you find it lying around, would you send it to me please?

Oh, and if you know of anyone that needs any Creme Soda, you can send them my way

Just so happens I know where to find some

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long time coming... And? The new design gets formally introduced

First things first

It needs to be made known that gum poppers?

Like the little tiny pops that they pop every 5 seconds?

They grate on my nerves.

Like nothing else.

I'm not saying that I'll hate you if you do it

But just drives me crazy

Anyway, moving on to more important matters

Test is done

I think I did pretty good

I was comfortable with all of the topics we had to address, so that's always a good sign (in my book anyway, I have yet to see if that's a good sign in the teacher's book)

And, even better, I finally caught up on all of the blogs that have been pestering me in my reader since my Disneyland trip

Because I'm obsessive compulsive...slightly

So for some reason my brain is of the opinion that I can't write a blog until the ugly black number by "Blogs I'm following" goes away

Sometimes when I'm desperate I'll break down and do it

But on a good day, I prefer to wait

So pictures of Disneyland are coming, I promise...but today, I thought I would introduce my new blog look 

New blog look, meet my friends. Friends, meet my new blog look

Say hi and shake hands

Very well done

I asked Boyfriend ages ago if he would redesign my blog

But we had so many ideas of where to take it that it took forever to choose one idea

Finally we picked out this layout, and the work began

I loved my last layout, but I kind of felt like it was the "little kid" layout, and my blog wanted to grow up a little

There were still aspects I wanted to keep

ie the stars, purple, yellow...but I wanted them toned down a little bit and I wanted to incorporate reading because it's something I love to do

I felt like the purple background and yellow font were sometimes hard to read, no matter how much I loved it

That's when Boyfriend came up blank pages from a book

We liked that because it made it feel like a journal, and as I update this more than my journal (I didn't think that would be possible right now), it feels like my journal...the same reason we kept the same font

The header? I've always, always wanted a window seat in my house

Whenever I picture my "chosen reading spot" in my head, that is where I picture myself

And one day when I have my own house built, it will probably have 4 or 5 window seats

Anyway, that's where the header idea came from

The star, purple, and yellow...well, because that's me

In the right hand column, we have my button

I insisted that I have a button

Grown up blogs have buttons

Boyfriend came up with the idea

He's the artistically creative one, not me!!

The sticker idea went along with the journal idea

Posting sticker, pictures, notes in a journal to remind you of things

Plus, this way, you grab my button, and I will never leave you alone

Muah ha ha


(that's supposed to be a winky smiley

The three stars?

One leads to my RSS feed

Another leads to my facebook page

And the last leads to my email in case you want to email me :)

Grown up blogs have those too

I don't have a twitter, because, while I have a twitter account, I rarely use it

Maybe one day...but that day is not today

I love how they turned out :)

And then, the last thing, is a follow by email feature thing

Because, well, most grown up blogs have that feature as well

Plus I know there are people out there that like the whole follow by email thing

All in all? I love my new design

Are there more things I would love to incorporate?? Heck yes

But, for now, I am happy with it :)


Now that I've bored you all to tears (if you've made it this long, I'm impressed)

I'll let you go

I just thought I'd explain a little bit behind the design

Okay, I'm off now to do some homework

Thanks for being patient with my lack of posting

The class is really high maintenance with LOTS of reading

And then there's work

There could be some big changes happening in my life in the next month or so

We shall see

(and no, it doesn't have anything to do with Boyfriend becoming Fiance)

When (if) I get a ring, I promise I'll find a cute way to let you know

Boyfriend, the pressure is on

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm not supposed to be here

I'm supposed to be studying

I just wanted you to be aware that something exciting is happening to my blog tonight

Something that might make you do a double take

I'm super excited :)

Okay, that is all

Back to my studying

I promise, promise, promise that on Tuesday I will come and read all of your blogs

Okay, returning to my books now

This is Baby Sister signing off

Over and out

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home alone

Not the movie, silly people

As in I am home alone right now

I love being home alone (during the day night? Not so much...)

I can lock AND deadbolt all of the doors and no one will say anything

I can turn out all of the lights upstairs and know that they will stay least for now

I can have the light switch do what I want it to do

Like so:

I'm a dork, yes I know

I can listen to my music and turn it up as loud as I want so I can hear it in whatever room I'm in and not have to worry about bothering anyone with it

Or I can have it be as quiet as I want to with no noises whatsoever

I can close ALL of the blinds on ALL of the windows and no one will laugh at me

I can keep all of the lights off downstairs except what is absolutely necessary and not have anyone walk in and turn on all of the lights

I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, if you couldn't tell :)

I was going to show pictures of Disneyland, but one of my electronic devices is not liking me...whether it's my camera or my computer remains to be seen

So, as my desktop is cluttered with blog pictures right now, I'll post some of those instead

Remember how I said once Boyfriend and I were baking something and it was pretty much a 3 day adventure?

This is what we made:

Let's just say it was awesome...I was so happy that it turned out and with how nummy it was!!

(just ignore the outside "decorations"...I was bored and a little bit in a weird it looks awful)

Did you know E.L Fudge has ice cream?? I didn't until recently

The grasshopper?? A. MAZ. ING!!'s something else Boyfriend and I made one day:

It's a chocolate bundt cake with an orange glaze

Sooooo good

I found it of my favorite go to places for new recipes

Never send a teenage boy to go to the gas station for you...

Because they will come back with the giant size of anything you ask for...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm lysdexic? (aka dyslexic)

It's true, I am....especially when I'm tired

So a few months back the toilet out where I worked was having issues (turned out the septic tank was full) and it wouldn't flush

But the people at work? They kept using it....

And it was naaaasty

It stunk like nothing else and was not cool at all

So I wrote a note to put on the bathroom door:

But I could not for the life of me stop being lysdexic on that one part of the was a rough minute

Alright, just a few scenery/cloud/flower pictures and then I'll leave you alone

The first picture? My niece Sami brought me those flowers once upon a time

I found it ironic because I love purple and yellow together...and those are the two colors that she randomly brought me

The second picture? Flowers from a hanging basket at work

I love clouds :)

They're so beautiful

Alright, I'm off do some studying

If I don't surface in a few days, it's because I'm studying for a test

If I don't surface in a week, send out a search party

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't you dare hate me

Or blame me

If you live in Utah, and you got snow, you are not allowed to hate me

Because I didn't ask for it

Did I thoroughly enjoy it and love it?

Heck yes I did!!

But it's not my fault it came

That is my disclaimer for this post

That being said

We had our first snowfall of the season today here in Utah :)

Here, I show you a picture

Okay, so maybe two

You can't see a ton of it because the clouds were over the higher up mountains, but I'm sure I'll be posting a picture later :)

In celebration of the first snowfall of the season I stopped at the local gas station on my way home from school and bought my first hot chocolate of the season, which always makes me happy

I don't know what it is about snow that I love so much

Maybe it's the beauty that it brings after a nice snowstorm

Maybe there's something about watching it fall so softly and gracefully from the sky

I really do love just sitting there, cuddled up with a blanket and a good book, some hot chocolate (and Boyfriend if I'm lucky) while watching the snow softly falling from the sky

I don't get the chance very often, because more often than not I am working when it is snowing, so when I do have to sooooak it up

Anyway, sorry...the first snow of the season always gets me a little carried away

My awesome sister and I had a great time at Disneyland

Which reminds me, I need to take that counter's depressing me now that it's counting the days I've been home...

I knew I would have an awesome time, what else would have happened? But it was still nice of Disneyland to live up to my expectations, I really appreciated it

I'll post those pictures later, I'm extremely exhausted

I'm sorry if this post seems a little out of whack and disorganized and random and non-flowy (yes, it's a word...I said so)...that's kind of how my head feels tonight

I just thought I'd stop in and say hey

I plan on catching up on all of your blogs this weekend

I'll be sure to put up some barricades around my house just in case some of you Utah people decide to take out your aggression towards the snow on me

You never know with people these days