Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clouds and other non-whimsical things

You know when people say they're floating on cloud 9?

Do you ever feel like the other clouds feel left out?

You know, numbers 1-8 and 10?

Well, I've decided I'm going to categorize the different clouds now

Cloud 9 is reserved for twitterpation/being in like/love/infatuation

And I have declared that cloud 8 is reserved for school happiness of any kind

Cloud 4 will be reserved for money happiness...a raise, more money than expected, anything like that

The others will be reserved when necessary

As for today, I am on cloud 8

And cloud 9...I can't leave Boyfriend feeling left out

I finally got my most recent paper back from my Professor

I got an A-!! (89/100 = A-, right?)

While I wanted an A/100%....I will remain content with an A-

I've been so worried about this paper because I was up until about 3:00 finishing it off

And my brain doesn't operate at full capacity at 3:00 in the morning

To be honest I'm not sure it operates at full capacity the majority of the time, but that's not the issue at hand right now

I was also sick the whole time I was working on it...

Luckily I was forced to stay at home Tuesday and Wednesday to help my body recuperate

So I was able to polish it up and make it all pretty and shiny before I handed it in on Tuesday

Now I just have to put all of my energy and focus into my last paper and my final

But tonight, just for tonight, I think I will take the evening off and play a little before I really buckle down and get the paper done and start studying

Just the thought makes me shudder

So, it's been awhile since I've shared a video

But I watched one the other day that was hilarious!! So, I'm going to share it with you


Never mind?

I guess someone claimed copyright on it...and it's no longer available


Hang on, let me find something else

Okay, I found something

I don't typically do the whole politics thing on my blog, and this isn't against President Obama at all, I would find it funny if anyone did it

But I especially think it's funny that the President of the United States made this mistake

Okay, enough babbling, on with the clip (if you click on the words "the clip" it'll take you to youtube...it's magic like that)

Okay, one more thing

Because really, it's hilarious too

Makes me laugh every time I read it

In other news?

I'm an aunt again :)

My brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl yesterday

Elizabeth _______ ...they haven't decided on a middle name yet

She's adorable!!

But really, all of the little ones we've had are adorable

So it doesn't surprise me

That makes 3 girls in the last 4 months

I'm so lucky!!

I love doting on baby girls and buying them cute clothes

It makes me happy

Okay, enough procrastinating

I've got to get back to work


Or maybe I'll just sit here sipping my water counting down the minutes till I go pick up Boyfriend...

We'll see where my mood takes me

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check lists

Paper done and handed in?


Blogs caught up on?


Done with homework for tomorrow?

Almost check

Getting a really awesome good grade in my class?

Heck yes I am!!

I got a 180/200 on my midterm, which made slightly happy...I'm too much of a perfectionist to be completely happy with that

But then I asked my teacher what grade that figured out to be

A- folks

And only one or two people received an A

Which means I am doing awesome!! 


Makes all of the studying and reading I've done all semester totally worth it

I have another paper due the first week of December, and then the final

And then I am done

Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to those two and a half weeks of no school??


So, before I finish off my homework for the evening, I figured I'd finally show you some Disneyland pictures

I have to say one thing first

The majority, if not all of them, are just scenery pictures

We weren't too big on taking pictures of ourselves this time for some reason

So next time :)

Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween, and it looked awesome

It was the first time I've ever seen it decorated for a holiday, so I was pretty stoked

Alright, prepares yourselves for an avalanche

And, finally, the infamous mugs...

I went slightly crazy with mugs this year...I think I justified it cause I haven't been for a few years

Anyway, I did warn you...I couldn't narrow down the pictures, so I had to just share the majority :)

And now I'm off to finish studying

I should surface again before the week is over

Unless Boyfriend kidnaps me

Which is on his check list, so it might just happen...