Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paris, the city completely void of spiders...

Ha, I wish...

Have any of you ever seen the movie French Kiss??

With Meg Ryan?

Click on these words right here if you want to read about it if you haven't seen it

If you haven't seen it, I admonish you to go and watch it

As soon as possible

It's hilarious

So, anyway, the gist of the movie is this girl (Meg Ryan) is engaged to a man

Said man goes to France on business and wants her to go with him

But she's afraid of flying, and she's waiting for her visa to come through (she's going through the process to be a  Canadian) so she stays home

Of course, he meets someone in France and decides he's in love with her and he's staying in France

Now, back when he was trying to get her to go with him, she took flight stimulation courses (something like that) and she had this song that she sang about loving Paris

So when she found out he was being a jerk, she decided she had to get on a plane and fly over to wake him up a little

And she used the song that she learned to help her through part of the flight

But she changed the words

And it goes like this

"I hate Paris in the springtime

I hate Paris in the fall

I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I

Hate Paris?

Because my love is there with his slut girlfriend"

On occasion in my life I sing this song to myself

When I'm doing something that I don't necessarily want to do

Except I change up the words

Because I don't hate Paris

I would actually welcome a trip to that beautiful country

Oh, and plus? My love isn't there with his slut girlfriend

He's very much here with his un-slut girlfriend

So, anyway

The other day I was getting ready for bed

And as I was walking through one of the rooms in the basement I saw a spider on the baseboard

Now, for those of you that don't know, or have forgotten, I hate spiders

With a passion

I always make Boyfriend kill them

And when I was little, my sister Peach used to kill them all for me

All I had to do was go tell her

She was/is very nice like that

Anyway, when I saw that spider I freaked out a little

Boyfriend had already left for work, so there was nothing he could do about it

That meant it was all up to me


So I went and got some toilet paper and as I was killing it I started singing

I hate spiders in the springtime

I hate spiders in the fall

I hate spiders, oh why oh why do I

Hate spiders?

Because they're evil

And they want to suck my blood

Totally an awesome song

And I'm sure every word of that song is true 

So I've decided it's become my new spider theme song

At least it makes the killing of spiders more fun when I'm required to do it and I don't have any other option

Because really, I'd rather kill them then have them crawl all over me in my sleep

And get squished dead on my stomach

Ever since then, I have never let a spider get out of my sight

I just can't do it

Especially if it's in my room

Boyfriend and I went to the gym last night

And for the first time in almost 3 years I was able to run on the treadmill without having any issues

At least not until I got home

It was quite shocking, really

I guess that means the doctor is doing the right thing

I guess that means I have to not be so mad at them for giving me the run around when I tried to set up an appointment with said doctor

But still, it was a bit ridiculous

One more thing

I was in my sister's office with one of my sisters and my niece Sami the other day (who just turned 5)

And she said to me

 "Manda, you were born, and then you grew up, and then you met Aaron (boyfriend), and then my mom got married. Why haven't you got married yet??!?!?!!"

I laughed 

It was funny

My sister just told her that I was working on it

Maybe I should get her to have a talk with Boyfriend

That might hurry him up a little bit as far as a ring is concerned

And, since it seems a crime to post a blog without a picture

I will share a picture with you of my nephew who is just super adorable

He likes to follow his mommy and daddy around at work

Especially when his dad (the K-man) is playing around on the tractors or any other type of equipment that would be boy candy

I just absolutely love that picture

I must go finish making some signs now

I've been downloading some new fonts to try, which kinda makes me want to make things

Maybe I'll find a font that will let me forge a plane ticket to Paris??

I'll let you know how that goes

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I need to go to a mental hospital or something

Just so you know?

This device here

Does not unlock or open an office door

Car door yes

Office door no

Car door = Very good

Office door = Very very bad

Apparently I was more tired yesterday than I thought

Or more messed up in the head than I thought

One of the two

Monday, June 4, 2012


Be vewy, vewy quiet

I'm hunting wabbits

Between you and me

I hope he hunts me one of these cuties