Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's my party

And I'll cry if I want to

You know those days that start off so GREAT and you think they're going to stay that way?

I don't know why I ever think that...

From about 2:00 on...everything that could go wrong, did

The details aren't important

It started with me trying to do something good, that got turned into something bad

And it ended with me ramming my head into the corner of the cupboard

Not once

Oh no, that would be two easy


And the second time I drew blood

Needless to say, I'm going to go have a little pity party on the couch and read a book

And find some chocolate

Because chocolate fixes everything

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The best two years

Two years ago yesterday Boyfriend and I had a conversation that went like this:

B: "You know, I don't think I've made it official"

M: "What?"

B: "Us. I think I just assumed that we were official and didn't even think to ask"

M: "True. You didn't ever ask"

B: "Well, let's take care of that then. Amanda, will you be my girlfriend?"

M: "Yes" (while my stomach was churning with butterflies and I was blushing)

And then two days later he left a crying girl at the airport to go back to Texas until he could figure out when to move up here

It's been a rough two years and a happy two years

Two years of trying to figure each other out

Two years of trying to have an individual identity while having a relationship

Two years of me learning to get over my issues towards past boys in my life and to not take it out on Boyfriend

Two years of me getting annoyed over every little thing and not talking to Boyfriend for a period of time

(I did eventually get over that, fyi...I don't do that anymore)

Two years of me learning that I don't like going to bed angry with him (even if it is in different beds at different houses)

Two years of us going to bed in different beds and different houses...

Two years of him serving me

Two years of him loving me no matter what I put him through

(Boyfriend wants me to say that you should think of him as a dog...loving me unconditionally like a dog loves his master...I refused to compare him to a dog until he wouldn't stop "woofing" at I did to silence he licks my arm...oh good gravy)

Two years of us growing closer together and strengthening the bond that we have

Two years of us helping each other become the best versions of ourselves

Two years of never knowing what to get each other for gifts (that was Boyfriend's) (oh, and by the way? he's retarded to shop for. just an fyi)

Two years of him telling me he loves me every day

Two years of him telling me I'm beautiful every day (even when I don't believe it)

Two years of him telling me I'm silly when I don't believe it

Two years of him holding my hand wherever we are

Two years filled with wonderful adventures

And two years that will hopefully turn into forever

I do love that Boyfriend of mine

And I happen to think I am the luckiest girl in the world that he picked me and has stuck with me through thick and thin

I love you Boyfriend!!

(you may enlargen the picture if you like)

(yes, enlargen....get over it)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happens at Grandma's house

Stays at Grandma's house

Except for when the Aunt posts about it on her blog :)

If you're Tyler

(seriously? who wouldn't love that face? this was after he found the bag of m&m'

Besides eating everyone out of house and home (see above picture)

You also take Grandma's beaters and play with them in the toilet

(this was after they had been placed in the sink by his mother)

If you're Erika and Gabi

You eat tortilla chips...or the pink and white animal cookies

And if you're Sami?

You go just a little bit crazy

And wreak havoc in Grandma's room

And build a fort in the bathroom

But best of all?

You find these

(that just somehow magically appeared in Mama Smurf's bedroom)

And when Grandma tells you that she's going to give them to DI (aka goodwill), you tell her she can't because

"What if they're Grandpa's?? I bet they're his!!"

Oh, I love that niece of mine...well, all of them really

Oh, and one more thing?

You know these things?

Guess what my sister brought me today??

They're miniature Triscuts!! How awesome is that??

You are very welcome for informing you

(notice my awesome purple nail polish?? it's new and I love're allowed to be jealous)

You are all now free to go and buy yourself a box of those cute little crackers filled to the brim with awesomeness

Go my young grasshoppers


Monday, August 15, 2011


I log into blogger and all of the sudden fonts aren't there? Or anything rather...

Oh well. I just have a small question

Do any of you smart/more experienced/savvy/amazing bloggers know how to add a song into a post?

Not like an MP3 player that you can put on the side and have people listen to, like a little bar type thing that you can put in the bottom/middle/wherever-you-want of your post that only has one song?

My sister asked me, but the only ways I have tried send me back to the file hosting website...

And I don't want that

So, if any of you know...could you please tell me??


ps a real post to follow sometime tonight :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The feline race is not for me!!

I've been kind of MIA this week

We've had a little bit of family trauma happening

For those of you who don't read my sister's blog

She just had a baby

Last Friday to be exact

Little Emily is her name

(I guess if you're going to get technical, little isn't technically part of her name...but that's what I call her)

Little Emily has some heart problems...she's had them for awhile

Today they had to perform open heart surgery to fix some of here valves that didn't grow properly while she was in the womb

So my heart and mind have been a little preoccupied with that

Luckily she won't have to have surgery again for another 6 months, and that should be the only other surgery she has to have 

*crosses fingers*

The other night Boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch talking and I mentioned that I had the song "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from The Aristocats stuck in my head

This is the conversation that ensued:

B: "Everybody wants to be a cat, huh?"

Me: "Well wouldn't you?"

B: "Why would you?"

Me: "You don't have to work, your food is provided for you, you get to wander around and live your own life, sleep whenever you's a great life!!"

B: "Hmmm...I guess so...maybe we should become cats!!"

Me: "Sounds good to me. Oh wait, I forgot about something..."

B: "What's that?"

Me: "Cats have HUGE litters!!"

B: "And?"

Me: "I don't want to have 9 kids all at once..."

B: "..."

Me: "I guess that settles it. We'll stay human. No cat life for us."

As you can see, we take things seriously

Very, very, very seriously

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You're not the boss of me

That's what my niece Sami says all the time

Most especially to me

I don't mean to boss her around...she just happens to think that anything I say is essentially doing that

I know that it's just her age, and she's cute and I love her...but some days? I get reallllly tired of hearing it

I usually just roll my eyes slightly and walk away

Like the other day Boyfriend and I took her and her two older sisters to DQ to get a chocolate dipped ice cream cone

Things went really well until Sami wanted to get out and throw away her napkin

I was afraid that if she got out she wouldn't come back, so I told her to wait until everyone was finished

"You're not the boss of me"

Actually, Sami, right now I'm the boss of you, Erika, and Gabi because your mommy and daddy aren't here

Or the other day she was in Peach's office and pulled some chocolate out of a bag to eat, I told her to make sure to ask Peach first since it was her chocolate

"You're not the boss of me"

Today I was at work dropping something off for my sister and Mama Smurf asked me to go get her some lunch, so I was getting her debit card out of her purse and Sami happened to walk by

"Don't get in my Grandma's purse!!"

I wanted to say "You're not the boss of me!!"

But I didn't, I just told her that Grandma had asked me to get something for her

She even brought up that particular topic at Sunday dinner, bringing up when certain people were allowed to be the boss of her and when they weren't

She didn't once bring up my name, so I guess I'm never allowed to be the boss of her

So my question is...

Can I make a list too?

Can I say to Mr Boss man

"You're not the boss of me"?

It would be really nice if I could get away with that....