Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Decades later....

Once upon a time...

(last week)

Hubby and and traveled to a very far away land

(Texas...the farthest you can get)

For his sister's wedding

We had a decent time

Spent time with this aunt and cousins, his padres and sisters

We ate LOTS of food...more than my tummy is used to

And attended a very beautiful wedding that had me crying at times

(but let's be honest, that's not hard lately)

I took my laptop with me, intending to blog while I was down there

I used it one night to look for a picture for a friend, which pretty much used up all of my battery 

(I don't have the best laptop in the world)

Later during the week, I went to pull out my power cord and lo and behold

I didn't pack it

I tried to turn on my computer, but noooo

It had completely died since I had used it


So, needless to say, there was no blogging for me in Texas

It was a nice break, getting to actually sleep with Hubby

But I almost wish that never happened, because it just made it so much harder to come back and get back to our normal schedules

But we might have some good news regarding that, he applied for a promotion, which would give him a raise AND a new schedule

....and he just told me that he didn't get it....

So I guess there goes that idea

Dumb people

I highly doubt he'll stay with this company, so I guess we'll see where he goes next

I became an aunt again this week!!

My sister, Tiffany, had a baby boy early Monday morning

3:30ish early

This has been a hard pregnancy for her

She had placenta previa, and then for her last check-up, found out that she also had pre-eclampsia and was admitted to the hospital right then with extreme high blood pressure

The doctor told her that normal levels of protein were 500ish and anything above 5,000 was considered....severe? Dangerous? I don't remember the word he used

Tiff's was at 6,100

Pretty serious

Needless to say, she never left the hospital

Things calmed down after she was admitted and they drugged her up with a bunch of stuff to help her and the baby, and they were hopeful that the baby would last a little bit longer in the womb

Either late Sunday night or early Monday morning, I'm not sure which, the placenta started to pull away and the baby's heart beat dropped considerably 

They immediately prepped for surgery, gave Tiff drugs so she wouldn't be awake, and performed the surgery

Baby Boy is a fighter, and about 2 1/2 hours after being born he was able to breathe on his own, allowing them to remove the oxygen

He was only 2 1/2 pounds, very, very tiny

Isn't he so stinkin' adorable??

Of course he is, he's a Platt ;)

Anyway, mom and baby are both doing well

Tiff came home from the hospital a few days ago and Baby Boy is doing amazingly well still

But continued prayers and well wishes on their behalf would be greatly appreciated


The other night Hubby and I were eating homemade taco salads

which, by the way, we're incredibly delicious 

And as I was eating some food got stuck in my throat

Now, for some reason, for the last few months my throat sometimes has a hard time swallowing food and pills

So I have to try and remember to swallow small, well chewed bites, but because I've never had this problem in the past, it's hard to remember

And when I take pills I sometimes have to eat some bread or something to get them to go down

Or I just take a few swallows of water and it solves the problem

Well, the other night I had a piece that got really stuck

So, I grabbed the water bottle and swallowed a little

It hardly even budged and it started to hurt

Scared, and not sure what to do, I decided to keep taking small swallows and it kept hurting even more

And it finally got to the point that I had so much water that had nowhere to go, that it just decided to come out of my mouth, and I wasn't even aware that it was coming until it came out

Luckily, something happened that jarred the food enough that it got unstuck, but boy it was scary for a minute, and my stomach was really touchy and queasy the rest of the night

I'm trying to decide if I should ask my doctor about it or not

We'll see


I had other stories to tell you, but this post has taken me about a week and a half to write because I just don't have time and by the time I get home from work and sit on the couch, I am so tired that I fall asleep 9 nights out of 10

(work has been insanely crazy....147 missed calls on one of our office phones because we never had time to sit down at that desk and answer phones insanely crazy....)

And that's while working on my post


I think it's just better and safer for all involved if I end this post now

Oh, one more thing

My nephew informed my brother on Sunday at dinner that he was fat

And then proceeded to ask Papa Smurf why everyone was laughing at him

Seriously, I just love watching kids grow up, it's so much fun

I can't wait to have some of my own

and no, that is not an announcement 


Pat Tillett said...

Lot's going on for you! Congrats on the new nephew. I'm sending some positive thoughts to both him and your sister. I remember working different shifts than my wife. It isn't fun, but sometimes you have to make those sacrifices to move forward. Oh yeah, why not tell your doc about the swallowing problem. That is what they get paid for, right?

Nessa said...

Glad the wedding was a good time! It must've been nice to sleep wit hubby. I have a hard time sleeping alone now that I'm used to having boyfriend around. We've only spent two nights apart since he moved in with me in August.
I've heard about your nephew. I hope he continues to do great!

Bridget said...

This was such a fun read! And continued prayers for Tiff and her sweet boy!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

He is precious. Prayers being sent. Congratulations, Auntie!


Julie said...

I read this post when you posted but forgot to leave a comment. Praying for mama and little one. Such a beautiful little boy.
It's so hot in Texas but a pretty state to visit. Glad you guys got away.
A job will come for hubby, that will be perfect. Just takes patience.
Take care and have a blessed weekend!

-M- said...

Hey! It's so hard to come back to reality, huh? Also, I'm a Speech Language Pathologist and I evaluate and treat swallowing disorders among other things...I wonder if you're having swelling in your throat and that's making it difficult to swallow? (Maybe allergies? Sinus stuff? Reaction to irritation from that food that got caught? Any other new illness?) Definitely bring it up to your Dr. Try taking pills in applesauce or pudding. Anyway, sorry for the novel. I love your blog :)

The Queen said...

That's a small baby. So very cute. Hoping the happiest of happy for them.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Wow, I've totally not kept up with the blogging world. What part of Texas were you in. My brother lives in Rockwall, a city off of Dallas.

Mr. Dazee gets food stuck in his throat too. I so feel for you.