Friday, April 19, 2013

Long time no type

It's been awhile

"since I first saw you...and it's been awhile..."

I go through phases where words or phrases that I say or that I hear spoken remind me of a song

Or the occasional movie

Songs are more prevalent though

I'm not sure exactly what brings it on, but I happen to be going through one of those phases now

There are times when I'm at work and someone will say something and I just want to burst out in song

Occasionally I do when it's just my family, because I'm pretty sure they're used to my weirdness by now, but a lot of the time I choose to save the people around me an eye roll for when it's really important

Like last Friday

That was a day that I probably deserved a few eye rolls

I needed to go to the post office to send out baby shower invitations for my sister's baby shower we are throwing next weekend and I had to send back Hubby's bday present he got me so we could get something different, so I decided to do both at the same time

The invites were all ready to mail out, I just had to get the package ready

Fast forward to the package being ready and me dropping of the invitations at the post office

I am lazy and like to park as close to the door as I can

This time that happened to be in front of the set of windows that they have lining the outer wall that faces the parking lot

I went in, got the stamps, mailed the invites, and left to get in my car to send off the other package

I sat down, put on my seat belt, turned on the car, and started to back up, watching out the windows in front of me to see if there were any cars behind me

I noticed a car coming, so I stopped

I looked behind me, and all of the sudden the car was gone

I faced forward again to continue backing up, and it was then that I realized that the car that I saw coming was my car

All I could do was look at myself in the rear view mirror and tell myself I was dumb

When I dropped off my package at UPS I went to a local frozen yogurt shop to get some for lunch....and they were closed

But it was during the hours they were supposed to be open


And annoying, as this is not the first time this has happened

It's only the second time, but still, that is so not cool

In much better news, I am officially done with school for the semester!!

Can I just tell you how nice it is to be done and have a break??

Well, of course I can, it's my blog

It's SO nice!!

I have so many things and projects and stuff I want to do this summer, it's going to be hard to finish them all, but I am certainly going to do my darndest brain died

The last couple of nights after work I've just been so exhausted, so it makes it hard to think

But hopefully now that school is out I'll be able to post more regularly

Except for the fact that next month is the busiest month ever at work

But at least I won't have to do homework when I get home

I'm loving this thought

So I'm going to snuggle with the Hubster

Oh wait, I don't know if I can post a blog without a picture...

Let me see...

Okay, I found something that I once upon a time found slightly humorous

One of my brother's runs the Husqvarna/repair shop at work

Lawn mowers, weed eaters, that kind of stuff

So the other day I walked into his little shop area and saw this

And the first thing that popped in my head was

"Attack of the killer....lawn mowers..."

You know, the song

"Attack of the killer tomatoes..."

But this time lawn mowers?

It's not as funny when I feel like I have to explain it...

But whatever, it made me laugh at the moment

And made me feel bad at the same time because of all of the work he had to do


Now, I'm going to hang out with the Hubster

Thanks for joining in

Watch out for killer lawn mowers

And watch out for those tricky windows...


Powdered Toast Man said...

The songs lyrics at the beginning are Staind, right?

I am jealous that you are done with your semester. I still have a few weeks left and two papers to write, arrghh.

When I mailed the invites to the wife's bridal shower I put all the invites in the mailbox without stamps. I had to go back that day to stamp them up. That was pretty dumb.

Julie said...

Good morning. It was so good to hear/read your post.
So how's your weather today? We are at -2* this morning but it's sunny and warming up quick. Not quick enough to melt our new 2' of snow but it's trying.
Take care and have a blessed weekend. YEAH!!! no more school...till when? Mike is done next Wednesday, graduation is Thursday. YEAH!!!
Blessings my friend~

McGriddle Pants said...

Yay! Schools out! That's always such a relief!

And those lawn mowers remind me of Maximum Overdrive. The Emilio Etevez movie when all the machines come to life and kill people. Kinda like the song... hahaaa! said...


Thanks for dropping by.

I'm sorry about the stupid reader problem that struck again, BabySis. PowderedToastMan and Alex aren't getting my posts either. I think you all must be using Google Chrome or something (Google doesn't like me), cuz my other followers are getting 'em. I'm frustrated!

Congratulations on finishing the semester. Yay! I got the killer tomatoes/lawn mower reference without explanation, too. That was cute.

Enjoy your time.

Courtney B said...

Ha ha! You are hilarious! And the tricky window thing has totally happened to me before. I just laughed at myself when I realized... I'm sure all the people inside who were watching (let's be real...when you're standing in line at the post office there isn't much else to do except people watch) thought I was a crazy person!
Yay for being done for the semester! Such a good feeling!

Pat Tillett said...

I wish some of those mowers would maximum overdrive to my house and mow my lawn!

Talk about song lyrics... I am famous with my family and friends for breaking out in song when they were talking to me. I've even done it at work (did do it, I should say) during meetings. I just can't help it. Sometimes several songs containing a word or phrase pop into my head at the same time. That gets confusing...

Dazee Dreamer said...

But dang, you so could have been on the news if you hadn't of noticed that you were "that car". Snap