Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foodddddddddddddddddddddddddd picturessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Dang computer keys... ;)

Hello!! Welcome to our food picture session :)

Now, you'll have to forgive me cause I didn't make the food look all pretty on fancy plates...I know presentation is very important, but I just don't have the's been a long, busy day at work and so I've been on my feet all day for 2 yeah, I ish tired

Okay, we'll start with the most simple, and go to the most elaborate

Nummy chocolate chip cookies...I baked them in my oven cause I was using Mama Smurf's for the big stuff that won't fit in mine, and it's so small that it burns slightly...but I think they turned out pretty good (except 2 batches that I couldn't figure out the timing on and they burned...)

That's the nummy cake. :) It doesn't have icing yet, cause we're using it for dinner's desert tomorrow (that's an 11x18" pan, by the way...pretty big)

The brownies. :) The icing is a little bit difficult, and this is my first time making THIS recipe of brownies, so I had Boyfriend do it cause he's a better chef than I am...only he didn't do it right either. :) It's supposed to be a lot thicker (more powdered sugar) but he didn't add enough. At least we know for next time!! :)

And the pumpkin scones. :) I actually found this recipe from Ain't She Crazy!'s post and decided that I must try them. And I really like them!! They're good!! Boyfriend went a little crazy on the flour, but you can't really tell in the picture. :)

I'm in charge of Sunday dinner tomorrow, which means Boyfriend is too :)

And we're making we found a new recipe to try

These are our lovely ingredients:

I'm excited. :)

And tonight for dinner, we tried a new recipe (again...when I get in the mode, it takes me a bit to get out of it :)

It's called Pizza Dipping Sauce or's a sauce to dip bread sticks in. So we bought all the stuff, and instead of bread sticks, we did a loaf of french bread. :)

It's Crockpot recipe, which is even nicer. I love Crockpots because you can just put all the ingredients in and let it cook. :)

This is what it looked like after the cooking:

And this after Boyfriend dished it up and presented it (he's so good to me)

(I forgot to take a picture before we dived in...but it still looks good :)

(And yes, I know dived is not a word...just deal with it...I like to have fun like that sometimes)

(The just deal with it is directed mostly towards Boyfriend...)

Anyway, the sauce was divine. :) One of these days, I'll give you the recipe if you so desire. :)

And with that, I'm going to bed. Boyfriend and I have an early morning meeting tomorrow... *sigh*

I hope you all had a fantabulous Saturday!!



Venassa said...

Looks yummy! Im interested in the sauce recipe.

Rachel said...

I really enjoyed the ONE brownie that I took. Fabulous darling!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Manda, this was really awesome. I am very impressed.

p.s. it's funny how we have similar days. I watched cake recipes on youtube for a crazy long time today and baked. I'm not saying it looked beautiful like yours does :) but, I baked!! Yay!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm drinking my milk on ice right now, and those cookies looked divine and would have gone so good with it. :)

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I just salivated all over my keyboard.

jayayceeblog said...

Everything looks and sounds delicioso! You and the boyfriend make a fabulous chef team!!!

Meghan said...

That is so ambitious of you! I am very impressed. It all looks delicious.

Jami said...

I am feeling bad because I bought a blueberry scone at Starbucks this morning. I need to borrow your motivation. This week, I do not want to cook for some reason.

Thanks for the shout-out!