Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heaven in pictures

I was in charge of a cut up fruit today for Sunday dinner.

So Boyfriend and I went to the local fruit stand on Friday and bought 2 cantaloupe.

This is how the conversation with Mr. Man went:

Me: "I need two of your best looking cantaloupes"

Mr. Man: "Okay!! When are you going to eat them?"

Me: "Sunday..."

Mr. Man: "Oh good cause I just ran out of the ones that would be ripe for today. Let's see what I can find..."

Fast forward like...30 seconds

Mr. Man: "Here you go! Just leave these on the counter till then and you'll be fine. Then, most people like them chilled...well I do anyway, so cut them up and put them in the fridge about 2 hours before you serve it"

Me: "Sweet! Thanks!!"

Mr. Man: "That'll be $5.00"

Me: "Awesome. I can totally do that."

Gave him the money and we were on our way.

Boyfriend and I have decided that we are going there whenever we have to buy fruit that he sells. 

To top it all off, the fruit was AMAZING!!

I took pictures for you.

Never fear! :D

Doesn't that just make you salivate?

It does me...

Anyway, I'm off to say night to Boyfriend and then off to bed...




Dazee Dreamer said...

cantalope, yum. And how sweet of him to give you some that wouldn't be over ripe by sunday.

jayayceeblog said...

Don't you just love -- and appreciate -- buying from locals like that? He sounds like a gem!

Amy said...

I'm sure there's a joke about you and Boyfriend in's just not coming to me now. :D

I heart Mr. Man. And everyone who knows what they're talking about.

Baby Sister said...

I know Dazee!! He was awesome!!

He was jayacee!! 150%. Beats Wal*Mart any day!!

Lol. Boyfriend has been making that same joke all weekend Fugal... :)

Jessica said...

Hey, I thought Noelle was in charge of fruit for Sunday? Or did she manage to pawn that assignment off too? ;) And where, pray tell, do you get these cantaloupes? I've been guilty of buying some very mediocre melons lately and I want some good ones!

Baby Sister said...

Peach was in charge of fruit for Saturday. I won the Sunday shift. :)

You know that fruit stand across the street from the Pizza Factory? And from Los Hermanos? On 400th North in Lindon? That one.

Rachel said...

It was delicious!

C'est La Vie said...

i am sooo bad at picking out fruit, it's irratating!

Bossy Betty said...

YUM! I have not had a cantaloupe for awhile. Must get in car now.

Baby Sister said...

Me C'est! Hence I went to him! :D

Do it Betty! You must do it!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures made me laugh!!1 :D

I love that Mr. Man is so good with his job!! Inspiring!

Baby Sister said...

He is inspiring! It's true!