Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Post From The Girl Who Isn't Really Here

Hi World!
Our girl Baby Sister texted me all the way from Hawaii 
(while I'm stuck here with these music lessons and I hate them!  Name that movie.)
and asked me to finish this post for her since she's otherwise occupied.

Silly Baby Sister.
Her nuptials are now long done and did, and this blog post talks like they are still in the future.

It was a beautiful wedding, truly.
And if I do say so myself, the barn (where they had their reception) couldn't have looked more lovely.

I'll sneak one picture in and then let Manda Lou Who share the rest when she returns.

I'm quite certain it was me who started the nickname Baby Sister.
I'm wondering if I should change it?

Baby Sister Who Got Married?
Baby Sister Who Isn't A Baby Anymore?
Baby Wife?

Baby Wife.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

* * * * *

Did you know that I only have 2 more Mondays as a single woman?

Which is now 0....since I started this forever ago...

Isn't that just nuts??

I'll answer for you

Yes, it is


To help me prepare for said upcoming nuptials, last weekend some of my close friends threw me a bridal shower/bachelorette party

Which was super fun

Part of that party included a question/answer game where they were judging how well Fiance and I knew each other

Let's just say I thought I would pass with flying colors

I mean, come on

Fiance and I have been together for how long?

Millions of years

Eons and Eons

Since dinosaurs roamed the earth

Yes, we are that old

Don't we age well?

I thought so

And let me tell you, the things we have seen over the years...

But I digress

Where was I?

Oh yes,  Fiance and I knowing each other perfectly well

Well, according to the wads of gum in my mouth and the aversion to all things sweet afterwards, we don't really know each other that well

But I'm blaming that on him and saying that he just doesn't answer questions very well

That and the thought of putting just one more piece of bubblegum scared me so much that it erased all sensible knowledge of Fiance out of my head

For example?

Fiance once updated his iPod and all of his music was erased from it

And he was so annoyed with iTunes that he refused to deal with putting his music back on

And that's been for a year or so...maybe more

And I know that

So one of the questions was what is the most played song on your (Fiance's) iPod or something like that

And instead of being logical and realizing what the true answer was, I thought "Fiance doesn't even listen to really anything but classical and crazy techno..."

So I said "Well, probably something classical"

And then I was presented with my dunce hat and told to go sit in the corner

Okay, not really, but that's certainly what I felt like

Anyway, it was fun and my friends are the best ever!!

Really and truly, they are

Fiance and I have been looking at each other since Saturday, not really believing that we're going to be married this weekend

That Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and now today, are our last respective days as single people

And now Wednesday since I can never seem to just finish this post....


Nessa said...

Congrats on the wedding! I can't wait for details.

Bossy Betty said...

Yay! More pictures! More details, please!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I'm so very happy for you. You deserve all of life's blessings. CONGRATULATIONS!!


Powdered Toast Man said...

Congrats. I'm not sure if I like the name Baby Wife.