Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm back...finally!!

Well, hello everyone

We are home and married and trying to get settled

You should see our apartment!! 

It's all sort of cluttered

I told my co-worker the other day that there is something to be said about the people that get married younger, because they don't have quite as many years to accumulate things as those of us who get married a little older do




The Man?


Hmmm...I'll have to think of a name for him

Anyway, Husband (unless I think of something else) doesn't have a ton of stuff

It's me that's the problem in that area

A lot of books, a lot of movies, a lot, a lot, a lot

And while he has a decent sized apartment, I don't know that it's big enough to hold all of my stuff

Plus all of the stuff we got for our wedding

Here, why don't I just show you

(the picture above? this looks waaaay worse now)

Yeah...some of this looks better, but some of it doesn't

It actually looks worse

But we've been enjoying married life

Besides the fact that I now loathe Husband's schedule even more

It makes getting up in the morning really hard

I have to get up at around 6:45 and he usually doesn't get to bed until around 6:30 which only leaves us about 15 minutes

The weekends are better because he comes to bed around 4:00 instead of 6:30, but it still just stinks

I really hope he can change his schedule soon

Other than that I really have no complaints

Oh, and that my blog reader number says 633 currently

I better get on that soon

So, I don't have many pictures of the wedding on my laptop to show you, but I do have a few of my bridals

So I will show you some of those and then show you the rest one of these days when I'm home

the one above just makes me laugh because I look soooo miserable

I think I was already tired of getting my picture taken lol

Not a ton, but a few

I'll add more later

I hope you're all doing well

I'll get around to checking up on your blogs soon

But I'm still trying to settle my new life, so don't expect a lot of activity on my part yet

I do have a new name for the blog, I think

I'll share in a few days if I can't think of anything else I like

I am taking offers of big burly men to help move stuff over

So if any of you want to share, just let me know!!

If not, I'll be drowning in stuff in my new apartment

I'll send out an sos if I get permanently stuck


Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Beautiful pictures! Except for all the overwhelming ones. But those are fun too, in their own way.

Julie said...

You'll get it all organized. Don't fret. It all takes time and honey, you have a life time so just take it a day at a time.
Enjoy your few minutes each morning, make them count and then just enjoy the evenings together. It'll all work out. I worked nights for 3 years and Jim always worked days. It's possible (even "that" is possible, it just takes patience).
Take care and I can't wait to see more pictures, the new name and more.
Blessings and Happy New Year!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

love the christmas cape. wow. I'm glad you are back. And I have to say, what a lot of stuff in your little apartment.

Nessa said...

Wow that's a lot of stuff. I'm sure you'll eventually manage to get it all organized. Did I say congrats yet? Because I meant to.
Also, I like esposo the best.
Those are some gorgeous photos. I can't wait to see more.

Bossy Betty said...

Catching up! As are you, it appears! No worries. You'll have it all organized soon. Congrats on the big day. The pictures are gorgeous!

Jami said...

You look beautiful! Congratulations! As for the moving and being overwhelmed, just enjoy each other and it will eventually work itself out. That's my theory anyway. :)

Powdered Toast Man said...

I don't think we got enough stuff from our wedding and shower. Apparently the people we know are cheap. How about you sell some of your stuff to me for real cheap?

Pat Tillett said...

I didn't notice that you were still gone, because I've been gone. I just posted for the first time, in a long time. Once again let me wish the both of you my heartfelt congratulations! You are so darn pretty in your wedding photos! said...

You were a beautiful bride.
If you place gets more cluttered, you could try for a spot on Hoarders.