Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looks like I need to brush the dust off my blog...

Dear Friends, 

It's been a ridiculous week. I mean it. Ridiculous

Dear Friends part 2,

I have so many stories...I really hope I can remember them all

Dear Back,

I realize that I'm getting older...I realize that you don't like the line of work I do...but could you please toughen up for another year? I would appreciate it

Dear Boyfriend,

Thank you for the back rubs...and the much needed supply of caffeine and food today...I appreciate it

Dear New Niece aka Baby Plattington aka Emily

I am SOOOO excited to meet you you have NO idea!! :D

Dear Work,

I don't think I'm ready for you to get busy. I'm not mentally prepared yet...please please please wait? For just a little while longer?

Dear Spring,

That means you need to hold off a little longer...

Dear Friends part 3,

You can't hate me for that statement. If you were in my line of work, you would cringe a little when Spring was poking it's head out of the ground too

Dear Flat Filler Machine (aka Fluffy) at Work,

You chose a bad time to break down, but at the same time...you chose a great time to break down. Thank you

Dear Caffeine, 

Thank you for helping me function today

Dear Friends part 4, 

You will probably be seeing me less than normal...at least in the writing sense of the word. Work is going to start getting crazy and a lot of extra hours are going to have to be put in. But I do still love you

Dear Friends part 5, 

No worries, I'll come catch up on your blogs...I wouldn't miss out on that

Dear Friends part 6,

Have a good night!!



Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so sorry your back hurts. That sucks.

I will miss your posts, but will be happy and excited when you do one.

Don't work too hard. And you tell your boss I said so. *blowing raspberry*

Bossy Betty said...

Good to catch up with you! Hope things get a little less crazy and your back feels better too! A new niece on the way! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baby Platt. :)

It's good reading you.

Hope you have plenty of happy days. Congratulations on meeting Emily!

Julie said...

Blog when you can, sleep and take care of yourself first. We'll be here.
Sorry your back is bothering you. Some ice for 20 minutes, some heat for 20 each every hour for an evening or two, should help some. Sure can hope.Take care baby sister, have a blessed evening.

Pat Tillett said...

Than darn real life interferring with our blogging! The nerve...
Take care of yourself, we'll be here!

jayayceeblog said...

Oh gosh, there is nothing worse than back pain and strain. Go easy if you can and I'm hoping it stays wintery a little longer, too. In Phoenix, as soon as it warms up, it really warms up, if you know what I mean! We're hitting 80 degrees this week.

Sandra said...

You're such a sweetie! how could we begrudge you anything, even if you are putting off spring!
Congrats on the new niece! Hurray!

Laura Darling said...

I have missed your posts! And I can't believe you're not ready for spring! You're nuts! :) Happy Monday!