Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Remember how I used to post every day??

Welp, Google Reader is officially dead after today

I hate that

I really liked GR

I found Feedly, which is pretty nice, but it's hard to go from one to the other, especially when GR is the only thing I've used

So, if any of you who use Google Reader are looking for an alternative, you could try Feedly

Click here and it will take you to a page that explains a bunch of stuff they've done to help us GRs transition to Feedly


Once upon a time a long time ago I was given an award 

Essentially you give this award to people that aren't very well known to help them get their name out there and so more people can discover how totally awesome said people are

So, the rules of the game:

1. Share 11 things about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions given to you
3. Choose a few (it was suppose to be 11, but I don't think I'll make it to 11) fellow blogs to nominate. They have to have under 200 followers
4. Let your peeps know they received the award in a comment on their blog
5. Think of 11 questions to ask the peeps you nominate
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

Now to the part I hate

11 things about me:

1. I love pretty much anything mint flavored (even dark chocolate stuff sometimes)

2. My eyes will change colors...depending on a lot of things

3. I can wiggle my ears

4. I love baking

5. When I'm stressed or frustrated, I clean. It helps me work out my frustrations

6. I have ridiculous movie, CD, and book collections

7. I can twirl my tongue

8. I used to have really, super thick hair, but because of illnesses, a lot of it has fallen out and it's having a hard time growing back. And it's annoying

9. I'm a lover of Oreos. Even the limited edition ones. Even though I hate that they're limited. I think my all time favorite limited are the Creamsicle Oreos. Oh I loved those!! I hope they bring them out again...otherwise I don't know how I'll get over it

10. My nose moves when I talk

11. I talk in my sleep. Apparently a lot, according to Hubby. And sometimes I walk in my sleep. Or end up with my head at the other side of the bed. Apparently I'm a strange sleeper

My 11 questions to answer:

1. Chunky or creamy peanut butter?

Most definitely creamy!!

2. Name one food you just can't stand:

That's hard. I'd say sea food

3. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

Hmmm. Well, first one would definitely be a new house, completely paid off. My second is a new car, completely paid off. Third would have to be enough money to get everyone in my family out of debt. Especially the business. That would be nice

4. What is your usual order at Starbucks? 

Well, I don't drink coffee. So, my usual mixture of hot chocolate is chocolate mint. So delicious!!

5. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

The new Star Treck movie. It was sooooo good!!

(although, if updated, this would be the new Superman movie. Which was AMAZING!!)

6. Would you rather be an Olympian athlete or win American Idol?

Oh this is hard. I'd really love to be both. But my heart of hearts would say American Idol

7. What book do you think everyone should read, but no would would you ever share your own copy?

Humm. Probably Lord of the Rings. I love those books!

8. Have you ever gone vegetarian or vegan? If so, how long did it last?

Nope. I don't think I could or would ever want to do that. That's great that there are people that choose to, but it's just not for me

9. Skiing or boarding?

Honestly, I've never done either. I know, I live in Utah, that is just messed up. I love snow, but I've just never gone. And at this point in my life I don't think I'd ever dare to go

10. Who taught you to drive?

Papa Smurf. Mama Smurf was way too scared to even be in the car with me when I started to drive for awhile. And I learned on a stick shift. Very frustrating, but it sure paid off when my first car was a stick

11. Do you have a favorite item of clothing for any reason?

Maybe not ONE thing in particular, but I love my hoodies and my sweat pants (not the ankle hugger kind) from Utah State. They are all SO comfy!!

Okay, now for the people I give it out to....

Well, I'm just going to say Merry Christmas to all of you

I think you are all awesome and deserve recognition and I don't really want to pick people

So, you are all picked

As for the questions:

1. Ice cream cone: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Twist?

2. What is your favorite beverage?

3. What is your favorite season and why?

4. Cookie Monster or Elmo? Why?

5. If you could change one thing about your past, would you? And why or why not?

6. What is your favorite movie?

7. What is your favorite book?

8. If you could sit down and talk with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

9. What is your favorite chocolate treat?

10. What should I choose for my major?

Okay, that doesn't really count...

10. If you could be a famous athlete, which sport would you be famous in?

11. If you could have your dream house built anywhere, would you rather live in the country, or the city? Why?

Obviously I don't expect all of you to do this, but I really would like to read your answers :)


Moving onward...

I find it ridiculous that it takes me so long to finish a post lately

I'm hoping life will settle down one of these days...

The good news is we're almost done with thank you cards

Yes, thank you cards from our wedding

Yes, I realize that was 7 months ago

(7 months??? Crazy!!)

But, at least they're getting sent out

And they're just about done

We only have a handful left

We went through last night and matched each thank you card with each card we had received

Hubby probably would have rather poked needles all over his eyeballs, but it needed to get done

And now we know exactly how many we have left to do

Which I am all for

Because our living room is currently overrun with wedding card/thank you card items

And I've told myself I couldn't work on this puzzle until we were done with thank you cards

(yes, that puzzle is still not done....school, wedding, and work all got in the way...rude, I know)

(I know I have a more recent picture of the puzzle than that...but for the life of me I can't find the post....maybe blogger has been deleting random posts behind my back)

There was something else I was going to talk about, but, yet again (as is becoming my m.o. lately) this has taken far too long and I just need to get it done

One of these days my blog will be showing up more

And then I hope it will be more entertaining

I feel like it's SO boring lately

Sometimes I just wish I could be an adult with all of the privileges and not hardly any of the responsibilities 

Wouldn't that be lovely?


Julie said...

It would be awesome to sometime just not have to worry about things and just fly by the seat of the pants.
I so love the Q&A's. I'll see if I can do something about it, just not today.
And girl, you are not boring. I miss you not writing more often but I also know it takes lots of time to do it so just when you can and I'll read when you do.
Take care, get those cards done so you dont have to worry about them again until your 50th.

Nessa said...

I love all things mint, and clean when I'm upset too. IT really helps. Good luck with those thank you cards! I don't look forward to having to do mine. I'm not great with things like that.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Mm, chocolate mint - good pick!


Pat Tillett said...

I like your answers to those questions. I've NEVER snow skied or snow boarded either. Every member of my family has and we can see snow from our house and be there in about 90 minutes. I probably won't ever try it.

I don't think we EVER sent our thank you cards for our wedding gifts.
Oh yeah, I forgot that we eloped!