Wednesday, May 25, 2011


That is the time I went to bed last night. *sigh* Boyfriend is building a new computer for himself and got the supposedly last part for it yesterday and life was happy and hunky dory until he turned it on and nothing showed up on the monitor. How rude!! I'm blaming it on the monitor. Anyway, he gave up and I was getting ready to close up and go to bed when he got his second burst of energy and attacked (only semi-literally) his computer to figure out what the problem. Turns out his power supply didn't come with the right cord to connect to the mother board...bother. So he had to order an adapter to be able to connect it, and now the nice, pretty computer sits in the corner, sadly waiting for the cords to make it work and be happy.
Anyway, besides that I am having a better day than Monday, thank you for your considering words. :)
Oh, and in happy news, I just found out I'm going to be an aunt again. That makes one in August, one in October, and one in December. Crazy!! :)
Needless to say, I'm super tired and not really able to think if this is super jumbled, I'm sorry. :)
I will share updates on what has been going on recently...maybe tomorrow. Boyfriend started working on a project again for me that requires him on my computer, so a few nights a week will be devoted to that. But I am making great progress in catching up on your lives, so yay for that!! :)
Anyway, back to work I go. Have a good day!!
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Amy said...

The spirit goes to bed at midnight you know....just sayin'. ;) Also 3 baby years are the best kinds. Just sayin'.

Venassa said...

That's what time I went to bed too! Wow that's a lot of babies for you to spoil in such a short time. said...

Do I need to have another talk with that boyfriend of yours?
Be well, Lil Sis.

Bossy Betty said...

Crazy and wonderful!!!

Tell boyfriend to tell his motherboard good night and get some sleep!

Julie said...

Get your butt into bed. Especially this weekend since I'm sure it will be very busy. Take care and have a blessed and awesome weekend.

Pat Tillett said...

you want him to work on your computer and work in the garden?
Sheesh.....You are a taskmaster! Not really, my wife always has me hopping around doing stuff...