Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm alive!!

Do you know what's a happy sight?

Logging in after a week and seeing that my followers didn't drop

Do you know what's slightly depressing??

Seeing over 300 blogs that are unread...it's a little bit daunting

The week was good...busy, but good

And the weekend was insane, but good

I turned into a lobster because Friday I didn't think sunscreen would be necessary...

Well Mr. Sun sure proved my wrong!!

But by Sunday it had turned into a tan...and the happy news is, any future sun seeking will just turn into a tan so that's happy :)

Sunday morning I woke up and started to get ready to go to church when all of the sudden a major migraine hit...needless to say I didn't go to church. I stayed home on the couch all day long sleeping 

I think it was my body telling me that I had worked too hard...too bad I can't just take a week off

Anyway, I'll post pictures tomorrow...I just wanted to tell you that I was alive and thanks for sticking around :)


Bossy Betty said...

Yeah! You are back!!! Don't worry about catching up on blogs. Just happy to have you back!

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

It is good to know you're alive! You inspire me to work harder.

Dazee Dreamer said...

woo hoo. I am soooooo excited to hear about what has been going on in your life. I've missed you.

Julie said...

I'm glad you are okay, I was getting worried but I know it's hard this time of year. I hope that you're headache left and that this week hasn't been terrible. It's the weekend and just maybe you and boyfriend can get in some much needed rest and relax and play time.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Kaleena J. said...

i'm glad you aer alive!!!

sorry you had a migraine. i get them all the time.

and when you said you turned into a lobster... it made me crave sea food.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know you're alive! My condolences on turning into an inactive lobster that has headaches.