Monday, July 11, 2011

And she's once, twice...

Three times a lady

And I loooooooveeeee you

Anyone know that song?

By Kenny Rogers/Lionel Richie/The Commodores??

I was at work on Saturday, doing what I do best which is standing behind the register helping the customers whilst others were off doing other things

(Mama Smurf was off taking a nap [much to my matter how many times I told her she couldn't, she didn't listen to me. It really wasn't fair because I was just as tired as she was...], and my sister Becca was off doing other things [probably eating chocolate in her office {just teasing, Bec ;) }])

I glanced over when a couple walked in the store and my first thought was "Dang, they probably have a ton of plants outside and I'll have to go write it all down..."

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind going outside usually...but I was tired on Saturday and didn't want to deal with it and was feeling particularly lazy at that moment

Anyway, they walked up and said "We have a couple of carts outside that need to be written up"

I looked at him (him being the husband of the couple), decided he wouldn't take offense at some teasing, and said "I was afraid you were going to say that."

After laughing really hard for about a minute he said "We don't want to go out there either, you know"

I said "Well, I have to work out there very often, so when I get to be inside I revel in it"

And as we were walking out the chorus of the aforementioned song came on and the customer started singing

"And she's once, twice, three times a lady...who doesn't want to go outside...once, twice, three times a lady and she doesn't want to go outsiiiiideeee"

Good gravy I haven't laughed that hard in a long time

I also met someone very exciting on Saturday

My friend, Ms Dazee, who found me through my sister Peach, decided that she wanted to come meet Peach and I

So she dragged her hubby kicking and screaming to our nursery to meet us (she hooked him with the fact that we sell playground chips)

It was kind of surreal to meet her for the first time, seeing as how I feel like I know her so well anyway

But it was fun, and she was as cute, if not more, than I expected :)

Did you know that Boyfriend loves me?

It's true

No, he did not give me a ring

He loves me in simple ways

Like when I lift up my water bottle that is empty and tell him I cannot possibly make it to the drinking fountain to fill it up (which, by the way, is only about 10 steps away...), he does it for me

Or when I tell him I want a hot dog for dinner, he tells me he'll cook it at the same time he cooks his hamburger

Or when I'm sitting on the couch too lazy tired to get up and turn off the lights because they're hurting my eyes, he does it for me

Or when I don't want to get up to find the clip to close the chips bag, he searches everywhere he can think because I can't remember where I put it, only to find out he was searching for the wrong kind of clip the whole time and he knew where it was all along, he doesn't get mad

He just picks it up and folds down the bag

I need to learn a lesson from him

I guess he thinks I'm three times a lady or something :)


Dazee Dreamer said...

Boyfriend is a keeper. That's all I can say.

I had so much fun meeting you and Peach. And Mama Smurf. I was a goonball, but man, it was just surreal.

Kendra Sue said...

I like boyfriend! Sounds like a good one to me. I swear my mister can read my mind. I had to do Jr. Miss to that song. The memories.

Bossy Betty said...

Oh, he's a sweetie alright!!!

Joann Mannix said...

I had the radio tuned to the oldies channel the other day, trying to educate my kids and that Lionel Richie song came up. I was just a-singing and trying to explain to them what a prolific singer and songwriter Lionel Richie was and how he was all over the radio when I was their age. They weren't impressed until I told them he was the father of Nicole Richie. Go figure.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Aw - I adore how you tied together the three times a lady line into your two stories!

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

What a sweetheart!

Powdered Toast Man said...

actually, I think he is just your

Pat Tillett said...

wow! Very very nice...
Hope you are having a good week!