Sunday, November 6, 2011


Since my last post on Monday

I have about 5 posts as drafts in my little blogger spot

I've been meaning to do them, but I have another paper due on Tuesday

And I had to finish the book that the paper is on

So that's what my spare time and not so spare time (I'm really talented...I can water at work and read at the same time. Yes, be proud) the rest of the week

I shall do a lovely post on Tuesday after the paper is complete

To tide you over, a picture of my absolutely adorable boyfriend that I took today while he slept

As I was slaving away 

Trying to not get distracted

Focusing really hard on my paper

Life really isn't fair sometimes

Oh well, at least he's cute :)

I hope you're all doing well

Back to my little corner I go

Pepsi and chocolate care packages are totally welcome

Just for the record


Venassa said...

He looks so cozy, I'm jealous. Good luck with your paper!

Pat Tillett said...

It's pretty cold here right now and he's looking pretty cozy! It makes me want to climb back into bed. Hey, you take care of yourself and do the things you MUST do first. We'll be here...

Of One Heart said...

Reading and watering is impressive! I'm thinking of what I can do on my job that'll go with reading. Maybe I could complain less. :/

Drafts on paper tucked in the fold of my laptop for over two weeks make me feel like there is no point typing them anymore. Let's face it- I'm lazy. Must change. When though? Ugh.

Manda, good luck with that paper! Will virtual hugs make you stay put and ace this thing?

Julie said...

Don't worry, your paper will get done and you will sleep and boyfriend will wake up and smile and love you more for all you're doing to make you a better able you.
Take care my friend, blessings!! said...

I don't think I can be trusted to put a care package together without eating the chocolate.
Boyfriend is cute.
Good luck, my friend.

Dazee Dreamer said...

The poor guy. Are you working him to death or what.