Monday, January 9, 2012

Your nerve is dying

I had a dentist appointment today

I have been having some discomfort on one of the molars on the left side of my mouth

I had asked my dentist about it before when I went in for my 6 month cleaning

And all he said to me was:

"Well, I don't see any cavities, so we're just not going to do anything"

Those probably weren't his exact words, but that's essentially what he said

So I left and tried to ignore the throbbing pain that occurred any time I chewed on that side, swallowed any sort of liquid on that side, even touched my gum with my finger

So I finally gave up and set up another appointment

I went in expecting...well, I don't really know what I was expecting

The furthest thing from my mind was a root canal

But lucky me, that is what I received


It was not fun

Ever since I got my wisdom tooth (yes, only one) out, I have not been able to open my mouth very wide

And the longer I hold it open, the more it hurts

So by the time I was done with my appointment, I was exhausted, my mouth hurt and was tired

And I did not want to talk

Any more

At all

Or eat

Ever again

It's a pretty good diet program, but one I would never willingly do

Boyfriend and I were going to go out to eat tonight for his birthday yesterday

But I vetoed that for a few days

I have to go back on the 19th to finish up the dental work

And I am oh so excited

But at least I won't be in pain anymore

Mr. Dentist said to me "There's a lot of blood coming out of this, which means it was really infected. It must have been causing you lots of pain"

All I wanted to say was "Yeah...which is why I asked about it last month"

But I didn't because I like my dentist

He's a really nice guy

I just hope next time he'll listen to me

I'm sorry this is so random tonight

And everywhere at once

I'm just a little bit out of it

I'm going to go to bed early

But first I must go find some pain pills and put my heating pad back on my jaw

May you all have less teeth problems than I do right now



Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh man, poor kid. Yeah, wait until you can really enjoy eating to go out for the birthday dinner.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

You poor thing! That sounds terrible-and on a birthday week to boot. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Lalis said...

I can kinda relate... Except I'm dealing with crappy optometrists (not saying your dentist is totally crappy because you did say he's a nice guy). My awesome optometrist works in Provo. Problem? I live in SLC. Problem? I have a car that may breakdown any minute? And, yes, problem? My migraines are back (*high five*) and the bad vision thing isn't helping. At all. Today I have pronounced 1 out of 5 words incorrectly, sent e-mails without attachments, forgotten my belt, etc...

I'm done. :)

I hope you feel better soon! Lucky me I've never had a root canal. I did have my four wisdom teeth taken out all at once. I always tell people that have fewer than four that they're more evolutionary advanced... heh. Nerd talk.

Jessica said...

Dude, I don't care how much I like my dentist, I'd let him have it for that! I'm glad it'll finally be taken care of though! said...

Sorry, hon. Feel better soon and let boyfriend take good care of you in the meantime.

Of One Heart said...

You've been brave. Braver than I thought. The details caused me to wince a bit. I have a pre-molar on my right that I've been asking to shut-up for a long time. You might just be my new inspiration to help heal it.

Venassa said...

I was supposed to get a root canal once, but ended up getting the tooth pulled instead. I'm glad you're fixed up! Nothing worse than tooth pain.

Laura Darling said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry that you had to have a root canal! I guess they really are as bad as everyone says! :-( I hope you feel better soon!!