Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is it Fall yet??

I am soooooooo ready for cooler temperatures....

It's been a very interesting week and a half in the life of me

I stapled my finger on Monday

Something that I haven't done since I was in elementary school and it was the thing you had to do to join the cool group

I have memories of caving in and stapling myself

And I have memories of my friend Aubrie Shaw somehow associated with said club and said staple issue

(do you remember that, Aubrie?)

I have no idea if those memories are correct, but they are there in my head all the same

I also put half of my make-up on

And without even thinking left the house without the other half

Aka eye shadow, eye liner...and not mascara

I'm still not sure how I pulled that off

And I'm really not sure how I got out of the house without Mama Smurf noticing

She always notices when I don't wear make-up

Tuesday was....Tuesday

I don't remember specifics anymore, except for me being dyslexic with customers and their orders and charging them too little or too much

It was a rough day

And the only excuse I had was the next day was a holiday, so my brain didn't want to function

Wednesday was the 4th

I spent most of the day in the kitchen whipping up amazing goodies

I tried to start early on Tuesday night by baking the cake I wanted so it would be ready to go the next morning

But it had the audacity of falling apart as I tried to take it out of the pan


So I decided to use it for one of the other things I wanted to make

All in all I ended up making 3 different things

Which is a far cry better compared to the 10 I wanted to do...

Anyone notice how there's a missing blue cake pop?

There's a story behind that

Papa Smurf had been teasing me all day about not having a reception

He doesn't want me to have one


He doesn't really like that kind of stuff

So a member of our ward (church congregation) came over to have my dad look at something

And Papa Smurf grabbed a cake pop to give to him

I told him he couldn't have one until I had taken a picture and he had to wait for Boyfriend to come back upstairs with my camera

And do you know what he did?

He took it anyway and gave it away

He's such a bully

As soon as the door closed I told him that I was not only having a reception, but that he was wearing a tux

He told me he'd go get back if I called off the reception

But it was too late

The damage had been done

Last night Boyfriend and I were watching a show and I was thirsty

But I couldn't find a water bottle anywhere

And I voiced that fact

And Boyfriend didn't say a word, not one single word

And then, what do you know, 15 minutes later he pulls out a water bottle

I slugged him in protest, saying he was fired and other such things because he didn't let me in on this knowledge 15 minutes ago

He took a drink and I sat there, waiting for him to stop so he could share with me

It wasn't until there was barely any water left that he showed any signs of slowing down so he could share

I rolled my eyes and told him I didn't want any anymore and he could just have the rest

But the only way I would forgive him is if he would get me my own water bottle from the fridge

It took me refusing to hold his hand or cuddle with him for about 5 minutes before he finally got up to get me a water bottle

And then he came back with 5 of them

Cause you know, he didn't know which size or bottle I wanted

So he was just playing it safe

Oh brother

At least we'll be good on water for awhile

One last thing

And then I need to post it so it doesn't sit as a draft for another week

I drive past the local Jiffy Lube pretty regularly

And I always look at their marquee

Because that's just what I do

So the other day I noticed this message that was up

While that's very ...ummm... nice? of Jiffy Lube, I would rather avoid the rock chips

While I'm sure they meant free rock chip was still funny

Anyway, I'm off to...something...

Maybe do some more inventory

Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later

I still have another post that's a draft in my post list, so maybe I'll finish that one

If I can remember where I was going with it


Pat Tillett said...

If I was there, there might be more than one missing! It all looks REALLY good. Reception? Reception? What have I missed? I thought I was up to date here!
Free rock chips? That's so darn funny!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would have done worse than slug boyfriend for drinking the whole bottle of water. Yeah, but I'm so proud that you didn't cuddle or hold hands.
Reception? Did I miss an announcement?

Brooke said...

That Jiffy Lube sign is so funny. They should proofread... Also, those cake pops look awesome! I'm glad you had a good fourth :)

Julie said...

I told you, you gotta make something a bit more formal so we don't all just think we missed something. :o)
One of my daycare mama's make cake pops and shares with us. They really are a cool way of eating cake. Tell papa smurf to behave or he'll have a cumberbum too.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon!

Powdered Toast Man said...

No they meant free rock chips. They are actually quite tasty. Most places have free donuts but I'd rather some rock chips. said...

Minus the finger stapling, other annoyances, and rock chips, this was a delicious post. Those treats look beautiful. Hope they tasted as good as they look.

Be well.