Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I work at a garden center.

My dad owns it and almost all of his kids work there.

It's fun!! (most of the time)

I used to work in the retail section

Then I got put in charge of all of the planting (flowers, veggies, berries, and groundcovers. I don't do the shrubs and trees)

But on occasion I work up in the retail part to help out.

Today was one of those days.

We sell everything from fertilizer to pest control to fungus control to candy and suckers to water bottles to decoration type items to soil to plants to shoes to hats to worms to ladybugs.

Yes, you read that right.


you know...these things?

Did you know that ladybugs, aside from being cute, are good for the yard?

It's true!! 

They eat aphids (bad bugs), white flies, and other such stuff.

So, little kids that come in LOVE the ladybugs.


They ask their parents to buy them for them JUST so they can play with them.

And some actually do, which I think is cute.

So today this lady came in with her two boys and little baby girl

One of the boys was like...8 maybe.

The other around 4?

(Oh, we also keep peanuts in the store for people to nibble on)

So she told her boys they could each have a few peanuts and then they all went outside to shop.

Every once in a while her youngest son would come in to get a few more peanuts and then leave.

Well once he came in and I was standing behind the counter because there was a customer in the store getting some stuff to buy.

He had a canister of ladybugs sitting on a chair

And this is how our conversation went:

Boy: These ladybugs are going to die.

Me: No they're not.

B: Yes they are.

M: No, we spray them with water and it makes them happy.

B: OH! Okay.


*a few minutes later*

B: But they're mad!!

M: Yeah, they don't like being stuck in there for so long...

B: Oh...okay...

*silence, I carry on with my project*

*a few minutes later*

B: I have a really good idea!!!!!!!!!!!

M: What's that?

B: I have a cup in the car...I could fill it with water...and pour it on the ladybugs!!!!


M: No, we already sprayed them once today...that's enough.

B: Oh, okay.


*boy walked by the fridge where we keep the water bottles*

B: Hey!! I have a great idea!!

M: Oh?

B: Yeah!! We could use one of these water bottles and put it on the ladybugs!!

M: No, they don't like to get that wet. Thanks though. 

B: Oh. Okay.


*boy takes ladybugs outside for a few minutes and then brings them back in*

*puts them on the ground and then lays on his stomach to look at them*

*right in front of the door*

B: Do you have a napkin?

*his nose was really runny*

M: I might have a tissue, let me look.

*look, can't find one*

M: I can't find one, let me go look by the other counter

B: Okay, I'll follow you.

*go look, still can't find one*

B: My grandma has this REALLY big clock!!

M: Oh yeah?

B: Yeah it's huge and way cool!!

M: Well that's fun

*then he told me a story about this dad, but I don't remember it*

*all I remember saying is "Silly dad" and him agreeing*

M: I don't have one over here bud, let's go back to the other counter and I'll find something else.

B: Okay!!

*give him a paper towel*

M: Here you go.

B: Thanks!!

*wipes nose*

B: Do you have a garbage?

M: Here I'll take it. 

B: Thanks!!

*boy walks over to fridge*

B: Why are the ladybugs in the fridge?

(it keeps them dormant)

M: They like the cold. It helps them sleep.

B: Oh! I'll put them back in the fridge then.

M: Okay, thanks.

B: I'll put them by the water bottles.

M: Okay, sounds good.

B: Did you know...

*gets distracted by sirens outside*

B: Oh!!

*goes and looks, but they had already passed*

B: There was some...

*boy's mom tells him to come here*

B: Oh! Okay!!

*fast forward a little bit while I was writing up his mom's plants and boy was bouncing balls with his brother*

B: Hey!! You!! You have to look at this!!

*shows me his bouncing techniques*

M: That is amazing!! Good job!!

*boy walks over to cart where plants are*

*points to plant*

B: I love this! It's so cool!!

M: Yeah, me too. 

B: Bye!!

M: See ya!

Moral of the story?

Little kids are adorable!! And I love them!! 

I love their innocence and goodness and cuteness.

They're adorable. :)

I hope you all had a great Monday!!



Anonymous said...

I swear I thought every time that this boy was venturing near the fridge, he would smash the jar of ladybugs on the floor/fill them up with water... I like that you remember so much of the conversation!

My favorite part- him lying down on his stomach and you looking for tissue. :) :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I thought for sure you were going to say he drowned the poor ladybugs. whew

Julie said...

This is why I do daycare, I love kids. Lord gave me one, I wanted more so what better way to share in a kids life but to be his daycare mommy. Love it.
Thank you for sharing your day. I think working at a garden center would be cool except for us here in Minnesota it's only a 4-5 month job.
Take care and God Bless!!

Bossy Betty said...

Kids ARE adorable (and so are ladybugs!)

Amy said...

Just me or could this be a potential boyfriend for Trouble? Just wondering....

Cheeseboy said...

Great story. I've always wanted to buy the ladybugs. Just for fun.

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, thank God. I thought for sure that kid was going to drown those ladybugs. You are really good -- and so patient -- with little kids. I'd have been gritting my teeth by the end of all that. And waiting for him to kill the ladybugs! ;-D

Baby Sister said...

@ jayaycee - Most of the time I LOVE kids. It's the annoying, spoiled bratty ones I have a hard time with! :)