Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blasted rain

If any of you had rain yesterday where you live, you have me to thank

I had the audacity to wash my car

Don't you worry though, Mother Nature sure taught me my lesson (again...)

I'm putting it up on to sell is so that I can really work towards getting a new one

That and I think my brother would really appreciate it if the car wasn't in the parking lot at work anymore

It's been about a month, so I figured I gave the mourning stage enough time and now it's time to move on to the...

What's the next stage?

Acceptance. Oh yeah. (I do love Google)

I felt the denial, the anger, bargaining? Does going to a dealership and almost making very dumb, rash decision count as bargaining? 

I'm going to say yes

Then we have depression

I was going to say I wasn't depressed over it ever, but then I remembered the feeling after leaving the car dealership sans new car

There was definitely a bit of depression mixed in those feelings

And now acceptance

I think the acceptance kicked in awhile ago, I just haven't done anything about it

Until now

Boyfriend helped my wash my car (which now is slightly pointless, thanks M.N for the rain) and we vacuumed it out so it looks all clean and pretty 

Now all that's left to do is post it and wait for the calls to come pouring in

That is what they're going to do, right??

I sure hope so

And with that I must go find my pillow and mattress 

I hope you all have had a wonderfultabulous day :)



Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Awe :( Poor little car. I cried once after leaving my car for good. Really! Cried! It was in an accident (parked, no one hurt) and I had to go collect my stuff at the wrecking yard-it felt like the morgue. I hope it can find a good home (quickly) and you can find another little car to fall in love with.

Jessica said...

Wow, I never I thought I'd see the day when YOU would curse the rain! And that's sad about the car. :( Hope it sells soon!

Julie said...

Well I didn't want the rain anymore, we need some sunshine. But now we are in a severe thunderstrom warning so we'll see how much comes later on. Hopefully it doesn't hurt the garden, it's just starting to really look good.
Take care and sleep well and keep taking care of yourself.
Blessings my friend.

Laura Darling said...

I would be so sad to say goodbye to my car! And of course it would rain as soon as you wash it! Ugh!

Pat Tillett said...

Hey, I thought I was the one who controlled the weather! Sorry about your car. Soon you'll have another one and your old car will be forgotten like yesterdays news... Hope you have a good weekend! good luck with the car.

Venassa said...

Good luck with the buying and selling! I will be so sad to get rid of my car someday, even though it's basically a deathtrap right now.

Anonymous said...


i just wanna say i missedddd your blog! and you! <3 said...

Bargaining is always the hardest stage to define, but I think your example works perfectly. Good luck with the sale.
Be well.

Tony Van Helsing said...

What kind of car is it? (Apart from being a clean one, that is).

Heidi Perez said...

Amanda! Before you go to another dealership, I have to tell you about a sure-fire way to get a car for the price you want. I know that sounds a little gimicky, but it's not. Are you going soon again? Let me know and I'll stop by to share this little nugget of gold with you ;).

Joann Mannix said...

I have always become very attached to my cars. No matter if they fail me. My latest car, that I have loved more than the rest, is now in the hands of my teenage daughter. I always tell her to take good care of my baby. Sorry about the car and the rain. And yes, it's raining here all the way down in Florida.

Dazee Dreamer said...

So it was you that caused the rain. Naughty, Naughty!!!!

OH man, it will be ok. Especially when you do buy a new car. Here, come put your head on my shoulder. *patting back* There, now don't you feel better?