Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food nummyness

There's this restaurant called Zupa's 

It got really nummy salads and sandwiches and soups and deserts

I went for my first time and knew I had to take Boyfriend there (this is when he still lived far away)

But the only 2 near by weren't so near by...they were toooo far away 

(and by far away I mean like 15-20 min) :)

So today we were driving to a store that's about 7 min away

I looked over to my left and lo and behold they had opened one right in the same area we were going!!

So we went there to eat dinner. He got a sandwich and I got soup, and we shared

And let me tell was SOOOO nummy!! He's a big fan, which is always a good sign cause he's really hard to please

The only problem is he says it's better than Bajios, my favorite restaurant...

It's only cause he doesn't really like Mexican food, but's really hard to hear that about my favorite place to eat...

Tomorrow, is my day off!! Celebrate!! :D

And it's cooking day!! I'm going to make brownies and cake and cookies and try a new recipe that I've never seen before...I'm so excited :D :D
I will for sure take pictures and share with you :)

And with that, I'm off to go read or something before I go to sleep :)

I hope you all had a great day!!


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Dazee Dreamer said...

You do realize you are making cookies and brownies and they are my favorite thing ever, right?

jayayceeblog said...

I'll bet your place is going to smell like heaven with all that baking going on. Wish we had smell-a-vision. It's always so nice to find a new restaurant that everyone likes, but I'm with you. Mexican food is my fav!!!

Jessica said...

Seeing as Zupa's is WAY better than Bajio's and there's one near my place, we should add that to our list of potential girl's night destinations! And have fun baking! That sounds like lots of fun.

Shelle said...

I love finding new places to eat. Makes me hungry hearing about all that food though! :)

Bossy Betty said...

I love baking! (And the end result, too!)

Anonymous said...

Catching up on all these food posts is sooo cool! I am now actually contemplating an extra meal despite being full till the brim.