Friday, January 25, 2013

2 weeks to write a post? Good grief. On the upside? The rest of the wedding pictures :)

Once upon a time I used to write on this blog regularly

And once upon a time I remember most of what I wanted to write about 

The last almost 3 weeks have been filled with washing dishes and trying to find homes for things

And washing some more dishes and trying to convince Hubby to take his shoes off so he didn't track snow all over the carpet (I typically only wear socks or slippers in the house...and it's not so much fun when either one gets wet)

And washing more dishes and breaking down cardboard but never getting rid of it (we're lazy like that I guess)

And washing some dishes and trying to figure out where our few kitchen items (pots, pans, etc) are going to reside

And washing more dishes and wanting to hang my Valentines wreath on our door but never doing it because by the time I get home from work I'm tired and it's cold outside

And washing yet some more dishes and trying to get back in school  mode (I swear I go through this every year...I guess that's what I get for taking a semester off the last couple of years)

And then washing some dishes and trying to deal with a half-working fridge (the left side leaks water everywhere and freezes everything)

And washing more dishes and dealing with the dilemma that every time we get things situated, we have to buy other stuff, or we bring over a load from my mom's house, and then we're right back where we started

Then we wash some dishes and deal with the fact that we NEED shelves, but we can't go buy any because we are saving up for a new fridge

And...did I mention we wash dishes?

We don't have a working dishwasher, and we'd rather hand wash than try to come up with the money right now, but boy howdy for two people it feels like we wash a lot of dishes

I think it's mostly because we cook dinner, and then don't wash the dishes (because either we don't want to use the rest of the hot water or we're both tired and then Hubby goes to work or we don't have time...there's usually a very good reason) and then we both add our breakfast dishes to that the next day, so then when I get home from work and Hubby is awake and moving we wash dishes again

But then we cook dinner again

Do you see where I'm going with this?

It's a vicious, vicious cycle

So on Saturday Hubby did a load of dishes, but then we cooked dinner again

*rolls eyes*

Sunday, we didn't have to do any cooking for anything, so I was decided that I should finally catch up on the dishes

So I washed some dishes, and then dried them

And then I washed some more, and then dried them

Rinse and repeat about 100 times

Okay, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration, but it doesn't feel like it

So, since that point we have stayed caught up with dishes

By we I should really say I

Hubby helps with what he can, but because he can't really look down and has a bad back....well, he can't do very many at a time

I'm pretty sure I've exhausted the subject of dirty dishes now...moving on, shall we?

Have you ever seen those big foam things that people put on top of their mattresses?

Like this?

So, Mama Smurf found one for sale online and decided to try it because their mattress is not terribly kind to Papa Smurf's back

When the package came, come to find out the company had magiced (totally a word, right?) into the box because there was no other possible way

Also come to find out it was too short and too narrow for their mattress, and since we don't have any magic powers, we couldn't get it back in said box

So, instead it was put in two big black garbage bags and duct taped like there was no tomorrow

I honestly wish I had taken a picture of it, but I didn't think about it at the time

Anyway, she didn't want to take it to a UPS location, so she decided to wait for when our regular UPS man came to have him take it back with him

Unless, of course, I wanted to take it...

Since she gave me the option, I figured I was allowed to tell her no

I'm pretty sure she didn't particularly like my answer

But it was HUGE, so it was really awkward to carry...

And, well, if I'm given the option to either wait for UPS man to take it or to have to manhandle it myself?

I am totally going to pick letting the UPS man do it

That's what his big truck is for, right?

And I don't have a big truck, so it only makes sense

Anyway, fast forward to Saturday when Papa Smurf was here (he currently has two jobs, so he's not here very much right now) and while he was here he was cleaning up and rearranging things, trying to get ready for Spring

Part of the area he was cleaning up was where Mama Smurf had the package that we were waiting for UPS man to pick up

Because of that it came to little surprise to me when Mama Smurf came up to me at some point and told me that he wanted me to take it to the local UPS location today and ship it out

And me being the nice, obedient obstinate daughter that I am, told her no :)

I told her we could wait till Monday for UPS man and if he forgot then, I would consider it

Fast forward a half hour or so

I was standing near Papa Smurf and he volunteered me to do something

I made the comment that he seemed to be volunteering me to do a lot of things lately

And he had no idea what I was talking about

So I tried to "refresh his memory", thinking he was just playing difficult

Oh no, he really had no idea what I was talking about

Mama Smurf had made up the whole story, hoping that if I thought my dad wanted me to take it, I would jump up and do it

Silly lady

One more funny story, and then I should probably publish before it takes me another two weeks to finish

On Saturday I was sent to the local gas station to get some cokes for a couple of my sisters and my mother and got myself a pepsi at the same time (it had been a long day and we all had headaches)


The next day I was cleaning out the breakroom fridge because it never gets done

And I saw a bunch of old looking, opened bottles of soda so I threw them away, along with a bunch of other stuff

Next day I heard Mama Smurf was looking for her coke and that two of my nieces told her they hid it but they couldn't remember where

Now, my mom sometimes keeps the little bottles of coke in the fridge for when she has bad headaches, so I assumed that's what she was talking about

Then the next day she had more story to tell with one of the nieces telling her that they didn't really hide it, they were just teasing

As I was listening, I happened to hear some details that I hadn't heard before

Like that the coke was in the fridge in the breakroom

All of the sudden I had this slow, sinking feeling in my stomach

Had I thrown her new coke away?

I ran out of my sister's office to look in the garbage can

I pulled out the first one and saw that it had expired already

No way I would have just purchased an expired coke

The second bottle produced the same result

I started to feel like I was off the hook

And then I pulled out the third bottle and knew that I had jinxed myself

It wasn't even open

How did I throw a drink away that wasn't even open??

Talk about chucking without thinking

But I still had hope that it wasn't "the" drink

And then I looked at the expiration date

It was the end of February...of this year


So I peeked out of the room and asked Mama Smurf if she had ever opened the drink


Drat again

So I sheepishly walked over and handed her the bottle of coke and told her what I had done

Let's just say I don't think I'll be living that down for a looooong time

So, since it's almost 2 months since Hubby and I got married, I figure it's time to share more pictures

A month and a half is decent timing, right?

(I think the one above makes me look pregnant with the way the dress is bunched...makes me laugh)

(hubby's dad was so NOT okay with wearing a tie...)

(but he doesn't know the stubbornness of my family :) )

(mama smurf was cold)

(one of my friend's daughter couldn't get over the fact that I looked like a princess...she was so adorable!!)

(i just love these people)

(and these people)

(everyone who was able to come to the temple)

(my family)

(the siblings and most of their spouses)

(hubby's sister was cold lol)

(hubby's family)

(we had a ring ceremony and a little word exchange for those who couldn't attend the ceremony)

(yes, I might have gotten a little emotional...)

(and now comes the reception)

(we got married on my niece's birthday, so we had the lady who made our cake make one for her turned out super cute!!)

(our cake was PERFECT!! and it was so nummy!!)

(Hubby and I made all of these with some help from friends...they turned out really cute, so think I)

(this held our gift cards)

(singing to the birthday girl)

(our flower guy)

(at this point of the evening, I was tired....and done with, excuse the tired hair and face and everything else)

(hubby and his grandmas)

(i just love this tender)

(hubby's aunt and uncle)

(of course it couldn't be my reception without double stuf oreos :) )

And the explosion of pictures is done

Sorry for the picture overload, but I couldn't really choose at all

So I just chose the majority

Oh, also? The name that I'm thinking of changing the blog to?

The Muckity Mucks

Opinions, anyone?

And in other news, it's super late

And I should go to bed

I need my energy for more dish washing adventures tomorrow

I promise, there will be plenty to be had

ps if you see duplicate pictures, it's because blogger and I were not friends, sorry

pps if there are typos, double sorry...too tired to look


Nessa said...

Aww some of the pictures are pretty much breathtaking. The shadow one is my favorite.
Sometimes I forget how big your family is. But I love how they're all in purple.
Dont get me started on dishes. I hate them but I finally got a deal with boyfriend - he does the dishes almost every day and I do most of the rest of the cleaning. It works well so far.

Amy said...

What a beautiful day that was! You're beautiful. So sorry about the dishes... :(

Susannah said...

I love your cape! Gorgeous wedding pictures! said...

Lovely, lovely photos. Thanks for bringing your wedding to us.


Julie said...

I am going to have Mike get married at Christmas time. I love the lights. Really I loved every single thing about your wedding. My most favorite picture is hubby kissing grandma. All the pictures are terrific. Oh I can't wait for Mike to get married. Oh heck he's gotta talk to a girl first but well some day.
Thank you for sharing. I loved seeing pictures of people I've heard about or read about but now can put a face too. Thank you!
Jim bought me a dishwasher when I started daycare, it's the most awesome thing.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Deidre said...

You look beautiful! I love the wedding photos! Congratulations.

We have a dishwasher and we don't use it! We're just crazy like that!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I feel the same way about dishes. How do two people accumulate so many dirty dishes!?!? We still have boxes we haven't unpacked and it's been 5 months.

Pat Tillett said...

Lot's of great photos! Lot's of great memories for you. That's a lot of dishes...

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love, love, love that your cape had purple on the inside.

The new fridge: We had to replace ours with the latest fire, and that is the way to go.

Love the name you want to use for the blog.

Elsie Boyer said...

okay I just scrolled through the pictures to see if I made it in. I didn't. rude.

but I'm glad I was able to be there! So happy for you. :)