Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happiness and deaths all rolled up in one day

I'm sitting in front of the computer in my jammies having just finished dinner.


Let me explain.

I have this favorite Mexican restaurant. It's called Bajios. It's AMAZING!

There's just one problem.

Very few people will actually go WITH me to eat there.

Boyfriend can't eat Mexican food...it doesn't agree with his tummy.

And anyone else? I have to beg and plead and promise to be their slave for the next 2 years and always make them cookies...it's a big problem. I don't really LIKE being enslaved...and that would be a LOT of money to always make cookies...

Eventually I just gave up. When anyone offered, I jumped at the chance. Beyond that? Never...(unless it was like my birthday or they owed me big...)

So imagine my BIG shock when Peach says to me "You, me, Bajios."

It was like a big huge Carnival in a big huge city...let's say New York, decided to join forces with a big huge Circus who decided to join forces with a big huge parade and they all joined forces in my tiny head. Singing praises. It was amazing.

Needless to say I took her up on it. :)

It's a good thing she at with me at Bajios today, otherwise I'd still be mad at her for outing me in her comment on my last post about the first post...grrrrr

Other happy news of the day, Mr. Boss Man started going over my numbers of all that I planted this year, and I'm not in trouble yet. :) Woot!!

Other happy news of the day? I went to the gym again. :) Go me!! I knew yesterday I was going to be sore today...I'll probably be worse tomorrow. I just have to keep telling my body it likes it. :)

AND!! The most exciting!! I don't work tomorrow. :) I can make the delicious recipe I talked about yesterday. (Yes, I will post pictures.) And I can sleep in. And I can spend the morning with Boyfriend. AND! He's taking the afternoon off and we're having a little double date with his friend from work and his wife. It's exciting. :)

With that, here is the tragic news of the day.

The video talks about the snake, so make sure your volume is up.

Farewell blogging land!! Have a wonderful evening! I shall see you all tomorrow!


Dazee Dreamer said...

You are so in trouble now. Scaring me like that!!!!!

Noelle said...

Ahhh Dazee Dreamer, I love you!!! :)

Jessica said...

Bleck, Bajios. Bless that Peach. And could you please summarize the video for me? I'm too scared to watch snakes. ;)

e said...

ha. so know what you are trying to do and will not fall for it.

On a side note I can never get anyone to go to sushi with me. It makes me sad.

Baby Sister said...

You're boring Boyer. And I don't blame anyone for not wanting to eat sushi with you...bleh...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Baby Sister! (I am screaming!! after a mini heart attack.) Why??? Oh, why would you do that?

We only praised your poem. You make me cry and now you want me to die??!

Baby Sister said...

I am very sorry. But it made me jump and scream, so I figured I should share. :) Forgive me?

Anonymous said...

:) :) Forgiven!

Go bake me cookies now! ;)

Baby Sister said...

Lol. Yes ma'am!