Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sure you'll help me, right over a cliff you'll help me...

I have some Mike and Ikes, a bottle of water, and a blanket to help me tell this story

I switched my day off this week from Thursday to Tuesday so that Boyfriend and I could take a road trip up to the North Country, which in my dictionary is northern Utah...way northern Utah...closer to Idaho than anything else (in my oh so very humble opinion)

The year after I graduated High School, I made the very exciting decision to move away from home and go to Utah State University. Two of my sisters had gone there and I was very excited as they both loved the college immensely 

It didn't end up being my best all...but that's a different story for a different day

It was, however, a VERY good year to discover the bookstore and the fact that USU sells THE best sweatpants AND sweatshirts...I mean seriously!!

And, please note, by sweatpants I do NOT mean the kind with elastics around the ankles...I'm not that kind of girl. I mean this kind:

Well, more or less anyway...the looseness around the ankles is pretty close

Anyway, USU makes the best sweat material because it's in the North Country (that means it gets really cold)

I don't remember when it started, but the 2 sisters and I started making yearly trips to check out the bookstore and see if we could find something new that we liked

Another big part of the trip, for me anyway, was this food called Marv 'n Joe

It's just a piece of homemade bread with cheese, tomatoes, oil...and I don't remember what else

I know, I know...I can just make it at home...but it is not the same thing at all 

Just trust me on that one

Anyway, after the last trip with the sisters, they said (from what I remember) that they didn't want to go again

Soooo instead of being a mean sister and making them go with my anyway, I became a desperate, pleading girlfriend and tempted asked very nicely got down on my hands and knees and begged and he, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, and fearing for his life taking the duct tape off his mouth and trying to untie his hands smiling he said yes

Now, when Boyfriend and I go on a road trip we do it right!! Snacks, drinks, the whole works

This story has become a lot longer than I expected...I'm working on it....

SO!! Where was I? Oh yeah, I was rambling...

Moving on from the rambling....Boyfriend and I got to the bookstore and did some shopping...I found a very nice, very warm, very thick zip up jacket/hoody type thing, a very cool, very pretty, purple I <3 USU cup, AND a travel size Where's Waldo collection book

I <3 Amazon for having this pic for me

The trip to the bookstore was fantabulous and I was very happy with the success that I had there, and I was really looking forward to having the same type of success at the food court area

We ran to the restroom on the way and then headed straight for the food court 

We got in line and there was one girl ahead of us who was waiting for her food

This is what happened next:

Girl: "You can order, my food is just cooking"

I look ahead to see the dude who worked there as he looked back and saw us and then turned his back to us

Me to the girl: "No, it's okay, we can wait"

The guy turns around and I notice that he's slightly handicapped (not a bad thing, just saying)

He said something to me and then pointed to the pastries, but I couldn't understand what he said so I said "Oh, we just want two Marv 'n Joes"

gyj,gkhgjhyttiluiohemdghjdetyu7 jeh n (that was Boyfriend interrupting...)

So he said, much clearer this time, "We actually close at 2:00, but you can have one of these" (this is where he pointed at the pastries again)

I said no and back away very slowly, trying not to seem too disappointed

As I turned around I pulled out my phone from my pocket to see what time it was cause I hadn't realized it was so late

You know what time it said, friends? 2:01

Yes, that's right, one minute after 2:00 and the dude STILL wouldn't help me out

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but that just doesn't seem right to me

I was raised working in a family business, and our rule was that if we were still there, we served the customers that came through the doors...that's just how it is in my family

So, being raised like that, and then being turned away 1 minute after closing hour? SO not cool

It completely destroyed the rest of the trip for me and we didn't even stop to get Aggie ice cream (the mascot is an Aggie) which is some of the BEST ice cream ever!!

Boyfriend kept trying to console me, telling me that maybe as part of his handicap he had to do things a certain way

I just kept thinking about the Marv 'n Joe that I did NOT get, and the dude turning his back on us and NOT helping us before and turning us away one minute after closing time

Maybe I'm the only one like that...but hopefully some of you feel my pain...'s not even like the rest of the food court was closing down. It wasn't!! He was the only one, he could have easily stayed open for a few more minutes


I'm over it now...slightly...

Boyfriend and I are going to go back in the Fall to get some sweatpants this time and try again...but this time we'll be sure to go before 2:00, no worries

Hence the title of the post. While I was at work that line came into my head, and I could very easily imagine the dude just pushing me right off the edge of a cliff into a barren wasteland of rotting and molding bread, tomatoes, and cheese

I was so so soooo not happy with the situation

However, it was a good day still. Boyfriend and I got to spend the day together, we got to take a road trip which both of us like doing, and we got to listen to Eclipse on CD (we're listening to them so he can know the story line...isn't he a good Boyfriend??)

So there you have it. Next time you own/run a business and someone comes 1 minute after you close, please let them in?? It's more money for you, so what's the real harm??

Okay, I have to go to bed...I know I was going to tell you about my pretty computer, but it will have to wait till tomorrow...I have to edit the picture a little first

The past two mornings I have been so tired I snoozed my alarm for an hour...and this morning it took me minutes to hear it every time it went off, and even when I got up to snooze it I was still mostly I told Boyfriend we had to actually follow through with our plan to go our separate ways much earlier

Which means he is itching to go to bed...which means I need to get off

Prepare yourselves for another scintillating tale...this time it's about teaching technology to the older's great fun :)

I hope you all had a fabulous day!!



Tiff said...

OHHHHH how I understand! The last time Cory and I were there was a Saturday and they don't open on saturdays. I almost cried. I was so sad! And I have been craving one for days! DAYS! Now I just want one again. Sheesh! We need to get to making our own!

Baby Sister said...

Well that's good to know...I won't plan for a Saturday then. Thanks for that. And I agree whole heartedly!! We do need to make our own...

Anonymous said...

When it comes to food, I understand, too. I'm sorry he shut shop. That would drive me MAD.

Yay for a fun trip!! :) A vacation like that sounds beautiful!

Julie said...

Our rule is, if a customer comes or calls, they are waited on and taken care of. We have an auto parts store, a daycare, and a jewelry business. I have managed a carpet store, a diner and a video store and the same rule has always been there too. It's rude not to take of the customers that are there, the parents that come, the people that are patronizing your business. I am sorry they don't have the same worth ethics as you or I.
I am glad you got a nice hoodie. When I'm done lossing this weight I want a hoodie that's soft, warm and comfortable.
Take care and sleep well. God Bless!! said...

Well they don't quite get the concept of "customer service" - do they?
I admire a woman who makes good use of duct tape. Glad you had a good day afterall.
Be well.

Powdered Toast Man said...

I would of slit the tires on his wheelchair. (wow that sounds so screwed up if read out of

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my. that is just the worst thing ever when you are craving something and can't get it. even worse living far away and not being able to take care of the craving the next day.

jayayceeblog said...

You and I are such soul sisters ... that duct tape remark sounded just like something I'd say (poor Boyfriend and my Hubby)! We owned our own retail store for many years and more than once had people come in just minutes before closing and stay for hours. I'd cancel my plans for the evening and tell the family to rustle up their own dinner and stay for the customers every time. I would have been devastated to drive all that way and not get the treat my mouth was watering for, you poor thing!!!!!

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Grr! That is just aweful! The sweat pants sound delightful though!