Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks Day!!

Today is Thanksgiving....

A lot of people call it Turkey Day, but I prefer ham over turkey, so I'll call it Ham Day :)

I'm not going to do a long post cause I must help my mother in the kitchen :)

I just wanted to take the opportunity to list what I'm grateful for

(in no particular order):



*my health

*a roof over my head

*a car that works

*a job




*my testimony of God and who He is and what He does for me and all the blessings He gives me

*all of my blogging friends :)

*books and the fact that I LOVE reading


*okay...really just fruit in general






*the mountains

*the ocean

*the talents and abilities that I do have...that I need to utilize more...




*double stuf oreos :)


*hot chocolate

*my phone


*sunglasses that protect me from getting sun headaches

*banana cream pie

*homemade rolls



*my ancestors and the sacrifices they made for me

*air conditioning (in the appropriate time)

I could go on, but that's sufficient for now

I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving today have a WONDERFUL day and that you enjoy the time spent with your family and you get stuffed full of good food :)

Have a great day!!


Kaleena J. said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dazee Dreamer said...

banana cream pie. that's the only kind I'll make for thanksgiving. :)

I'm thankful for you and the joy you bring to me when I read your blog.

jayayceeblog said...

Great list ... ditto for me! Hope you have an awesome Ham Day!

Velvet Over Steel said...

What a GREAT list! I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving & continue to have a Beautiful long weekend!!

Found you through 'A girl needs to tak' whom I love to pieces! Following you too now and will visit again soon!

Blessings & Hugs,

I Wonder Wye said...

I enjoyed your eclectic thanksgiving list and the fact you are delighted in simple pleasures as well as the importance of a good cheese and banana cream pie! said...

I hope you had a wonderful Ham Day, with some chocolate AND hot chocolate.
Be well.

Meghan said...

I hope your ham day was great!

Baby Sister said...

@ Meghan - Thanks you too!!

@ Robyn - Chocolate definitely, but I had pumpkin cider instead of hot chocolate which was delicious!! Hot Chocolate will be today. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Am I blind? Or mad? I wrote to you yesterday, saying- I miss your blog posts! AND I had this one still unread??? Okay, I am now concerned about my mental well-being. ;)

I loved the happy list! I need some chocolate cream biscuits now. :( Must wait for the shops to open or should I diet now that the bum is shrinking? phew!