Saturday, June 4, 2011

What do you find when you come home from work/school/gym/carnival/circus...whatever the case may be?

When I came home from work today, I found two furry little feline friends catching some shade rays (yes, it's real...get over it) in my back yard 

The best part about it?

They didn't budge at all when Boyfriend and I got out of his car, or when Papa Smurf got out of his truck

Not even when I approached them to take their picture

Papa Smurf told me to not worry about scaring them off and deep down I knew it wasn't necessary because as soon as Mama Smurf got home...

And boy howdy was I right

She got out of the car, saw the deer, and it was like the Tasmanian Devil had taken over (okay, maybe slightly not that bad, but the imagery was awesome)

The funniest thing was watching the deer and how they did not care one iota 

It wasn't until she ran into some tomato cages and the sound scared them that they even startled at all

And it wasn't until she was about 2 inches away that they even left

Next thing you know, the lamb, the lion, and the deer will all lay together

7 comments: said...

That's such a sweet sight. I'm glad they didn't run off and, instead, posed for the camera.

Anonymous said...

how adorable ♥

thank you for the comment lovely! it means a lot :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Deer are no longer cute in my world. I've taking up the yell and scream tactic of my grandson.

Good for mama smurf.

Amy said...

My mom chases the deer out of the yard like a crazy-person too! I think it's so funny because we think they're so cool to look at, and mom thinks they're flower-eating spawn of satan. :D

Julie said...

If the deer stay out of my garden they can stay. Between the house and chicken coop is the chickens feeders, it's not more then 20 feet from my bedroom window. Every single morning the deer are out there clean up what the chickens left from the day before. I can talk to them, sing to them, let the dogs out and more and they just look at me until I walk out the door to let the chickens out they just slowly walk ou the gates. Deer are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing Amanda. Take care and have a blessed night sleep.

Powdered Toast Man said...

I would of tried to ride one. I hear it's harder than trying to ride an alligator.

Pat Tillett said...

Maybe they'll take the thorn out of her foot and she'll protect them.
They are pretty darn cute!