Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weeds, cars, and ice cream

I worked a little bit in the yard tonight, trying to get our garden ready to plant

I've been meaning to do it for I don't know how long

But when it rains every single day of your existence? It makes it really difficult...

Boyfriend was kind enough to help me out a little bit even though he can't do much cause of his stupid health problems

Ya know, working at a garden center taking care of plants every day leaves very little desire to weed and do all sorts of yardsy stuff

Don't get me wrong, I love plants and I love when yards get all put together and pretty and done up and stuff...but I hate the maintenance behind it

So, I have decided that one day when I own my own home and I'm rich and stuff I will pay teenagers to do the maintenance part of it so I can just do the planting part and the making it look it look beautiful part

I think that sounds like a wonderful idea

So this past week life has had a lot of ups and down...kind of like the wicked roller coaster ride at lagoon type of ups and downs

Not fun

Last Thursday I went to the credit union to see if I would be approved for a credit card (my second ever...and I got the first one I had applied for shortly after I got the second. Needless to say I'm a newborn when it comes to the world of credit cards) 

I had to apply for a non-visa so I could pay my tuition (the first card) but it didn't have a great interest rate so I decided to apply for a second one to have for emergencies

Anyway, I got approved for the card and it has a MUCH better interest rate than the non-visa card

Giddy with excitement, I left the branch I was at to go to the other branch to have them give me my card

I couldn't be happier, I was on cloud nine and things were wonderful!!

(this is the part of normal stories when bad things happen...I'm glad to know my life is normal in that sense of the word)

Going down a hill towards the branch my car died in the middle of the highway...and with it my heart

I pulled over into the middle lane, thinking it couldn't be that big of a deal (my car does die on me on occasion) and waited for my saint of a brother to come help me 

(I may or may not have been panicking in my head the whole time...I confess to nothing)

Whilst I was waiting I kept trying to start my car, but I couldn't even get the engine to turn over...and it was then I knew I was in trouble

Eventually some very nice boys came and pushed me over to the side of the road so I didn't have to wait in the middle and be honked at by people because, well, hello!! I was in their way and could I just please turn into the store so they could as well? Because I obviously wasn't stranded and my car was obviously working and my hazards obviously weren't on and I was obviously just trying to be rude

(seriously, a lady honked at me and raised her hands as if to say "hey!! Why in the heck are you not turning??" finally she realized why I wasn't turning and just turned anyway...but it annoyed me all the same)

Anyway, the saint of a brother showed up, popped my hood, and looked at me and started speaking in Greek

At least, that's what it felt like anyway

He started using technical mumbo jumbo like timing belt and pistons and water pump, cam and crank seals, blah blah blah

Now, I know some things about cars...but the stuff he was talking about? I had never heard of


In. My. Life.

(since this happened I have looked into the timing belt and lo and behold they recommend you replace it every x number of miles [depending on the car] and I'm slightly bitter that when I took it into to get lubed all those times no one ever mentioned a single word because turns out a lot of the problems with my car recently are because of my timing belt issues...murmurmurmur...)

Anyway, long story short because the belt broke there were other items that broke and since my car has a lot of miles on it already (196,***) it's worth less than what it would cost to fix it (aka $3,500ish...)


So, it sits in the parking lot at work until I can figure out what to do with it...(aka sell it on KSL for what I can, or just send it to the junk yard)

I tried to do a trade in with a dealership, but they only offered $500 and I wasn't financially prepared to buy a new car right on the spot, so I told them I wasn't interested

My car is worth way more than that anyway...I'd say it's worth $50,000 

Doesn't sentimental value count??

Add that to my soap dish holder thing coming out of the wall in my shower and my cell phone dying, and it's just been a greeeeaaaat week

On the upside? I just bought a laptop (it was on sale for a really REALLY good deal...only $350 and now my life will be somewhat easier), I bought a TV (again, good deal...I'm starting to love Memorial Day sales :) ), and I have a nice, clean, non-scratched phone

But it has been a of those weeks where you just want to come home and at ice cream

I haven't eaten it every single night (which may or may not be because I just don't have a lot right now) but I certainly have wanted it

However, after the long day at work and working in the yard I felt like I deserved to treat myself to a little bit of ice cream heaven

Mint chocolate chip ice cream fat boy? Thank you for being there for me in my time of need

And with that my friends, I must go to sleep

I have more yard work to do tomorrow morning before I can truly start to enjoy the fruits of my labors

And before I can eat some more ice cream

p.s sorry about the rambling friends...I guess that's what I get when I'm on hiatus for so long...


Pat Tillett said...

Cars are fantastic right up until they break down. then they SUCK!
I'm glad you got some credit going, now the challange will be not to use them too much...
Hope the rest of your week is good.

uhooi said...

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My Big Secret Blog :) said...

That was a big update. It was good to read you. Sorry about the car.

Bossy Betty said...

Aarrrggggggh about the car!

I would like those gardeners too, please, and I don't even work in a nursery--I am just lazy I guess!

Joann Mannix said...

Sorry about your icky week. I hate those kinds of awful days.

And forget it, when it comes to cars. I have no idea. That's why I had a ton of brothers and a dad growing up. And then, a husband to take care of that mysterious sort of stuff.

Also too, we have a large yard and it's the same thing. We love all the blooms but we hate the maintenance. It has been quite difficult to find someone in that sort of business. Everybody wants to mow the lawns or put in the plants, but nobody wants to do the weeding and the upkeep, even the professional people!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, super jealous of the mint chocolate chip fat boy.

I really don't like people that give you that "what the" hand/arm thing and look. I hope you can get things worked out with your car.

I can not stand yard work. good thing my husband does.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Yuck! You have my permission to have another ice cream.