Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lord of the Rings

I think I'm going to have to hide my last post.

While it was hilarious and it did give the example I wanted it to...

Now every time I look at it one of those songs gets stuck in my head....


I had a plan for my post today.

But because of the craziness of the day I don't have time.

So it'll have to save for tomorrow.

Have you ever read the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

If you haven't, I strongly recommend it.


My sister Becca is listening to them on CD right now

And she had me listen to a part of it

They do it differently than normal books on CD

(At least the ones I've listened to)

They have different people for the different characters

They make the noises for what's going on in the background

It's really fun

So the part that I was listening to was at the beginning of the book

When Gandalf (the wizard) was visiting with Bilbo (one of the hobbits)

(It happens to be one of my fav series, so I know a lot about it)

Anyway, Bilbo said something to Gandalf that made me think of myself lately

He said

"I feel thin...sort of stretched. Like...butter scraped over too much bread"

I've always liked that quote because of the imagery it provides

But today I especially loved it because that's how I feel some days lately.

Oh, that kind of reminds me.

I think I jinxed myself with my last post.

And took my head over the edge.

Because today EVERY song has stuck in my head

Until the next one comes along

Then that one stays there

And the process got repeated quite a bit.

Needless to say, I've had a headache all day

And it won't go away

Oh well

Now, speaking of butter...

I'll end the post with another YouTube clip

It's funny. :)

And there won't be anything scary at the end like the snake one

I promise!

Tomorrow's post will be better.

I promise!

Maybe I won't be in such a bad mood. :)

Anyway, enjoy the clip!!

Have a good night!!!!

Buenas noches blogging land!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby Sister!

Hope your mood gets better with some peaceful, good night's sleep.

I haven't read those books. Will, sometime- they sound fun!

"I feel thin"- such a dream, I tell you!

Video won't let me click on it. Wonder if I am the only one that is happening to.

Remedy for you- don't do music. For 48 hrs. Let the same song play in your mind. It'll stop in a while.

Hope tomorrow is a bright, new day!

:) :)

Baby Sister said...

Thanks FJR. :) And by the way, I printed it out and put it on his desk. Don't think he's read it yet though. But I've done my part!

Baby Sister said...

Oh, and I don't know why it doesn't work for you. You can just look it up on YouTube I guess....

Anonymous said...

For a minute, I thought Connie was a boy and you printed out my comment from your previous post and left it on Connie's desk!! ;)


Now I get what "it" is. Daddy Platt, please read it soon. And you, Baby Platt- I hope you signed your name at the bottom! (You better have.)

I have had a terrible day, yesterday. Thank God for new days. Why aren't you posting?

I need a Platt post every time I am sad/stressed/whatever else.

Noelle's blog has cheated me. YET AGAIN.

I will have to go back to October posts. Till then, I am allotting you a task. Write me a Platt post. Please! :(

Baby Sister said...

I am writing one as we speak. :)
Did you read Noelle's blog today? There was a new one.

No, I didn't sign it. But I'm the only one in my family that writes poetry. He'll know it's me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it did. That new post sitting in my reader doesn't exist. I go back to Joann's post each time.

Will look back in here in a while :)

I am pleased to hear that your Dad will know! Very pleased!

Anonymous said...

Hoh! Try this. Click on Noelle's blog 10 times, you see the Monster Minivan Rally.

And THEN, because Baby Sister says a new post is up, you click on the post feed on your reader, instead of her blog.

And voila! Something popped up.

And made me smile!

p.s. can you believe I am looking at both- her feed and her blog- simultaneously and STILL seeing different things?

Go blogger!

Baby Sister said...

Well that's weird...I'm glad you found it though! :)