Monday, August 6, 2012

The title-less post

I kind of don't feel like I can compete with any posts after my last post made Fiance and I official

I've kind of been avoiding my blog since then

(well, truthfully, there are a few reasons I've been avoiding it...but that doesn't really matter)

I just feel like that's the most important thing I could ever say

Until I get married, anyway

See, if we were to take a vote as to the importance of me getting engaged

And me wanting to talk about how much I love walking down the laundry detergent isle because of the smell...

I'm pretty sure the engagement would win out :)

There's also the fact that every time I get an idea to blog about something, I think I should write it down

But then I don't because I think I have the same stellar memory like I used to

And pretty much I always forget

Unless I have a picture taken of it or something

You would think I would have learned by now

Maybe it just means that I'm optimistic

And have hope in humanity

The humanity that is Amanda, anyway

Not that I don't have hope in the human race also

Cause I do

I mean, Christian Bale going and visiting the victims from the shooting in Colorado in the hospital? Now that's  pretty cool

I think that's just sign of humanity we needed after the horrible shooting

Now, if someone were to come along and donate $3,000 to help fund my wedding?

Then there could never be any doubt at all in my mind about humanity and the wonderfulness of it

Seriously, with all of the ridiculously rich people out there, $3,000 is pocket change

So, if any of you know anyone wanting to donate some money to a very worthy close (and by close I totally mean cause...I was typing close in another spot, and that of course means it had to be written here too so the blog didn't feel left out) (that was a very long train of thought, wasn't it? hopefully you still remember what was at the beginning of the train of thought...), send them my way, would you?

Is is sad that I just made my 11 yr old niece step on and kill a spider because...well, I don't like spiders?

Yeah, I thought so too

So, Fiance (it's sooooo weird to type that word....) has this obsession whenever he sees my ring to turn the band so the diamond is right in the center and pushing it as far in as it will go

And yet, I like turning it slightly to the right so that during the day the diamond is actually facing me so that I can look at it

And when my hand hasn't been outside in this ridiculous heat and isn't swollen, the ring is just slightly too big

Not enough that it doesn't stay on my finger, mind you

Just enough that when my hand is resting down it slides forward just a little

And when I raise it, it slides back a little

So I've given up in trying to get it to stay in one spot

Except for the diamond

Anyway, it's now become a little bit of a joke with me

Fiance doesn't know about it, which makes it even more fun

As soon as he looks away after centering the diamond, I always move it back to where I like it

I even told him once it was pointless because the ring was going to keep moving no matter what

But that boy is pretty stubborn

Maybe even more so than I am, if that's possible

So I took some pictures of my ring on my sister's camera and I took out the memory card to insert it into my laptop only to find out it didn't fit

So I went and got her cord and after the first plug in it didn't read it

So I unplugged it and tried again

It read it, but said there were no pictures on it

It took me about 6 attempts of doing that to realize that I forgot to put the memory card back into the camera

Because apparently it can't just read it through osmosis


It's just been one of those days

One more rambling and then I'll leave you be

Papa Smurf is a little bit obsessed with peanuts

He loves the things

So, many many moons ago he decided it would be fun if we offered peanuts to our customers that they could just eat

So we found a big cauldron and there the peanuts have resided and probably will reside the rest of their days

People grab handfuls and snack on it as they wander throughout the store and outside

And because of that piles of peanut shells are always found in the most random of places

So the other day I was walking through the gift rooms that we have where we also sell decorative pots that people can plant flowers and stuff and happened to look in one of them and saw this

(just pretend you see a BUNCH of garbage in that pot...apparently I didn't take a picture before I dumped it out)

Which made me wonder if it was like that in other pots

So I went on a hunt

It was definitely an entertaining and humorous search

Probably the funniest part though was the fact that I didn't empty them as I was taking pictures, so I had go back and remember where I had found all of the peanut shells and other garbage

I think it took walking through a few times to remember where all the piles were

I made signs asking people to not use the decorative pots as garbage cans

We'll see how well they succeed

So seeing as how this post has taken me a week to finish, I'm just going to go push the publish button now so it doesn't take another week

Over and out


Dazee Dreamer said...

I understand forgetting what I thought was a great idea for a post. So if I'm out and about I just email myself the thought, then go write it on my blog as a saved post.

Nessa said...

Everything you want to write about might be less important than being engaged, but still fun to read :p
This post makes me want to eat peanuts. said...

Just keep enjoying every moment of pre-marital bliss.


Pat Tillett said...

Oh yeah, I understand...
I've forgotten what I was talking about in mid-sentence. I won't even talk about stuff I'm writing! Peanut shells everywhere. I'm afraid I'd be one of those people, putting my shells in anything that even remotely looks like a trash can...

Powdered Toast Man said...

Personally I would much rather hear tales about the detergent aisle. You describe every scent. You could make so many posts out of all the scents there are. You could even go as far as to taste a tiny bit of each to see if it tastes like the scent.

Amanda said...

I LOVE the detergent aisle! Aaaah, just reading about it gave me the urge to make a trip to the store just for that. ;) And maybe get some cold cereal while I'm at it, because we ran out of Husband's favorite kind this morning.