Monday, August 27, 2012

Fishy business

Once upon a time my cousin (aka primo) came into the store to bring us some more fish

(we sell fish here...we like to sell random stuff like keeps our customers on their toes)

He got out the net from under the tank, put the fish in, and as he was putting it back pointed something out to me

Can't see what I'm talking about?

That right there is a decomposing goldfish


I'm sure it's been there for months, and no one had seen it until Primo pointed it out

And you know what?

He didn't even get rid of it

He just left it there, so it could hang out with all of its plug and hose friends

Rude, right?


Once upon another time, I was super ornery this past Wednesday

More ornery than I've been in awhile

I'm not sure why, but I was

But Fiance was patient and loving, as always

The next day he dropped me off his car and walked home so I could take it to work (which has been the norm, as of late)

And when I got in his car I had a pleasant surprise

He is so good to me

Especially since he doesn't like writing things by hand

Considering the fact that he also gets rid of all of the creatures that I don't approve of, I'm glad he's the Fiance type and not the cousin/primo type

Speaking of which...

I should have him give the fish a proper burial...

And by that I mean maybe I'll have him sneak the fish down to primo's office and stick on his chair

I'm liking this idea...


Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Poor fishy. I gave your friends at the bottom some extra food in his honor. Fiance melts my heart!

Pat Tillett said...

Put it in his lunch bag!
What a nice note that was. That kind of thing can really make your day...

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the idea of fiance putting it in cousins office. yeah.

PS: I'm craving peanut butter m&m's today. Just thought you'd like to know

Nessa said...

Getting rid of creatures is one of the most important qualities in a man, I think.
I like the idea of putting it on his chair as well.

Julie said...

I love love letters. I have kept all of Jim's (3 in 33 years) unless you count the ones when I'm in the BWCA he leave in my e-mails then about 10. He's a good man there my friend.
That fish, give it back to your cousin. To bad it doesn't stink anymore, it would be good for him to find it under the rug.
Blessings. Do have a blessed day! said...

That's a sad looking fishy, but a very sweet note from fiance.