Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hi. My name is Baby Sister, and I like Oreo's.

So, many of you know of snow

And maybe I've mentioned this before, but I did not get snow on my wedding day

Which left my relationship with Mother Nature pretty rocky

I told her she had a lot of making up to do

And of course the day that Hubby and I flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon (aka the next day) it snowed

Not cool, M.N., not cool

Luckily, since then we've had a pretty decent winter

She still has a lot of making up to do, but the nice winter did help in that regard

So a few weeks ago as the snow was starting to melt, I noticed a newspaper halfway buried under the snow on Mama Smurf's lawn

I grabbed it and took it inside with me, cause I try to be a good daughter like that

Once I got inside I took it out of the bag to see if it was a recent one and this is what I saw

And I found it in February 

That's almost two months under snow

I really hope that my parents weren't wanting to read the news that day

Or that there wasn't anything terribly important going on

In other news

hahahaha...I didn't even do that intentionally....

My blog is being taken over by anonymous, spam comments

as if to cement that, I just got another one...

And no matter what I do, they won't stop coming

I currently have 24 in my spam folder

But before that I had


that is how I have it written on a sticky note on my desktop...I'm awesome like that

And that's only within the last month

So, any suggestions my friends?

I would ban anonymous comments in general, but every once in a while I get a real, true anonymous comment 

So I'm considering changing my comment settings

Maybe I'll go back to the word verification

Or there's always comment moderation

I'm still kind of on the fence about what to do 

If any of you have some magic spells or anything to make the spammers go away, that would be great

On the other hand, I think I have a problem

That is the top shelf of our main cupboard

And it's full of Oreo's

Now, some of those are leftovers from our wedding reception

thank heavens they last so long, huh?

But the others?

We have

So, at least they're not all of the same variety, right??

That totally makes it better

Unfortunately for some of those there is more than one bag per variety

Plus another golden mega stuf that's here at work

I still blame the Double Stuf on the fact that not enough people came to the reception to eat them, and those that were there didn't eat enough

The tragedy of it all

But the Mega Stuf? That is all me

Did you know they came out with Mega Stuf Oreos??

I didn't until my cousin told my sister who told me

And then the search was on

And FINALLY Wallie World had them

As did Target

I can't find them anywhere anymore...sad...*tear*

And let me tell you, they are amazing!!

It's like heaven in a cookie

I like them because there's just enough cream that I'm not as tempted to eat more that two or three like I would be with the Double Stuf

It's the special edition Oreo's that really get me into trouble

Hence the multiple bags of Mega Stuf

I prefer the chocolate cookies over the golden, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do

And no, Oreo is not endorsing me for writing about their awesomness in bags

Though I wish they would

They would just have to let me keep the bags elsewhere

Obviously I don't have the room for them


Nessa said...

I had to laugh out loud at your Oreo story. We don't have a lot of those special kinds around here. I would LOVE to try candy corn. It's not fair, really. We had the birthday cake kind a couple of weeks ago. I'm not really a fan of those.
I've been getting a ton of spam comments lately too. I have comment moderation, so I just delete them right away, but there's still so many. I banned anonymous comments, but then a few people couldn't comment and I didn't like that so I fixed it. And I hate word verification. I just can't win.

McGriddle Pants said...


*says the girl currently finishing a box of Samoas*

And P.S. - I nominated you for an awardy-award on my bloggy-blog :)

Julie said...

Girl, where in the world did you find all those kinds of Oreos? We don't have them here but then again I'm in the sticks with more snow then you have....want some? There's more coming tonight and Monday.
I want a cookie now, I'd try those mega stuffed ones. YUMMY!!! With a tall glass of cold milk. Hummm, one wouldn't do it...10 maybe.
Thanks for stopping by. You take care and have a blessed afternoon!

Julie said...

Do the moderation thing, you can delete and not have to work to hard at it. People hate that word verifation thing but if you want too, I'll play along. You pick, we'll do. said...

Who knew about all those Oreos? Not I. You are my idol!


Powdered Toast Man said...

You should change your comment filtering to not allow anonymous. Also word verification is annoying. You should have a blog raffle for those oreo's.

Amanda said...

Word verification is beyond annoying, and I rarely comment on anyone's posts when it is required that I "prove" that I'm not a robot. I have to reeeeeally want to say something to participate in that kind of crap. That's my two cents on your spam. :/

I would be more than willing to take some of those Oreo's off of your hands. You know, just in case you needed any volunteers for such a thing. I have a very dangerously soft spot for those cookies, and I haven't even tried most of the varieties that you have pictured. I need them. :-9

Amanda said...

Accidentally posted my last comment twice. Oops! P.S. I miss your face and I am happy that you guys have your dishes under control. I'm too lazy to comment on the actual posts that mentioned them. ;) lol

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! We only have four of those different flavors. Being the traditionalist that I am, I've always stuck to the originals. At least I did until about a month ago. I had the golden Oreo's for the first time. I am smitten...

I almost forgot to talk about the snow. If we had snow on the ground here for two months, I'd never see it because I'd have to open a vein long before that...

Pat Tillett said...

Sorry! One more thing! How about taking it easy on us and using comment moderation instead of word verification? Umkay?

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the cool mint oreo's. My favorite.