Thursday, November 21, 2013

My life as a novel....or so it seems

The Josh Groban concert was pretty much one of the best things ever

It was a nice date night for us

We don't go on much of those lately since Hubby lost his job and school started

(let's talk...Ethics and Values? Really?? Who came up with that idea?!)

Josh is AS amazing in real life if not even more

And he's hilarious to boot

I was going to share some videos I took...but I can't email them to myself from my phone because the files are too big, and for some reason my card is all messed up

So, just pretend I posted videos of Josh singing beautifully, crooning softly in your ears....

I can do pictures though


Such a wonderful night....


In other news, Hubby has found us a house!!

If I'm going to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of things about the house and the situation that I don't love


Beggars can't be choosers

And at the moment we're closer to being beggars than not

Moving across country + Hubby being jobless for a month + neither of us being independently wealthy = a lot of money spent and not had

Once we get settled it won't be as bad, but we have to buy a washer and dryer and living room furniture (aka couch, love seat, etc)

Hubby is going to be getting a sign on bonus, supposedly at the end of the month, which will be a HUGE help, so at least there's that

But anyway, the house is within our budget and will allow us to finally get completely out of debt

So I will take what we get until we can afford something else

We only plan on being there 5 years (hopefully), but neither of us want to rent the whole time because we both feel like it's a waste of money

We'd both much rather build our equity and try to make some money

Plus, having my own home and not having to worry about a landlord (that isn't as a landlord is nice) hanging over our heads will be nice

So anyway, Hubby sent me a few pictures of the house that the landlord sent him

The new flooring that was just installed not too long ago:

The kitchen

The bathroom

The living room:

The bedrooms:

And the basement:

I'm most excited for the basement because it gives us a lot of space

AND there is a LOT of cupboard space in the kitchen, more than I've ever had in my adult life

It's not a bad house, I know, I'm just super picky

I'm trying to get over that, but I just don't see that happening :)

The Padres and I were going to drive a U-Haul across the states, but upon further investigation there are companies that come, drop off a trailer at your house, and then they drive it across the states for you

Umm, yes please!!

It does make my life a little more complicated because all of the sudden I have to pack my stuff for an airplane and not a BIG truck and all of the sudden I have send it away RIGHT NOW and not have it until I'm ready to leave

Like my computer

With my two monitors

Where I prefer to do my homework because I have two big screens that I can have multiple screens up and not have it be such a big deal

Instead of this itty bitty tiny laptop screen

Yes...I know, first world problems

Anyway, in all of the ways that it's way easier, it's also a little more stressful

They delivered the trailer last weekend and we had until Monday to pack it up

And I am just me and cannot pack a whole trailer for myself, especially our fridge, bed, treadmill, etc

Hubby is in Iowa, which doesn't help much

But to be perfectly honest, as much as I love him, he wouldn't have been much help anyway

I don't really like to talk about Hubby's health problems on here because it's depressing and the more I think about it, the sadder it makes me because it makes me stress over his future health and what could happen and...yeah...I try to be positive about it and not dwell on the negative

Anyway, he would have been able to help for maybe 10 minutes, and then he would have had to take a 30 minute break, and that would have continued the rest of the night with his working rounds getting shorter and shorter

So I did the only thing I could do

I sent out an SOS to the entire Platt family

And boy did they come through

Minus a brother who is sick and a sis-in-law who was watching chillens

And because of all the awesome help we got it done in a decent amount of time

Just a few hours, I believe

And it's not easy for them

Most of my siblings have children

One of the little ones has health problems and is fed through a feeding tube, so it requires some work and extra hands to tote all of the necessities around

Two of the little ones that were there are still quite young and not able to be independent

They all have lives and responsibilities and are quite busy

And yet they all came out to help me load this truck

The men did all of the heavy lifting (thank heavens for the men in the family who are all pretty dang tough)

The women, the older children, and the men handled all of the boxes

(the guys did like quadruple duty...they are just awesome)

And we all took turns helping with the babies

And we got it all packed in and ready to go in the space allotted us so we didn't have to pay more

(well, unless you count the 4 items I forgot...there always has to be something forgotten, right? luckily the company removed the paneling in front of my stuff and let my sister and her husband throw them in before they hauled them off)

And it was awesome

I started out the day with a pretty serious headache that turned into a migraine and was sent home from work early so I could try and sleep it off and just prayed that it would go away so I wouldn't be useless at my own "party"

Fortunately for the most part it did

(the ironic thing? as soon as we were done and my adrenaline had calmed down...the pain started to come back. not as bad, but it was definitely there)

And the whole time I had to focus on other things so I wouldn't break down in tears because, number one, come on, my family is awesome

And number two, I'm leaving them

For a very long time

Sure, there will be trips home and hopefully some, if not all, of them will be able to take a break from life and come out and visit us

But it's just not the same

We are a very close knit family

We were all raised working together, especially once Papa Smurf started the family business

We're always together

To be truthful, I think we're a bit of an oddity

Most of us live within 2 minutes of each other, if that

The next closest is MAYBE 8 minutes away, depending on traffic

And the farthest two are 15 mintues, maybe 20

We work together every day

And we eat Sunday dinner with everyone usually every other week

And the odd weeks we eat with what we call the "small group"

(which is really becoming not so small)

We go shopping together, we go see movies together, we hang out

We're friends and family

And I love that about my family

No, I'm not a perfect sister/daughter/aunt

And some days I'm ornery and some days I'm a brat and some days I'm probably a little ungrateful, but seriously I have the best family in the world

And I love the fact that they all sacrificed a night of their busy lives to come help me pack up our life and get it ready to ship out

And I'm having a really hard time accepting the fact that I can't just fly them all out to Iowa to help us unpack the truck

For which I am sure they are all very grateful


Anyway, I'll get off my tangent now

I just needed the world to know that my family is awesome and they are some of my favorite people ever

And with that I'm going to bed

I have tomorrow off and I have to read about 11 weeks worth of material for my class in a month to be able to finish it all before the semester is over

May I recommend to never have a major life change, like a move across country, while in school?

Especially when your husband leaves you alone for almost 2 months to do it all on your own

It's just not a good idea

Because school is ultimately the one that gets neglected...and yeah

No bueno

So if anyone wants to volunteer to do some reading and quizzes for me, I would totally let you

Could you just let me know by...yesterday?

Gee, thanks :)

Oh, and to clear up something...I am moving, but my blog is not going away. In fact you might be hearing more from me in the near future as I'll have more time on my hands. Anonymous left a comment on my last post that sounded like they thought my blog was being retired, but it's not. Just for the record :)


Bossy Betty said...

Hey, Sugar. I know change is rough and I made a similar journey about thirty years ago. My advice? Live in the moment. Don't be the bird on the wire ready to fly off. Invest emotionally, even though it seems temporary. Hey, I have to earn my blogging name! More advice where that came from!

Julie said...

Woman, you are awesome. You have a terrific family. A husband that loves you and you him. Yes life is going to be very hard being without everyone close but you'll make it. At least for a bit you'll be able to stay home and get unpacked and do your studies. You'll make this new home a home with heart in no time. It is a nice home and just needs some you touches. And with this day and age technology you'll be able to be part of most family things until you get to make a trip home. Not the same, I know, but at least not like it use to be with hand written letters that took forever and a day to go and get an answer. You'll make it, you will. And thank goodness your blog isn't going anywhere's. I love it and you and do wish you the very best in your new adventure.
Blessings my friend!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear! said...

I too am a little sister. I have an awesome family as well. I am excited for you and your move. You will be lonely sometimes but as long as you embrace your new community you will do fine. Just get out there and meet people and participate. It sounds like our men have the same diagnosis too. All of this in common and I am decades older than you. Glad I found your blog - thanks for sharing. said...

That's the basement? You could house a whole island of people in there.

Even though it's such a stressful time, I'm very excited for you. Once you settle in and hubby has a few paychecks behind him, things will fall into place. It's a good change.

Take care,

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! I could easily set up housekeeping in a basement that size. It looks dry, clean and has plenty of headroom. It won't take long before you are settled in and looking at it all as a great adventure! Take care of yourself and have a great holiday season.