Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Farewell, adios, tchau, sayonara, good bye, adieu...

Well, he got the job

We're moving

To Iowa of all places

Which just seems so random to me

But hey, he has a job that pays well

I hopefully will have to work very little at first, if at all, which means I can focus on finishing up my school and moving on with life in that direction

So at least there's that

Now comes the stress of moving and all of that mess that I feel like we were still in the process of

And now we get to do it all over again

He's leaving tomorrow

We found out a week ago that he starts on the 28th


Not a good way to start out with this wife

"Okay, we expect you to be able to move in a week and a half"

Yeah...that isn't happening

So Hubby is leaving tomorrow, he'll start work and stay with a friend until he can find us somewhere to live

And then I will follow behind with all of our stuff

With Papa and Mama Smurf who are going to be helping me drive the ginormous truck/s filled with our stuff

I'm not a big fan of him leaving and me staying, not gonna lie

But it's really the only way we can make it work

Happy, happy, joy, joy....

(sorry for the lack of quality...Hubby's phone camera isn't nearly as good as mine)

That is the state our house was in as of last night

It is now D-Day and Hubby has now left

I was fine all morning until he dropped me off at work

He helped turn on all the lights and I busied myself getting the rest of the store ready to open

Unfortunately, there was nothing left to distract me with after that

And that's when the flood gates opened

(and they still are just thinking about it...)

It was awful

Hubby and I don't really spend time apart

We like just being together, doing things together

Even if I'm doing homework and he's playing a game, we're in the same room

Even on the same couch if possible

I know, we're a little silly

So this is going to be rough

I'm hoping it will only be a month

Long enough for him to start work, and find a home for us to rent

And that will give my family a little more time to figure out their schedules and how they're going to make it all work without me

But it's going to be a long month

Hopefully I can get a lot of school done

Until then I'll just be hanging out with a box of tissues next to me

If you see a river full of salt, I'm sure it's from my tears

Just look for me, floating along

I'll be sure to wave hello in between all of my tears


Elsie Boyer said...

I can't believe you are leaving! That's so far away....I'm going to miss you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see you go. It was fun reading your blog and learning about you. Everything will be all right. it's all a grand adventure. But everyone will miss you. said...

That's big news. Congratulations, and may the process go smoothly.

Please keep us posted.


Pat Tillett said...

Even though it's always tough in the beginning, it just might turn out to be a great adventure for you both. Now the packing and moving part, I can't think of anything to make that sound better. Take care of yourself and I'm anxiously awaiting new posts from Iowa! Take care...

Venassa said...

Aww, totally understandable though! I don't like being away from my fiancé. Good luck with the move, and surviving the next month. Sounds like a lot of crazy change, hitting all at once, but I'm sure it'll all be worth it once you're together and settled in.

Jami said...

I hope this month flies by for you. You are so blessed to be left behind in the good hands of friends and family, though! Soak them up while you can and just think of all the new adventures ahead for you are your husband! Iowa has a lot to offer!

Bossy Betty said...

Breathe deep, sweetie! I know this is a challenge, but good times are coming up. Thinking of you!