Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long time coming... And? The new design gets formally introduced

First things first

It needs to be made known that gum poppers?

Like the little tiny pops that they pop every 5 seconds?

They grate on my nerves.

Like nothing else.

I'm not saying that I'll hate you if you do it

But just know...it drives me crazy

Anyway, moving on to more important matters

Test is done

I think I did pretty good

I was comfortable with all of the topics we had to address, so that's always a good sign (in my book anyway, I have yet to see if that's a good sign in the teacher's book)

And, even better, I finally caught up on all of the blogs that have been pestering me in my reader since my Disneyland trip

Because I'm obsessive compulsive...slightly

So for some reason my brain is of the opinion that I can't write a blog until the ugly black number by "Blogs I'm following" goes away

Sometimes when I'm desperate I'll break down and do it

But on a good day, I prefer to wait

So pictures of Disneyland are coming, I promise...but today, I thought I would introduce my new blog look 

New blog look, meet my friends. Friends, meet my new blog look

Say hi and shake hands

Very well done

I asked Boyfriend ages ago if he would redesign my blog

But we had so many ideas of where to take it that it took forever to choose one idea

Finally we picked out this layout, and the work began

I loved my last layout, but I kind of felt like it was the "little kid" layout, and my blog wanted to grow up a little

There were still aspects I wanted to keep

ie the stars, purple, yellow...but I wanted them toned down a little bit and I wanted to incorporate reading because it's something I love to do

I felt like the purple background and yellow font were sometimes hard to read, no matter how much I loved it

That's when Boyfriend came up blank pages from a book

We liked that because it made it feel like a journal, and as I update this more than my journal (I didn't think that would be possible right now), it feels like my journal...the same reason we kept the same font

The header? I've always, always wanted a window seat in my house

Whenever I picture my "chosen reading spot" in my head, that is where I picture myself

And one day when I have my own house built, it will probably have 4 or 5 window seats

Anyway, that's where the header idea came from

The star, purple, and yellow...well, because that's me

In the right hand column, we have my button

I insisted that I have a button

Grown up blogs have buttons

Boyfriend came up with the idea

He's the artistically creative one, not me!!

The sticker idea went along with the journal idea

Posting sticker, pictures, notes in a journal to remind you of things

Plus, this way, you grab my button, and I will never leave you alone

Muah ha ha


(that's supposed to be a winky smiley face...fyi)

The three stars?

One leads to my RSS feed

Another leads to my facebook page

And the last leads to my email in case you want to email me :)

Grown up blogs have those too

I don't have a twitter, because, while I have a twitter account, I rarely use it

Maybe one day...but that day is not today

I love how they turned out :)

And then, the last thing, is a follow by email feature thing

Because, well, most grown up blogs have that feature as well

Plus I know there are people out there that like the whole follow by email thing

All in all? I love my new design

Are there more things I would love to incorporate?? Heck yes

But, for now, I am happy with it :)


Now that I've bored you all to tears (if you've made it this long, I'm impressed)

I'll let you go

I just thought I'd explain a little bit behind the design

Okay, I'm off now to do some homework

Thanks for being patient with my lack of posting

The class is really high maintenance with LOTS of reading

And then there's work

There could be some big changes happening in my life in the next month or so

We shall see

(and no, it doesn't have anything to do with Boyfriend becoming Fiance)

When (if) I get a ring, I promise I'll find a cute way to let you know

Boyfriend, the pressure is on


Bossy Betty said...

No pressure, or anything, boyfriend!

Like the new layout.

Oh, and the gum poppers get on my nerves too!

Dazee Dreamer said...

dang girl. I got all excited about engagement. boyfriend..............

I love the new look. And I might just have to stalk you on fb. :)

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You and boyfriend did great. It's a great, user-friendly, readable look. Very nice!

Be well.

Elisabeth said...

love the new blog layout! so cute!

Of One Heart said...

I thought the explanation was very cute. :) Engagement happening?? I am getting all excited and giggly. Boyfriend! Propose!


Jami said...

I'm so glad you said the new layout is NEW, or I would feel like I missed everything. Well, I did. but apparently not an engagement, huh? huh? LOL

Julie said...

Cool look and love you explaining it. That makes it so much more yours.
One day boyfriend will, just be patient. :)
Can't wait to hear what the news is though...upper management maybe?
Take care my friend and God Bless!!

Pat Tillett said...

No pressure at all. Your blog looks really good! Can't wait to hear what the news is...