Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pictures and a story

Remember how I work at a garden center (you should click on the would be fun)?

I'm the person that plants all of the stuff to get ready to sell

And by all of the stuff, I mean flowers (annuals and perennials) vegetables (all kinds...tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, squash, zucchini, cold crops, etc), berries (grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc), groundcovers (moss, sedum, thyme, etc), herbs, hanging baskets with said annuals...I think that's all. I draw the line at trees, shrubs, or thank you!!

So, the way it works is someone seeds all of the stuff that I plant into little plug trays...(shown below)

(except we don't have that fancy machine to do's an actual person)

We put it in a germination chamber...(shown below)

(ours doesn't look quite like that)

Where the seeds stay nice and warm and start to grow.

Then when they're ready to plant, I get them and put them in the various different containers that we sell them in.

While they're waiting for me to plant them, they're transfered from the germ. chamber to a regular old greenhouse.

My "planting station" if you want to call it that is about 20 or so feet from the greenhouse. This is it:

(That's the actual building)

(behind her is my planting table and all of my tags)

I know what you're thinking about now "And the point of all of this is????"

Well, as I carry the plug trays in between Guapo (my building) and the greenhouses, occasionally little plants will fall along the way. And then sometimes they fall inside the greenhouses.

Exhibit A:

(a Zinnia outside the greenhouse)

Exhibit B:

(what I think is an Echinacea outside guapo)

Exhibit C numbers A, B, and C:

(all of my favorite annuals)

Exhibit D:

(a marigold)

Exhibit E:

(a salvia)

Exhibit G:

Now, lest you start thinking we only grow plants, don't worry...I've got evidence of the BEAUTIFUL weeds we grow.

A MONSTER I found the other day

Isn't that weed so pretty? :p

While we may grow plants very well, weeds are some of our best stuff.

It's those things that make me laugh that get me through the day...

A couple of last things:

It's Chrysanthemum time!!

I love these plants. :)

That's all. Just wanted to share.

I'm going to bed's been a long day.



A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Wow. I read the Linden Nursery website. It made me smile to read the description. :)

About your plants- how do things you just accidentally drop look so beautiful?? My potted plants will get all the water in the world but produce nothing more than plenty of green leaves! Noelle asked me to fertilize it long back. I did... and then plant and I, both got lazy.

Dazee Dreamer said...

weeds, We had a neighbor once who told my husband that weeds were all Eve's fault. Uh huh. It's true. Hubby held me back when I tried to beat the crap out of him.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You have a great job!

Julie said...

I oh so want you job, that is if I ever quit daycare. I love plants and though my green thumb is more for veggies instead of pretties I'd sure like to give it a try.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!

jayayceeblog said...

Looks like a very cool place to work. And those are some hardy plants!!! Thanks for sharing!

Baby Sister said...

@ jayaycee - I love my job. It's true. :)