Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home alone

Not the movie, silly people

As in I am home alone right now

I love being home alone (during the day night? Not so much...)

I can lock AND deadbolt all of the doors and no one will say anything

I can turn out all of the lights upstairs and know that they will stay least for now

I can have the light switch do what I want it to do

Like so:

I'm a dork, yes I know

I can listen to my music and turn it up as loud as I want so I can hear it in whatever room I'm in and not have to worry about bothering anyone with it

Or I can have it be as quiet as I want to with no noises whatsoever

I can close ALL of the blinds on ALL of the windows and no one will laugh at me

I can keep all of the lights off downstairs except what is absolutely necessary and not have anyone walk in and turn on all of the lights

I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, if you couldn't tell :)

I was going to show pictures of Disneyland, but one of my electronic devices is not liking me...whether it's my camera or my computer remains to be seen

So, as my desktop is cluttered with blog pictures right now, I'll post some of those instead

Remember how I said once Boyfriend and I were baking something and it was pretty much a 3 day adventure?

This is what we made:

Let's just say it was awesome...I was so happy that it turned out and with how nummy it was!!

(just ignore the outside "decorations"...I was bored and a little bit in a weird it looks awful)

Did you know E.L Fudge has ice cream?? I didn't until recently

The grasshopper?? A. MAZ. ING!!'s something else Boyfriend and I made one day:

It's a chocolate bundt cake with an orange glaze

Sooooo good

I found it of my favorite go to places for new recipes

Never send a teenage boy to go to the gas station for you...

Because they will come back with the giant size of anything you ask for...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm lysdexic? (aka dyslexic)

It's true, I am....especially when I'm tired

So a few months back the toilet out where I worked was having issues (turned out the septic tank was full) and it wouldn't flush

But the people at work? They kept using it....

And it was naaaasty

It stunk like nothing else and was not cool at all

So I wrote a note to put on the bathroom door:

But I could not for the life of me stop being lysdexic on that one part of the was a rough minute

Alright, just a few scenery/cloud/flower pictures and then I'll leave you alone

The first picture? My niece Sami brought me those flowers once upon a time

I found it ironic because I love purple and yellow together...and those are the two colors that she randomly brought me

The second picture? Flowers from a hanging basket at work

I love clouds :)

They're so beautiful

Alright, I'm off do some studying

If I don't surface in a few days, it's because I'm studying for a test

If I don't surface in a week, send out a search party


Venassa said...

Wow great job on that cake. I dont think I'd have the patience to make something like that.
Clouds are so pretty sometimes.

Dazee Dreamer said...

thanks a lot for all those food pictures. no really. I mean it. *blowing raspberries*

You do want to link up tomorrow to my I Spy meme. Right. Tomorrows prompts are

Your Choice.

See, we give you your choice every week. Come on. I'm counting on you.

Jessica said...

Whoa, I'm not sure whether to call that rainbow cake amazing or an abomination. ;) The bundt cake looks pretty freakin' fantastic though. I hope we get Disney pictures soon!

Lalis said...

Ooooohhhh... I love purple and yellow together, too! They will be my wedding colors. If I ever get married. If they boyfriend ever manages to get baptized. Sigh.

Anyway.... "Es que el trono no funciona" Priceless.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Did you just apologize for how that cake was done on the outside?! You're mad. I'm not talking about my culinary skills to you- EVER!

p.s. KILL that test. Axe it down!

Julie said...

1st, you have to add that gadget thing that lets me subscribe through e-mail when you post because I missed your first one when you got back and I'm not happy. Not about the snow, about the fact I forgot to see when you got home. 2nd, keep the snow on your side of the mountains, I do not want it here yet. It's cold enough to freeze everything we have but we don't need the white stuff on top of that, at least not yet. 3rd, send your teen over here, I'll let him go get me some treats. :o) 4th, I too love the quiet no one is here. It doesn't happen often but I do enjoy it. 5th, I am so glad you had a great time and your back to share. Restart your computer, that's what I had to do when it wouldn't let me download my pictures last week. Take care my friend and have an amazing afternoon.

Julie said...

Oh crap, 6...that cake looked awesome, inside and out. That is more then I've ever done for the kids here. The most they get is three layers. COOL CAKE!!

Pat Tillett said...

First off, I want some of that cake right NOW!!!
Those photos at the end of the post are AMAZING! Every one of this is great!
I know what you mean about having no one else at home. I like it also. It's not bad when it's just my wife though, cause we are good at staying out of each other's way usually.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Great photos! That rainbow cake is too cool. I think I need to go bake something yummy now.