Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new...sir

Yeah, the title seems a bit obscure

But it might make sense down the road a little ways

So, my reader finally has 0 unread blogs

I didn't comment on every single blog

Just know that I visited

But I should be able to at least stay caught up now

I feel better about life :)

So....I don't know if any of you knew this, but I kind of like the color purple

Just a little


There's only my purple phone cover

And my purple iPod cover

And my purple roku

And a bajillion purple work shirts

And a few purple blankets

Some purple nail polish

A purple laptop cover

A purple laptop case...


Like I said

Just a little

So, my point is this...

Do y'all know what a 3DS is?

Do you know what a DS is?

Go here to see what a 3DS is if you don't know

Anyway, once upon a time Boyfriend reallllly wanted one

But he didn't want to splurge, so he was saving up his money for one

Until one day, out of the blue, he had had a really bad day at work and decided to splurge and buy one

I tried to get him to change his mind and told him he could only buy one if I could buy one as well

Silly me, that didn't really work...

So we got in Boyfriend's car, drove to GameStop, and went and got ourselves some 3DS action

They had black, pink, red, and blue available

Boyfriend got black, I'm not really a pink girl, so that left red and blue

In the end I went with was a pretty blue

And I was happy with it

And the people rejoiced


Many moons later, Boyfriend and I were again at GameStop, this time to pick up a game that he had pre-ordered and was ridiculously ecstatic for

I was looking around, thinking I might buy a new game or something, when all of the sudden I saw something that made my heart drop

A purple one

Not cool!!

Never in my life did I dream that they would release a purple one

And lo and behold....

I told Boyfriend I was getting it

I didn't care how, but that purple beauty was going to be mine

At this point in the story I'm sure you're all thinking that I'm a bit crazy and delusional

There was nothing wrong with the blue one

It just...was blue

In the end, I ended up selling the blue one to my bro and sis-in-law so they could gift it to one of their children

And I bought mine

The purple looks more blue in the pictures, but trust me

It's a very true, very beautiful purple

Yes, yes I know

I'm silly

And a bit ridiculous

But...well, you know

What can I say

I'm a bit retarded


At my work, I have to deal with a lot of truck drivers

The majority of them are nice

Some even nicer than others

Some not so nice as others

But the majority of them are pretty nice

Except for one

A few weeks ago a truck from one our suppliers showed up in the parking lot

I saw it before the driver came in and informed my bro-in-law that he needed to be unloaded

He went out to go find the tractor so he could unload the pallets, and when the driver came in I told him that said bro-in-law would be out to unload him in a few minutes

About ten minutes later he came in spitting fire balls out of his mouth

And this is what ensued:

Nasty, mean truck driver: "You better tell that brother-in-law of yours to stop goofing around in those trees and get up here and unload me. Some of us have busy days."

Innocent cashier (aka, me): "What did you say, sir?" (I was sure I had not heard him correctly, so I figured I'd give it another go)

N.M.T.D: "I've been waiting out there for ten minutes and all they've done is goof off back in the trees. I don't have time for this!!"

I.C: "I'm sure they're not goofing off, they're probably loading trees for someone, and besides that we have two trac...."

this is where he cuts me off

N.M.T.D: "Forget it, you people don't understand, I get paid by the mile I drive. I don't have time to sit around while you're bro-in-law is goofing off or messing around or being lazy"

I.C: "Sir, I do understand and I apologize. I'm sure there is a very logical explanation for this. I will find ou..."

this is where he cuts me off...again...

N.M.T.D: "Whatever. You just don't get it."

I.C: "Sir, I promise I will get him out there as soon as I can."

N.M.T.D: "Stop calling me sir!! Now you're just pissing me off!!"

I.C: "..."

trust me, sir, there are plenty of other names I could call you that would not be nearly so nice...

And he stormed out

So I called the K-man (bro-in-law) and told him the situation and he said that there was a delivery that was being loaded when he went to get the tractor, so he had to wait

He went out, explained the situation to the N.M.T.D, told him that we do things in the order they were waiting

And of course N.M.T.D was very nice to him


I didn't ever see him after that

I thought that maybe he was too embarrassed to show his face anymore

Oh, no

I am not that lucky

I happened to be in the store last week when I saw him practically run through to get the fork lift so that everything could be ready by the time the K-man got over there to unload him and I thought "Oh please, let him be nice today..."

So, about ten minutes later, right on time, he storms in the store spitting fire balls again

But this time, he went and found Mama Smurf

And if you treat my Mama wrong, that's just not cool

So I stuck around to make sure everything was okay

He started yelling about how he had been waiting around outside for ten minutes and still no sign of anyone to come unload and he had things to do, dang it!!

Mama Smurf said pretty much the same thing I did

"I'm sorry, sir, I'll call him and see where he is"

N.M.T.D: "You people just don't get it, I get paid for every mile I drive. I don't have time to sit around and wait"

I.C (aka Mama Smurf): "I'm sorry sir, I'll call him right now"

N.M.T.D: "Your guys have been in the parking lot now twice loading up trees for people and I keep telling them to unload me, but they don't listen and drive off"

At this point I'm thinking he's talking about the Latinos that work for us and well...duh, they don't really speak English, and unless we specifically ask them to unload something, they don't because they have a lot to do. That's why we have two tractors

What I really said was (not loud enough for anyone buy myself to here) "Yes, sir, I realize you need to be unloaded...but customers need to be loaded up also, and I know for a fact that at least one of them has been waiting longer than you"

I.C: "Sir, I'm sorry. He'll be out there as soon as possible"

At this point I was fed up and was about to make some comment to Mama Smurf about not calling him sir because apparently he doesn't like that and he said

N.M.T.D: "Stop calling me sir!! You people are so aggravating!!"

And proceeded to storm out

Mama Smurf and I looked at each other and just rolled our eyes

And we didn't see him the rest of the day

Which, really?

Is fine with me

Anytime I see him will be too soon for me

Unless he decides to be nice

And then I will be totally fine with him coming into my store

But next time

I think I'll lock all the doors and turn off all the lights and pretend we're not there

And tape the word sir all over the doors

That will show you, Mr Truck Driver Man Dude



Ness said...

I laughed a little at the last word of your post :P
I hate people like that. We get some every now and then at my job. I'm not sure I could've been as nice to him as you guys were though.
Trading in something for a different color is something I'd be likely to do. But I'm more of a pink and blue person, myself.

Dazee Dreamer said...

OK, love the purple one as well, but then, we both know we share the love of purple. I would have done the same thing.

As far as the truck driver dude. I would have been fired from your store because I would have told him in not so very nice words that he was a piece of dog poop. And those wouldn't have been my words. :) said...

Truck drivers are a different breed entirely.

Even in the pictures, your purple "toy" looks beautiful. Have fun with it.


Pat Tillett said...

He seems like the type of person that is not going to be happy. Period! If you had gotten him unloaded right away, he would have found something else to be mad at. Why don't you call his company and tell them NOT to send that guy out there anymore?