Saturday, May 12, 2012

D Day

Well, tomorrow is the day

One of the most important days at work

And instead of sleeping, I'm writing a blog

Of course, because that is obviously the most important thing to do

It took all of us (including Boyfriend) staying at work until 10:00, but I think we're almost ready for tomorrow

And my favorite part of this time of year?

The thing I look forward to the most?

The baskets

I lurves our baskets

We do an amazing job with them if I do say so myself

You friends of mine probably get tired of me posting about them

But I can't help it

I just love them

Speaking of baskets, there is one view of them that I love

I just love the tiny crack that the side of the greenhouse makes as the vents are opening or closing

And I can see a small sliver of baskets and color

I'm not sure why

Maybe the greenhouse is like the colorless winter and the tiny view of baskets is like a curtain being drawn back as spring is unveiled

Or something like that 

Either way, the first few times that happens in the spring, I love it

Did I mention we were at work till 10:00?

And that on Tuesday I worked from 8:00-8:00?

And that on Wednesday I worked from 6:00 am-6:30 pm?

It's good that we only have one May a year

And one Mother's Day weekend at that

And with that I must go to sleep

There is just one thing I am worried about tomorrow

I really hope the customers can read upside down...


Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

I drove by yesterday and almost stopped to say hello. Maybe I'll stop next time I drive by when it is less crazy...and I'll bring treats. Beautiful baskets! Good luck today!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love all the baskets too. They just seem so bright and cheerful. They remind me of you.

Julie said...

Can I have a basket? Those are so much more beautiful then the ones at our local nursery though ours are really pretty too just not as pretty.
Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Pat Tillett said...

Hey there!
It looks like all your hard work paid off, they are beautiful!