Monday, September 3, 2012

Does meeting someone famous make me famous by proxy??

ps I just met Anita Stansfield!! She came into my work specifically to meet me. Certainly made me feel special!! If you don't know who she is, she is an LDS author that I on her name if you want to learn more about her

Did you know that my last post was my 300th post?? That is just nuts!!

The clock in my bathroom has been on the outs for awhile

(the clock on it's death bed)

I thought it was the battery, so I replaced it awhile ago, but then it stopped working again shortly after

I tried fixing the time and giving it a jump start, but that only worked for so long

Finally I just gave up and left it on the wall and let it die a very slow death

I decided that I didn't need a clock in my bathroom, and didn't worry about

But every day when I got out of the shower it drove me crazy to look at my clock and see it said 5:00 in the afternoon (or whatever it choose for the day) and know that it was 7:00 in the morning

All that would do is make me really sad because then I would want it to be 5:00 in the afternoon so that I could be done with work already....

Anyway, so I went on the hunt for a wall clock

Do you know that's a difficult task?

Nowadays the clocks are all either humongous or really ugly or really expensive

Plus I'm just going to be moving out in a couple of months, so I don't want to get something super nice, just in case we decide we want something else for the bathroom in his apartment

So I was kind of trying to find something cheap that wasn't going to break after 2 seconds, but I had a slight aversion of buying it at Wallie World, and Amazon didn't have anything as cheap as I was hoping they least, within the first 5 pages...after that I decided I didn't want to search the rest of the 5 bajillion pages

Well, a couple of weeks later Boyfriend Fiance and I were at Ikea looking for some lanterns and picture frames, and stumbled upon this

No, it's not the prettiest clock in the world, but it was only $1.99!!

So, I bought it and when we got home I was all ready to get it fired up when I noticed the battery slot didn't look like the right size for a AA battery

And then, I'm afraid to admit, I had a little bit of a blonde moment

I saw that it said it required a 1.5 v battery

And my tired little brain didn't register that that was a AA battery

All it could think of were the lamps that Ikea sells that require Ikea light bulbs, and I was sure this clock was the same

And so it sat on my living room floor, completely discarded until I remembered about it and told Fiance I was going to throw it away

I would have given it to DI (aka goodwill) but I didn't want someone else to have the same problem that I did

So, into the garbage it was going to go

Unfortunately Fiance stopped me and told me to test it out first

After a few attempts I smugly told him I couldn't get a battery in there and I was throwing it away

(I love being right)

That's when he took the clock from me and told me he was going to try

And what do you know, 15 seconds later he had the battery in the clock and it was working just fine

(I hate when he's right)

That's when I picked up the package the clock was in so I could at least throw something away

I turned it over to take off the plastic and saw, typed in bold letters:

requires 1 AA battery


I guess that's what happens when you don't really pay attention and jump to conclusions

One more quick story

There is a lady that I work with that is super healthy, and has a lot of health problems, one of those being acid reflux

Needless to say that are a lot of things she can't eat, and also a lot of things she won't eat

So I always make this really nummy chocolate cake for the birthdays of my fellow coworkers, and since I knew she wouldn't eat it, I just didn't worry about making her anything

(click on above words to be directed to said cake)

And then one day she challenged me to make something that she could eat

And if you know me at all you know I have a really hard time saying no to a challenge

My first idea was to just make a layer "cake" of basic veggies, as there are a lot of veggies she can't eat because of her acid refulx

And then the hype started to build up about said cake, so I decided I couldn't really do that cake because it needed to be more exciting

So I went searching and found this

A cake made out of fruit!!

Whoever came up with this idea is pretty much a genius

I didn't go to the extreme that they did, but I made something similar

Of course I didn't take a picture until after we cut into it, but I think it looked pretty good for it being a last minute rush to get it done

And let me tell you, the watermelon and cantaloupe were probably the best tasting fruit I've had in a long time

And everyone loved the idea

I'm just grateful it didn't involve any batteries!!


Nessa said...

That's a cute idea for a cake. I especially like it because my boyfriend's daughter has a lot of allergies, but she can eat watermelon so I could make a cake like that for her sometime.
Glad you got your clock and battery issue sorted, even though boyfriend ended up being right. I hate it when that happens to me too.

e said...

okay so why did Anita come in to see you? Or is this one of those sarcastic things?

we should talk....

Dazee Dreamer said...

Wow, I can't believe Anita Stansfield came in to see you. That is awesome. Probably not as awesome as when I came in to see you, but....hahaha, I kid.

You are a nuttbutt. You know it, right.

Julie said...

Love the cake, don't know who Anita Stansfield is, glad boyfriend fixed the clock. And you are a nut, I like that about you. I love reading your posts.
Hope all is great. Take care and God Bless!!!

Pat Tillett said...

The cake looks pretty good! Very creative!
Believe it or not, I know who Anita Stansfield is.