Tuesday, April 8, 2014

At least I have a COUCH to lay down on now

Can I have a drum roll please?


Please give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Muckity Muck family!!

We are SO excited!! 

The lovely table:

This table is magic

It does special things

It's so nice!! 

We both love that the middle lifts up because it's awesome, but I love it especially because I can work on school on my laptop while watching TV

And we love that the corners have little cubbies on the corners because now we have a place to put remotes and things of that nature

The armchair:

It's a bit small, but it fits our small room perfectly, so we are okay with that

And, the most exciting piece by far, the lovely couch:

It is incredibly comfortable and it has a high back so Hubby can rest his head/neck, which is pretty much a necessity

The pillows actually came with the couch

They're not bad, but one of these days I want to make our own

When I have a little more time

And don't worry

We already broke the couch

I seriously didn't even move the couch an inch and the leg broke off

Luckily they had a replacement and it was easy to fix

But...still...it was kind of ironic

And amusing

And yet not at the same time

In the end, our living room is actually a comfortable place to spend our evenings, rather than a whole lot of nothingness with a small lovesac and a pile of blankets on the floor for Hubby to sit on

I'm kind of annoyed with myself for not taking a real before picture...I think I went through this phase of not wanting to take pictures until it was looking more like a home, but now I'm annoyed that I don't have before and after pictures

This is the closest I have

All of our movies were stacked in piles in front of those shelves over by the door, and there was a big tupperware drawer thing by the movies filled with my craft stuff

Other than that everything is pretty accurate

I always sat on the lovesac and Hubby sat on the pile of blankets next to it, cause he's a gentleman and gave me the slightly more comfortable seat

But I think it will be a LONG time before I choose to sit in the lovesac again

It gets a little flat and uncomfortable after awhile

Needless to say we're both excited to have something real to sit on

And I promise I'll post an update on our house soon cause I realize it's been awhile and it's starting to look a lot better

I don't want there to be a misconception that we're still living in a pigsty of craziness

Cause we are definitely not

Well, for the most part ;)


I had more plans for this post, but yesterday I woke up with a pretty nasty headache that turned into a nasty migraine

And that migraine made me stick to my stomach

It calmed down finally about 7:30 last night, but it left me pretty weak

And this morning when I got out of bed I was really dizzy and couldn't stand up straight and I almost had to hang out with my friend the toilet again

The migraine I'm, sadly, used to because I get one once a month lately, but I can't figure out what's going on today

It takes a lot for headaches to phase me anymore just because they usually visit me about once a day

But I rarely get sick to my stomach, so it always throws me off a little

Needless to say, all of the other exciting stuff is just going to have to wait for another day

I'm going to go lay down so I can avoid the toilet

Cause gross


Julie said...

I love your new couch and chair and that table, it's awesome. I am still, after 34 years, looking for the perfect coffee table. We have none and the one we did have was yucky but worked for the kids to eat off of or play cars on.
Migraines are horrible. I get them a week before my period, which I wish I could just outgrow. MSM seems to help them, at least it easy them some. It's in the vitamin isle if you are interested. Read about it and see if you'd like.
Do share pictures. I love pictures. I wonder if I shared pictures of our house before the remodling and after. Hummmm....
Have a good night sleep and get over your headaches. I have normal ones daily but it's because of a nerve behind my left eye that is hanging lose and when it connects the headache is bad.
Enough about heads....how long have you been visiting the throne...any reason other than a headache? :)
Blessings my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your headaches. How awful!

Your living room does look nice. The table is cool and I am glad you have a comfy looking sofa now.

I hope you feel better soon.

Venassa said...

I love your new furniture! Especially the coffee table. It's so cool. Ours right now is kind of a stand-in until we get a real one and I hate it.

I hope you're feeling better soon. Constant headaches would be horrible. Especially if they're making you sick.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I'm so happy for you and hubs that your place is truly becoming a home. And I want a cool table like that.

Sorry for your stupid migraines. I hope they're gone now and forever.


Pat Tillett said...

I'm sorry to hear about your migraines. I don't get them, but my wife and a couple of our kids do also. I know how bad they suck!

Your place is looking good and looking like home.