Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad YouTube!!

Boyfriend and I had a special video to post for you today...but YouTube is maintenancing (yes, it's a word) its site, so a. it's taking forever and b. it's in read-only mode, so it won't be viewable

Of course they had to do maintenance the one night I want to upload a video...

Anywho, I'm going to share some spam I've received recently that I found entertaining and I'll share the video tomorrow :)

Numero Uno:


Am sorry i did not inform you about my trip to the UK for a programme.
I really hate to ask, I need a favour from you and its really urgent. I misplaced m
y wallet were I kept both money and other valuable items on my way to the hotel I lodged,
 I should have called you to explain better, but as it is right now I am strapped , I don’t  even 
have a phone or  means to place a long distance call right now. Can you please kindly urgently
 assist me with a soft loan, to enable me sought out my bills and get myself back home will be 
needing about $1900,but I would really  appreciate whatever you can afford. I know I can 
confide in you and you have my word; I will refund you as soon as I return I promise. 
Please let me know If you can be of assistance,so that i can send you details on how to send 
the money directly to me.


I'm sorry you didn't inform me either and I really wish you would have called me so that I could have laughed in your face instead of doing in over the internet. Besides, I would need more than a days notice to scrounge up $200 for myself, let alone $1900 for a complete stranger. Did you misplace your grammar as well as your wallet?? Cause you seem to be struggling with that as well...

Number Dos:

The Problem Is Finally Fixed

Dear amanda We are so sorry for the inconvenience but it has come to our attention that you have signed up for one of our free giveaway sites and through no fault of your own the information you had submitted to us has not been getting back to us correctly. The reason for this is that nowadays there are so many versions of Windows, not to mention MAC and
Linux operating system, and each one of them has Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock and so many other browsers it's hard to keep track of them. We see that your name has been on our list to be shipped out for sometime now, but we have not been successful at shipping them out. We have recently contracted with Microsoft to resolve these compatibility issues. as an apology for taking so long to get these out to you we will be adding a substantial upgrade to your package. We know some of you are receiving tickets and some of you are receiving vacation packages. This is strictly for the sole purpose of getting your shipping information correct so you will receive the package you signed up for. As an additional courtesy and not to disappoint our customers we will have a representative call you, not to sell you anything, just to confirm you will be getting the correct package or tickets you signed up for. As a bonus all packages will include an extra day at Disney for the wait you had to endure. You will also receive confirmation email with our new website information and toll free telephone number should you have any questions about your vacation.

So all that's left for you to do now is to go to our Official Winner's Site, fill out a small form notifying you that you have received this official notification email.
Congratulations, Winner's Site
Terry Alexander
Official Disney Host 
Getaways Tour & Travel, Inc

You have received this message in response to your prior sign up at one of our sister sites.
To cease future mailings and you would like to be removed from our database 
Other you can write us at: Unsubscribe PO Box 522144 Longwood, FL 32752

Oh wow....I am SO glad the problem is finally fixed!! Now the only thing we need to fix is your head.... While I would LOVE a trip to Disneyland, I would never accept it from the likes of you. And I use a different browser than ANY of those you listed, so you fail. Just so you know

And, I saved the best for last:

Hello honey!! I am for a good mature man.

As for myself, 
I am a pretty Ukrainian lady.

Are you fond of Ukrainian ladies??

We are not just pretty and clever, but very tolerant as well..

Ukrainian ladies? esteem family and tend to be with their beloved ones a great
deal of right time..

It's right time
to meet each other!

I'll be waiting for you on international marriage site. Bye dear!!

International Marriage Agency

First off, who told you I was a man? I know sometimes I sound like one, but come on...

I did meet some very nice Ukrainian ladies in Spain once...does that count as being fond of them?

I'm glad you tend to be with your beloved ones a great deal of right time, I'll be glad to point some out to you when I find them

I think you're wrong, I think it's wrong time to meet each other...I'll let you know when I think it's right time

Bye dear!!

These people make me laugh...they do get very creative with what they send!!



Bossy Betty said...

So, I take it I won't get the money I sent them back? Rats....

Meghan said...

That's so funny! I'm glad your on your toes, I probably would have fallen for one of them. Ha.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my gosh. those are hilarious. and your comments back, priceless.

Also priceless is the word verification for today was

chillyme. yes, I am, thank you very much

Anonymous said...

:) The third one took the cake! As for the second one, I read Disneyland and thought they were serious. :D