Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well hello there

So hi

I'm in Utah

And have been since May 4th

They called in all reinforcements at the nursery for spring

And obviously I was more than happy to oblige

The chance to come home and visit family and friends, eat at all of my favorite restaurants, see my mountains, just to be in Utah...

Yes please

I can't help it, I'm a Utah girl through and through

It's been nice to be home

I've spent time with lots of friends with more to come

I've worked about 130 hours in 2 weeks

(hence the blog got put on the back burner...for a long time)

And I have siblings that worked more than I did, so that makes me even more tired knowing that they worked over 130 hours

Miracles occurred...Papa Smurf actually helped me do dishes after one of our Sunday dinners

That pretty much never happens

I have gobbled all of the fry sauce within sight because I can't find that anywhere else

I was made an incredible monetary offer I had a super hard time turning down

My nephew (who just turned 4) had been wanting to play on my sister's iPad, but she was using it for work purposes so she told him no

Well, that incredibly generous nephew of mine offered me 2 whole quarters if I would give him her iPad to play on

It was a really tough call, but in the end I decided that it was a better choice to stay on her good side than to become independently wealthy

It's been so nice to see my family again

Especially the nieces and nephews

Especially the younger ones, cause their changes are a little more noticeable

It's been so nice to spend time with friends and caught up on each other's lives

And I'll still be able to fit in some hang outs before I leave

I ended up staying in Utah longer than I thought I would

I only bought a one-way ticket coming out here cause I wasn't sure what would need with happen at work

And then spring was here and I didn't have time or mental energy to think about buying a ticket

Plus the extension I had to buy for my medical billing class, put off  buying the ticket for a little longer so I could have the money

But I have an awesome family and it was decided that the nursery could pay for my ticket home


It's nice to be surrounded by such awesome people who love me

So I'm flying home on the 12th

Hubby's a little disappointed it's not next week, but it was so much cheaper to wait one more week I figured that would be the best bet

Anyway, it's late and today was super busy and long so I'm going to go to bed

 I have a blog in edit mode that is just waiting for me to be back in Iowa

House updates and Oreo reviews await you

Speaking of which...

This is the lastest

And can I just say that I'm the MOST excited for this one?

I better find it soon otherwise I might go mad


My bed is calling my name, so I'm going to be nice and join it

Good night, sleep tight

And give me plenty of Oreos to bite



Venassa said...

Aw I'm glad you got to spend some time with family! Now that my mom and brother live an airplane ride away I know how much it can suck.
Those Oreos sound so yummy. We rarely get any of the fun flavors in my part of Canada though :(

Sara Po oi said...

well i'm embarrassed that i didn't even know you WORKED at a nursery.Obviously you had some reason of knowing so much about my sad dead yard. bah.

Sara Po oi said...

ps i just added you to my actual blog roll bc that is another embarrassing thing i hadn't done. but i decided you are considered an actual friend on account of how many conversations we've had at this point ha

Julie said...

So you are heading home next week? I bet hubby was lonesome without you especially at lunch time when you're not there to share with. I bet it was awesome to be home with everyone. A great spring vacation.
Are you off from school soon? How much longer do you have?
Are you putting in any kind of garden at your Iowa home? I would but we had 3" of rain yesterday so it will be a few days before I get it all planted.
Take care and enjoy your time at home. Blessings!! said...

Oh no, Oreo! Say it isn't so!! I'll leave it to you, BabySis, to sample those.

I'm glad you got a good solid dose of TLC on the homefront.

Pat Tillett said...

Peanut Butter Cup Oreos! Are you kidding me? I MUST try these and try them soon.

I'm glad you got to go back home for a while (even if it involved working). You are a real family oriented person. It sounds like you really enjoyed it. It must have been a little bittersweet going back to Iowa. Being pulled by both places.